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Best Rototiller For A Large Garden [2023 Top Picks]

One of the initial steps to preparing the soil for a planting season is tilling it. And for this task, you’ll need good rototillers. Knowing the rototiller cut out for the job can be complex, with many options available in the market. To help you on your search, this article reviews the best rototillers for large gardens and includes a buying guide to ensure you select the ideal rototiller for you. Now that it’s clear what this article entails, let’s dive right in.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S Corded Tiller
567 Reviews
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S Corded Tiller

We picked the Scotts Outdoor TC70135S Corded Tiller as the best rototiller for a large garden because it ticked many of the boxes in our checklist. It’s easy to set up and use, it’s electrically powered, and it has adjustable tines and doesn’t require much maintenance.


Comparison Table: Rototiller For Large Garden

Rototiller For Large GardenPower sourceWidthDepth
1Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S Corded TillerElectric6 inches4 inches
2Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric TillerElectric16 inches8 inches
3Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine TillerGas-powered21 inches11 inches
4Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden TillerElectric11 inches8 inches
5Greenworks 40V Cordless TillerBattery-powered10 inches5 inches

Rototiller for Large Garden – Buying Guide

When you’re shopping for a tiller, there are some features you need to bear in mind. These features will ensure the rototiller you pick has all the features you’re looking for to efficiently till the soil. Below are some of the crucial factors to look for in a rototiller.

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Tine Location

It is very vital when you’re picking a rototiller. The reason is that the tine’s location usually determines how the rototiller tills the soil. When you select a front-tine rototiller, it comes with a forward rotating tine located in the front with the wheels behind the tine.

Most front-tine rototillers cannot reach deeply. They’re best for existing beds that only need light cultivation. You can use them for weeding or adding soil amendments. You could also consider a rear-tine rototiller; they come with large wheels in front of the tines.

A rear-tine tiller is an excellent choice for new beds or heavily compacted soil. It is because the tines can dig deep and also lift rock and clay every time. The best of both worlds is the vertical line tiller. They use the forward motion to cut through the soil and also stir.

Vertical-tine rototillers do not need to take several passes before they can mix and break the soil. They can usually carry out both actions in one pass. If you don’t need deep digging in your garden, the front-tine rototiller is the best choice for you. If you do, then you should consider either the vertical or rear-tine tiller.

Rototiller Power Source

Another feature you need to explore when picking the best rototiller for your garden is the power source. Top tillers usually come with an engine to help you achieve your goals. You could opt for an electric rototiller, but that is only an option if you don’t require heavy cultivation.

When you’re cutting new beds, you need more power, and that’s why gas-powered rototillers are usually the best option.

They are not as robust as gas-powered tillers, but they are also relatively light for easy movement. Although they are heavier than their electric counterpart, they also offer more strength and can run for much longer. Gas-powered tillers usually run on two different engine types – the 2-cycle and 4-cyles.

The 2-cycles are much cheaper and require a mix of gas and oil to operate efficiently. On the other hand, the 4-cycle runs on gas alone; they are more eco-friendly and offer a clean operation.

Rototiller Size

The size of the rototiller usually depends on how much work it can carry out. When the rototiller is vast, it usually covers more grounds at a shorter time, and that means fewer passes across the bed. While this is quite convenient, you would have to sacrifice comfort.

Large tillers are heavier and can be very difficult to maneuver around small beds. Electric tillers are much lighter, and although they cannot turn heavy soil, they’re easy to operate around small beds. For extensive gardens, larger rototillers are best to get work done very quickly.


Directly connected to the size of a tiller is the portability feature. When the size of a tiller goes up, operating in tight spaces can be challenging. It could also be difficult to store up when not in use. To offer portability, some rototillers come with ergonomic handles with adjustable heights. It ensures the topmost operating comfort.

There are also tillers with folding handles that are easy to store. Many gardeners lookout for power and portability in their tillers. You should get a rototiller that’s big enough to handle your gardening tasks and nothing more. It will help you avoid storing and operating challenges.

Best Rototiller for Large Garden: Our Reviews

We’ve researched intensively, and below are the five best rototillers available for you today.

1. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S Corded Tiller

Scotts outdoor tool electric corded tiller best rototiller for large garden
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S Corded Tiller
567 Reviews
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70135S Corded Tiller

Features: Lightweight, easy operation, easy usability, electric rototiller, little maintenance, easy assemblage, durable, adjustable tines, flip-rear wheels for easy transportation, powerful and versatile.

This rototiller is the best choice if you want to restore your garden and effectively tills the soil. If you have compacted soil and you will like to get it appropriately prepared for planting plants, this is the rototiller for the gob.

This tiller features six adjustable tines and can dig quite deep into the garden. It also tills up to 6 inches in width, making it an excellent choice for your large-sized gardens. If you want a rototiller built to last, this rototiller is the ideal choice for you.

The Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC070235S Corded Tiller is one of the highly sought-after electric tillers and can therefore be considered lightweight. It works perfectly in rocky driveways and will carry out the job efficiently on clay soil. The tiller also offers you portability so you can easily maneuver around your garden beds.

It comes with flip-down rear wheels to ensure easy transportation. Since it is corded, it also features a cord retention hook to make sure your cultivator and rototiller do not get entangled. The blades are durable and will handle your soil very quickly. Since it runs on electricity, it has no fumes to worry about and is considered eco-friendly.

