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Best LED Grow Lights For Herbs [2023 Top Picks]

If you’re looking for something simple to grow in your home, herbs might be the best option for you. They can grow anywhere, and we can all agree that they improve your cooking. Although growing plants took place outside for centuries, things have changed in recent years. Thanks to growing lights, you can conveniently grow your plants indoors, assured they would get all the nutrients they require. Herbs can get plenty of light when you try to grow them by the window side, but an LED grows light offers you all the light you need in different weather conditions. We will be reviewing the best LED grow lights for hearts with a buying guide to simplify the process for you.


Comparison Table: LED Grow Lights For Herbs

LED Grow Lights For HerbsWattageWave LengthHeight
1EZORKAS LED Grow Light80 watts380-800nm36 inches
2Mars Hydro TS 1000150 watts660-665nm18 inches
3Roleadro LED Grow Light75 watts460-740nm12 inches
4Spider Farmer SF4000W Grow Light450 watts660-760nm12 inches
5Ankace Full Spectrum LED Grow Light90 watts460-660nm15 inches

Best LED Grow Lights for Herbs: Buying Guide

Grow light comes in different variations and also possesses different features. Knowing what to look out for ensures you get the best LED to grow light for your home. We’ve put together some factors to put into consideration when going shopping for a LED grow light.

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Grow Light Size

Just a look online, and you would find that there are different shapes and sizes available. This is why you should decide beforehand what size you would like to purchase. To decide this, you need to consider the number of plants you would like to grow and the space you would be placing your plants. If you’re dealing with small spaces, you might have to settle for a mounted LED grow light or a hanging one. You can also look out for small units that take up little space on the counter.

Another thing to think about when considering space is how mobile your plant will be. If you plan to move the lights from one location to another, something portable would be a good option. Ensure that whatever size you decide to go with, there’s enough safety space between the house’s lights and other items.

Grow Light Type

There are varying types of grow lights available. Some come as a panel, and then some hang overhead. If you’re looking to save some more space, there are those that you can screen into a regular light fixture. You need to consider the plant type and the amount of existing natural light before making your choice. The spot your plant is also located matters and will narrow down the choice for you. Another factor to consider when choosing the type you want in the style of the grow light. You can incorporate your garden into your home décor if you want. Rather than settle for a simple lightbulb, you can choose more decorative options.

best LED grow lights for herbs

Ease of Use

There are many integrated features that you can find with grow lights. Many of these features allow you to adjust the grow light to your convenience and make growing vegetables a walk in the park. Check out the features that the products come with before making your final choice. You should favor LED grow lights that come with adjustable lighting or timers for your plant and their growth level. Some LED grow lights are also harder to install than others. You don’t want one that you would need extra help to install in your home. Ensure it offers simple operation so that you don’t have to put in more effort than necessary to grow your plant. You also need to watch out for the amount of noise the LED grow light makes. Go for those that offer noiseless operation, especially if you’ll be growing your herbs in the same room you sleep.


Another vital factor we cannot ignore is the price of the product. If you have a budget, you have to ensure the grow light you pick falls within the budget while offering you quality. Price doesn’t always determine the quality, so don’t go for overpriced LED grow lights. Sometimes, the type of grow light determines the amount you would have to spend. If you’re simply going for a light bulb, it would be much cheaper than a hanging LED grow light or a panel. Consider your choices, research the market for average prices, set a budget, and then stick to it.

Best LED Grow Lights For Herbs Reviewed

There’s a lot of confusion going around when buying an LED grow light for herbs. Many contradictory opinions are going around about every product you come across. For this reason, people usually spend hours trying to figure out which grow light is suitable for their herbs. To save you from going down that frustrating road, we’ve compiled the best LED grow lights for you. After extensive research, below are the best LED grow lights that would be perfect for your herbs.

1. Best LED Grow Lights For Herbs – EZORKAS LED Grow Light For Indoor Herbs

693 Reviews

Features: 80 LEDs, adjustable lighting, nine dimmable levels, automatic timer, integrated clip, USB connector for power, simple control panel, lightweight and durable design.

It doesn’t matter how much coverage you’re looking for; this LED grow light will provide it for you. It offers about eighty LEDs which offers the full spectrum to ensure your plant grows appropriately. One thing we love about this is the gooseneck design it comes with and the adjustable lighting. You can choose to adjust these lights to nine dimmable levels and three spectrum modes.

These features ensure that the LED grow light is suitable for different levels of plant growth. As your herbs grow, the lights adjust to fit its growing stage. Fifty-two of the LEDs are red, and this color helps with bloom, germination, photosynthesis, and more. The remaining 28 LEDs are blue, which helps your herbs get energy from chlorophyll synthesis.

Another feature this LED grow light offers is the auto-on/off-time cycle. With three timing modes available, you can choose to let the light stay on for three, nine, or twelve hours every day. This model ensures that your herbs get the required amount of light, whatever your plant’s growth level and weather condition. The EZORKAS LED Grow Light also comes with an integrated clip that’s adjustable.

This design allows you to clamp the LED grow light to any surface so it doesn’t slip off. It comes with a plug-in adaptor and a USB connector for power. It is simple to operate through the control panel; this control panel allows you to turn the light easily. You can also adjust any setting you want from the control panel. With many available options and features, we can all agree that this LED grows light is a perfect choice for your indoor herb garden.

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2. Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light
7,796 Reviews
Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light

Features: high light intensity, very efficient, zero noise, 18 inches height, full-spectrum, 342 LEDs, easy set-up and operation, adjustable lighting, energy-saving, and durable.

