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Best Snow Blower For Gravel Driveway

Best Snow Blower For Gravel Driveway [Top Picks 2022]

Winter would be here in no time; it is never too early to prepare for the season. With winter comes snow, and except you enjoy the back-breaking work of shoveling heaps of driveway, it’s best to consider a snowblower. There are various snow blowers, and knowing which fits your type of driveway is important. If your driveway is made of dirt and gravel, some snow blowers are built specifically for that. This article will explore the best snowblowers for Gravel driveways and the factors to bear in mind when you go shopping for one; let’s begin.

Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snowblower
1,134 Reviews
Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snowblower

After examining some snowblowers, we settled for the Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snowblower as our top pick. It offers 22-inch clearing width, a scraper bar, LED lights, a lightweight and sturdy design, and is easy to use.

Comparison Table: Snow Blowers

 Snow Blower For Gravel DrivewayTypeClearing WidthIntake Height
1Briggs & Stratton 1022 22-Inch BlowerGas-powered22 inches13 inches
2Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow ThrowerElectric22 inches13 inches
3TACKLIFE Snow BlowerElectric20 inches10 inches
4Snow Joe iON100V-21SB-CT BlowerBattery21 inches12 inches
5Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Snow ThrowerElectric18 inches10 inches

Buying Guide: Snow Blowers

There are varying factors that determine whether you’re getting the best snowblower for your home or not. This will help you efficiently narrow down your choices until you’re left with the best snowblower for a gravel driveway that’s meant for you and will efficiently meet your snow-clearing needs. Check out the buying guide below.

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1. Snowblower Type

There are various snowblowers, but only two-stage and three-stage snow blowers work on a gravel driveway. They are designed with additional augurs that gather the snow without making direct contact with the ground. This ensures that the snowblower doesn’t gather the gravel and throw them out. When choosing the type, consider your terrain and how heavy you experience snowfall in your location.

Three-stage snow blowers are for areas with frequent and heavy snowfalls. It helps users clear up the snow quickly and effortlessly. However, a two-stage snowblower also works amazingly for gathering snow on a gravel driveway, and it is less bulky than the three-stage snowblower.

2. Power Source

Three power sources are being used for snowblowers – electric, gas and, battery. Before you decide the best snow blower for you, you should put some factors into consideration. Most electric-powered snowblowers come with cords and are limiting when you want to clear a long driveway; they are also mostly created for light snowfall. Gas-powered snow blowers are quite heavy and meant for clearing high-volume snow; they also require more maintenance than other power sources.

The final type is a battery-powered snowblower, and they are one of the most comfortable choices you can go with. They are easy to maintain and help you work without fume; the only downside to this is the limited time that comes with the battery. Consider which you’re most comfortable with and can work efficiently with before making your decision.

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3. Width and Depth

This is just as important as the snowblower type and should be duly considered when choosing a snowblower. It shows you just how much snow the snowblower can comfortably take in. If you have a lot of snow to clear, then you need a snowblower with a large clearing width. This will help you get the snow-clearing job done quickly and efficiently. While three-stage snow blowers are mostly used as commercial machines, you can use them if you have an extensive clearing area. The single-stage snowblowers are also efficient in clearing from 11-22 inches of snow at once; they are, however, best for when you don’t have a lot of grounds to cover.

4. Weight and Size

You also need to deeply consider how heavy the snowblower is before you purchase it. This is because it can affect the machine’s performance and how easily you can maneuver the machine in whatever direction you want. The weight of a snowblower is directly related to the size of the snowblowers. The heaviest option is the gas-powered snowblower, it also offers the best performance and a wide clearing width.

The downside lies in the maneuvering; they can be hard to maneuver. Electric snowblowers are generally the lightest, followed by the battery-powered options. The weight also determines how easily you could store the snowblower. During the warmer seasons, you might find it hard to store the larger and heavier snowblower properly. Poor storage conditions could lead to damage and several mechanical problems when you need to use the snowblower.