Again, it also needs little to no maintenance; this powerful machine will serve you for many years.

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2. Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller

Earthwise tiller best rototiller for large gardens
Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller
2,697 Reviews
Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller

Features: Electric tiller, heavy-duty operation, retention hook, easy maneuverability, push-button start, adjustable tines, flip-down wheels for easy transportation, durable construction, eco-friendly and easy maintenance.

If you want another shot at electric rototillers for large gardens, this is it. It will provide you with enough power to get the job done. Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller comes with 16-inch tines, which allows it till hard soils effectively. You can easily adjust its width to allow you to use it for small and large projects.

This Earthwise rototiller is more powerful than most electric options because of its 13.5 amp motor. Although it is a corded tiller, it comes with a retention hook. The retention hook ensures the cord stays out of the way while you till to avoid any form of entanglement.

It also features a cushioned handle that allows for an excellent solid grip that is non-slip. This way, it is pretty easy to control and maneuver around your garden. The Earthwise Rototiller is one designed to make your garden work more straightforward and stress-free. It is an eco-friendly option because, unlike gas-powered tillers, there are no fumes to worry about.

Features like the push start button come standard on this tiller. For easy storage and transportation, this rototiller comes with flip-down wheels. It is lightweight for easy movement, and as long as you keep it connected to a power source, it will ensure you carry out your tiling job efficiently.

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3. Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller

Tazz Front Tine Tiller
Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller
580 Reviews
Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller

Features: Gas-powered, heavy-duty construction, fuel-efficient, easy usability, pull recoil start, steel front tines, large size, easy maneuverability, 21 inches width, 11 inches depth, adjustable tiller height, and width, balanced and durable.

If you want a rototiller that can perform heavy-duty tasks around your garden, then this gas-powered option might be your best choice. The Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front tine Tiller comes with a powerful engine that’s fuel-efficient and starts relatively easily.

It features a smooth pull recoil, so you don’t have to deal with a gas guzzler. This Tazz Tine Tiller design ensures it lasts you a long time. Its tines feature steel material, and it features a bronze gear transmission; this accounts for its heavyweight of 83.8 pounds. This Tazz Tiler is easy to maneuver and is quite balanced.

Unlike other heavy tillers, the Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller can quickly turn around your gardening bed. The width of this tiller is adjustable, so you can use it on small and large projects.

However, its maximum width is 21 inches, saving you lots of time and energy otherwise spent tilling. With four height positions, this tiller design ergonomically accommodates any user. With over 11 inches of depth offered, your compact soil would be ready for planting in no time.

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4. Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller

best rototiller for large garden Sun Joe tiller image
Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller
29,878 Reviews
Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller

Features: Electric powered, 16 inches width, 8 inches depth, durable construction, versatile, adjustable tine angles, foldable handle for easy transport and storage.

One of the best rototillers you can find in the market today is the Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller. It covers about 16 inches in width to help you clear till faster and can go as deep as 8 inches in a single move. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver and also control.

With the adjustable tine feature integrated, it can handle small and large tilling tasks. There are many other reasons why this rototiller makes the list of best rototillers for a garden, like its powerful motor. The 13.5 amp motor allows this electric rototiller to crunch dirt and slices through the soil easily. 

The Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller offers you optimum performance and durability with six durable steel-angled tines. The rear wheels are adjustable, and you can set them to three different positions for easy maneuvering and adjustment. The handle allows for easy transportation and is also collapsible for when you need to store it away.

It is ideal for new and old beds and will offer you power as long as you keep it plugged in. Switching this rototiller on is also very simple as it features a push-start button. It is pretty easy to maintain and operate clean without worrying about fumes or damage to the environment.

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5. Greenworks 40V Cordless Tiller

Greenworks cultivator tiller image

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Cultivator is the best for anyone who wants a mobile rototiller without dealing with the fumes and noise that come with a gas-powered rototiller. This rototiller is battery-powered, which means there’s no cord to get tangled or fumes to worry about.

The battery has an impressive runtime of 40 minutes and offers enough power to tackle heavy-duty tilling jobs. One of the things we loved about this rototiller is that the startup comes with a two-step power switch. This switch helps you avoid accidental startups and will keep your pets and kids safe if you have any.

It is also a versatile choice and can be used for small and large garden projects. It also features adjustable tilling width and height for your convenience. The tines are in front and make it easy to remove dirt and properly loosen patches of soil. Its durable construction also ensures this rototiller serves you in your garden for many years to come.

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FAQs – Rototillers

  1. Is a rear-tine tiller necessary for me? It depends on your tilling needs. If you’re tilling existing beds, it might not be necessary. However, if you have a large farm or you’re tilling a compacted or new soil, you might need a rear-tine rototiller.
  2. What power source is best for rototillers? It depends on what your needs are. Gas-powered rototillers offer more power and depth than electric or battery-powered rototillers. If you also don’t want to deal with noise or fumes, electric rototillers are your best option.
  3. How deep does a rototiller dig? The answer to this depends on the machine’s weight and power. The average size for most rototillers is 8 inches deep. However, it is notable that gas-powered rototillers offer more depth than electric rototillers.


Part of the challenge of buying rototillers is knowing what to look for in a rototiller, and this article efficiently clears that up in the buying guide. We’ve also researched and reviewed the best rototillers for large gardens for you to save you time. You can peruse the rototillers reviewed above for the best option.

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