This is another top choice from all the LED grows lights we researched; it is a great fit for your herb garden. With this Mars Hydro LED grow light, you can grow any herb species you want, even those that require full sun. Whatever stage of life cycle your herb is, this LED grows light has got you covered. With 18 inches height over your herbs, your plant gets to enjoy the full spectrum of the grow light. It is best for herbs like sage and chamomile that require high light because of their high light intensity.

The efficiency rate of Mars Hydro TS 1000 is very high with its white LED lights. Its efficiency ensures that you get at least a 30% higher yield than expected. It only consumes about 150 Watts even though it comes with about 342 LEDs. This means that it saves about 50% more energy than other grow lights and will help you save money on energy bills. This LED grow light is a perfect choice for all plant development stages, and since it comes with no fan, you can count on zero noise from your LED grow light.

This feature makes it an ideal choice for those who want to grow their herbs in the same room they sleep. You can also adjust the lighting of this grow light whenever you want to suit the herb’s growth stage. It is easy to set up in your home and just as easy to operate; you don’t need a guide to use this LED grow light. Its sturdy construction ensures that this LED grows light lasts several years of use.

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3. Roleadro 75W LED Grow Lights

Roleadro 75W LED Grow Lights
299 Reviews
Roleadro 75W LED Grow Lights

Features: Energy-saving, highly efficient, durable, lightweight, full-spectrum, heat dissipation design, 12 inches height, hanging bracket for easy set-up, versatile, simple operation, and zero noise.

If you want an LED to grow light that offers your plant a diverse range of light, then this is the ideal LED grow light for you. Roleadro lights ensure that your plant grows efficiently all year-round; you can plant even the most delicate herbs with this grow light. With only 75 watts, this s an LED grow light that helps you save on energy bills over the years.

It also comes with a heat dissipation design. This feature is possible because of the aluminum cooling plate it is designed with. It helps to effectively dissipate heat even when the grow light is cranked to the highest. This design also helps you avoid fan noise and ensures your LED grow light makes no noise while carrying out its operation.

The package comes with hanging brackets that make it easy to set up. You don’t need a guide to start operating this grow light. You can get to it within minutes. It is also lightweight in case you have plans to move your herbs around the house. This LED grow light isn’t just suitable for herbs; you can also use it to grow vegetables and other plants. Its good structure ensures that this grow light lasts you several years of use.

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4. Spider Farmer SF4000W Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF4000W Grow Light
6,714 Reviews
Spider Farmer SF4000W Grow Light

Features: consumes 456 watts, quantum board technology, water-resistant, aluminum heat sink, zero noise, uniform light coverage, dimmable design, can withstand high humidity, long-lasting, and high energy efficiency.

Another LED grow light that makes the list is the Spider Farmer SF-4000W Grow Light. It is an LED grow light that uses quantum board technology to cover a vastly growing area efficiently. This means that if you have an indoor gardening room, this grow light is more than enough to offer your plants all the light they need. The light consumes 456 watts and uses one of the best light technology you can find in the market.

With a lifespan of over 50000 hours, you can use this light for many years to bloom your plants in all seasons. This grow light is also water-resistant and can withstand high humidity levels. This feature makes it a great choice for gardeners living in tropical areas. It also uses an aluminum heat sink to manage the temperature. This helps to avoid the noise that comes with cooling fans.

One of the unique characteristics we love about this LED grow light is the uniform light coverage it offers. You can count on it not fading, and it will even cover all your plants. There are dimmable knobs and light switch built into the LED grow light that allows you to adjust the light at will. This feature is why this plant is ideal for all growth stages of your plant.

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5. Ankace Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Ankace Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
693 Reviews
Ankace Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Features: consumes 90 watts power, five dimmable levels, three lighting modes, adjustable stand, timer, replaceable bulbs, attached clip, durable design, and separate switches for each light.

This is another option you can go with; it offers you the same benefits as natural sunlight. With the Ankace Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, you get the best value for your money. One of its amazing characteristics is the replaceable bulb design. This way, you can always swap out the bulbs when they no longer work and keep your grow light working for many more years.

The gooseneck stand design it comes with is adjustable. You can control the direction and the height of the light. This feature makes it a great choice when you’re short on space. It consumes 90watts of power and is estimated to last you for about 50,000 hours. This Ankace LED grow light also comes with a timer that makes it easy to operate.

You can simply set it on for as many hours as you want and switch it off automatically while attending to other activities. The lights on this LED grow light comes with different switches. This way, you have control over the lights and can save power. You can effectively use this LED grow light to grow your herbs in any location. The clip it comes with allows you to attach it to any surface, so it doesn’t fall off. It features three lighting modes and five dimmable levels for your convenience.

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Best Grow Lights For Herbs – FAQs

Is it okay to grow herbs with LED lights? Your herbs need at least 6hours of sunlight every day. If you don’t have access to this sunlight, you can simply use an LED light to get the best results.

Will any Led light work for my herbs as a grow light? Technically, you can use any LED light to grow your herbs. However, this doesn’t mean your plants will thrive. You cannot find the spectrum needed for photosynthesis with regular LED lights. This is where specialized LED grow light comes into the picture.

Should I leave my LED grow light on all day? No, this is not recommended. With the light on round the clock, your plant cannot carry out the respiration process. 12-18 hours is more than enough for your plant.

Wrapping Up…

That’s it! We’re done with our list of best LED grow lights for herbs. Now that we have provided you with all the information you need to make your choice, feel free to compare each of the reviewed LED grow lights till you find the ideal choice for your indoor herb garden. These LED grow lights have all the features you need to provide your herbs with all the lighting they need an increased yield. Give one of them a choice, sit back, and wait for the rewarding yield to come in.

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