5. Price

This is just as important and should be considered carefully; you need to create a budget. How much are you looking to really spend on a snowblower? Bear in mind that quality needs to come first when making a decision. This does not necessarily mean that the expensive snowblowers are more efficient or offer the best quality. Low-priced snowblowers do not also translate to the snowblower being low quality. There are different snowblower brands; look out for one that offers you value and fits right into your specification before making a purchase. Ensure you don’t go overboard with your budget; there are efficient snowblowers you can purchase without breaking the bank.

6. Other Factors to Consider

You should duly consider the factors listed above, but other features make the work much easier to operate and comfortable for you. One such feature includes headlights that allow you to work conveniently in the evenings, at night, or early dawn. Heated handgrips are also vital, so you don’t get frostbite while clearing your driveway. Safety shot-offs and start options are some features you need to look out for. They help you get the job done efficiently and should be looked out for as a lucky bonus.

Best Snow Blower for Gravel Driveway: Our Reviews

For a snowblower to qualify as the best, it has to be able to efficiently clear out snow while possessing other factors that make it ideal for your area. It also needs to be simple to operate through different amounts of snowfall and easily maneuverable. We have effectively narrowed the list down for you, and below are the best five snowblowers in the market. Keep reading, and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

1. Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snowblower

Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snowblower
1,134 Reviews
Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snowblower

Features: gas-powered, weighs 93 pounds, easy maneuverability, simple control, 22inch clearing width, 13inch intake height, quick deflector, installed LED lights, scraper bar, lightweight, rubber-edged augur, durable, push-button electric start, and a manual chute rotation.

This snowblower deserves its spot at the top of our list because it offers so many features that make snow clearing easy and comfortable. Briggs and Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snowblower is gas-powered and designed to clear up your driveway without wasting time quickly. It has a 22inch clearing width and a 13inch intake depth that makes it ideal irrespective of your location or snowfall level.

You don’t have to worry about pushing handles or worrying about a separate starter; this snowblower comes with a push-button electric start. It also features an augur-assisted drive system, which allows the rubber-edged augur to pull the machine along. The discharge chute is adjustable to move it from one side to another; it also throws snow 30 feet from its position.

Another lovable feature of this snowblower is the installed dual led lights that make it convenient to clear snow at any time of the day. It is lightweight, which makes it easier to maneuver. It features a sturdy construction that ensures it lasts you for many winter seasons with proper maintenance.

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2. Best Snow Blower For Long Driveway Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower
8,962 Reviews
Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

Features: electric-powered, 15-amp unit, rubber-tipped blades, throws snow 25-feet away, durable scraper bar, 22-inch clearing width, and 13-inch intake height, installed dual LED lights, lightweight, easy maneuverability, and adjustable chute.

An electric option that offers you maximum performance is the Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snowthrower. It provides the power of a gas-powered snowblower with the optimum performance of an electric option to help you effortlessly clear away snow at all times. It comes with a 15-amp unit that allows you efficiently clear large walkways and gravel driveways on a single charge.

The four heavy-duty rubber-tipped blades it comes with allows it slice through various level of snow. With a 22-inch clearing width and 13-inch intake depth, your driveway should be as good as new within a few minutes. This snowblower also comes with an adjustable chute that allows you to direct your snow to whatever area you prefer and then throw it 25-feet away.

If you want to use this electric snowblower on smooth driveways and pavements, you can use the scraper bar at the bottom to clear the ground. If you also want to work at night, you’re covered as this electric snow thrower features dual LED lights that will illuminate the way for you. It is lightweight and, therefore, easy to maneuver as you clear up your gravel driveway.

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3. TACKLIFE 20-inch Corded Snowblower

TACKLIFE snowblower is one of the best snowblowers you could add to your home. It is electric-powered and offers a 15amp motor that can move up to 800 pounds of snow in a minute. This allows you to clear out a large driveway in a matter of minutes where there’s heavy or light snow to tackle. It also offers a 20-inch clearing width and 10inch intake height that makes work much easier for you.

The TACKLIFE snowblower comes with an adjustable chute that allows you to direct the snow in any direction and then throw it 30 feet away. It comes installed with a 90-degree snow nozzle, which also provides you with more clearance choices as you clear snow off your gravel driveway. The 4-blade steel augur is covered with rubber, so it doesn’t damage the ground and ensures the blades last a long time.

There is a double switch to ensure you don’t accidentally switch it on and a plastic-covered handle so easy gripping. It is quite silent while being used, and since it is electric-powered, it requires little to no maintenance. It is also designed lightweight, which ensures easy mobility.

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4. Snow Joe iON100V-21SB-CT Cordless Blower

Snow Joe iON100V-21SB-CT Cordless Blower
157 Reviews
Snow Joe iON100V-21SB-CT Cordless Blower

Features: Battery-powered, dual-LED lights, adjustable chute, quiet operation, 30 feet throwing distance, 21 clearing width, 12 intake height, installed scraper bar, and features augur-assisted drive.

If you’re looking out for an eco-friendly option, this snowblower is the ideal choice for you. It is battery-powered and offers you the performance of a gas-powered snowblower while ridding you of the mess. It provides a variable speed and offers an augur-assisted drive system to help make it easier to operate the snowblower.

It offers a 21inch clearing width and 12inch intake height to make clearing up snow from your gravel driveway easier and speedy. With an adjustable chute installed that allows you to change the direction your snow is thrown, you can throw the snow about 30 feet away.

The battery can last up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough to get your driveway clean. If you prefer to clear up your driveway late at night or early dawn, there are dual LED lights installed to make sure you don’t miss any spot. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver and store during the warmer seasons.

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5. Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower
5,521 Reviews
Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower

Features: Electric-powered, weighs 34 pounds, four-blade rotor, 18inch clearing width, and 10inch intake height, 15amp motor, easy maneuverability, adjustable chute, features a chute cleaner, dual LED headlights, durable and provides high snow removal level.

This is the last snowblower on our list; it efficiently cleans up your snow-filled gravel driveway. This snowblower can remove up to 720 pounds of snow in just a minute with its 4-blade rotor, which easily cuts through the snow. It is made with heavy-grade steel that ensures its durability while making it an ideal choice for rough terrains.

You’re assured of cleaning your gravel driveway in no time at all with the 18inch clearing width and 10-inch intake width this snowblower offers you. There is very little to no maintenance needed for this electric-powered snowblower. Unlike gas-powered blowers, you don’t have to worry about leakages or spillages that could lead to operational error.

With 34 pounds, it is lightweight and, therefore, easy to maneuver and store. Its adjustable chute allows you to throw the snow in whatever direction you prefer. It also comes with LED lights to work in the evenings or at early dawn. Attached is a chute cleaner that you can use to easily remove snow or ice that gets stuck in the chute; this is a snowblower designed to offer high performance at all times.

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FAQs: Snow blowers

  1. How loud is a snowblower? The answer to this depends on the type of snowblower. Gas-powered snow blowers make more noise than electrical or battery-powered snow blowers. Note that an engine defect can cause it to be loud.
  2. Why isn’t my snowblower’s augur turning? There are some valid reasons why this problem could be happening. It might be because large dirt is stuck in the augur and making it stiff. It could also be a broken pin issue or damage being caused to the gear or belt.
  3. How do I maintain my snowblower? This depends on the snowblower being used; gas-powered snowblowers require oil changing to work every winter season. However, all snowblowers require proper maintenance in well-ventilated and spacious rooms to prevent corrosion of metal parts.
  4. Can you use a snowblower on gravel driveway? Yes, you can use a snow blower on a gravel driveway, but it must not be a single-stage blower. Go for two or three-stage snowblowers that offer adjustable auger heights. Don’t select the lowest height – this will leave some snow on your driveway, but it will minimize the chances of picking up gravel from off your driveway. If the ground is frozen a little bit, the snowblower will hardly pick up the stones.

Wrapping Up

Clearing snow is always difficult, and it gets a bit trickier when you’re clearing from a snow driveway. To make the process much easier for you and ensure you have a clean driveway at all times without breaking your back, we’ve compiled the best snowblowers for gravel driveway for you. The reviewed snowblowers above all offer features that will make your snow-clearing exercise simple and fast. Read through to figure out the best one for you, and don’t forget to explore the buying guide to help you effectively narrow down your choice faster.

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