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Best Way of Storing a Trimmer | Trimmer Storage Vertical or Horizontal

Every lawn owner definitely has a trimmer or a weed eater in their arsenal. It is really essential tool when it comes to cleaning up your lawn. This is because there are some places where a lawnmower doesn’t reach, so you can use a trimmer to cut the grass or weed in those areas. As you don’t need a trimmer in the winter season then you need to store it somewhere. So, if you are not using your trimmer, what is the best way for trimmer storage vertical or horizontal?


Effects of Hanging a String Trimmer Vertically?

Hanging a String Trimmer Vertically

Hanging a string trimmer vertically is the most ideal way to do it. But most people just tend to place them on the ground which is not the correct way. Obviously, if your tool is placed somewhere it won’t affect that tool but over the long term, it will start putting pressure on it.

When it comes to a string trimmer, the handle is a part that you can easily break. If your string trimmer is placed on its heavy side then it is quite possible that it might get damaged.

When you need to hang it vertically, just make sure to use a power tool hanger. Also, make sure to level the string trimmer as well so that it doesn’t fall to the ground.

How You Should Hang Water Weed Engine?

There are different opinions about hanging weed eater engines up and down. But the thing is that there are pros and cons to going either way. Normally, a weed eater is stored with its engine facing in the upward direction. To prevent fuel leaks, it is hung freely and this method also prevents any malfunctions as well.

However, if you are storing with the engine facing downwards then it is probably fine. But the most commonly used method is to have the engine face upwards. Here’s why:

Advantages of Hanging Water Weed Engine Facing Upwards

Advantages of Hanging Water Weed Engine Facing Upwards

Prevention of Fuel & Oil Leakage

Hanging a gas string trimmer with the engine facing upwards prevents any fuel and oil from leaking. This is a really common disadvantage when you store a gas-powered weed eater in the horizontal position.

Furthermore, if you have 4-stroke gas string trimmers then the gas is stored separately from the oil. This will result in oil and gas everywhere in your garage or shed.

Best Position – Protects Your Trimmer

Vertical storage is the best position for a gas string trimmer because it also protects all of the parts like the line cutter, spool, etc from developing any pressure. When you place a gas or electric weed eater horizontally then it might get damaged from the constant pressure. In this way, you can keep the weed eater safe.


If the trimmer is always on the ground then it will get a lot of dust and dirt in it. Storing it vertically helps you in keeping your weed eater clean at all times and also functions properly. When you have it on the ground, then the dirt can affect its functionality.

Wasted Space

If you have a lot of tools in your garage then storing electric weed eaters can be a bit hard. This is also where vertical storing is more viable. It won’t take up a lot of space and you can easily store it in your garage.

Easy-to-Follow DIY vertical storage

There is also a simple DIY vertical storage trick that you can do if you have string trimmers. The only thing you need is a 2×4 and cross it over the two studs of a wall.

After leveling the plank, either screw it or use nails to fix it in place. This will allow you to store the gas trimmer easily in a vertical position.

Consequences of Storing Trimmer Horizontally

When you talk about trimmer storage, you have two choices to make i.e vertical or horizontal. You can also go for horizontal storage as well. But the thing is that there are a lot of disadvantages to placing storing trimmers horizontally.

Things You are not Going to Like

Consequences of Storing Trimmer Horizontally

Gas or Oil Leaks

One of the most common issues with trimmer storage vertical or horizontal is the oil and gas leaks. This issue is not so prominent when storing vertically.

But if you are storing it horizontally for a long time, then you will experience these problems.

Gas trimmers come in two types of engines two strokes and four-stroke. The leaking issue is more of a thing in four-stroke models.

Pressure on Handle & Shaft

When the gas string trimmer is horizontal then over a long period of time it can put pressure on the handle and the shaft.

These are the most fragile parts and easily get bent. It is not wise to store it horizontally and take such a risk. Better to play safe.

Costs Extra Space

A weed eater can take up a lot of space in a garage if it is placed in a horizontal position. As most people don’t have a lot of space in their sheds, it is not that practical to place it horizontally.

Best Ways to store a Weed Eater for winter

If you want your weed eater to work perfectly normal in the winter season then you need to follow these steps before storing it:

Keeping the Tank Empty

It is best to keep the gas tank of your weed eater empty in the winter. This is necessary as gasoline tends to deteriorate easily in the winter season. Therefore, empty the weed eater’s tank and store it in a small container.

Give Your Engine a Run

In order to ensure that all gas has been removed from the strim trimmer, let the engine run for some time. This will remove any gas from the carburettor.

Clean it

It is best to clean the string trimmer before you store it in the winter. When it comes to cleaning, brake parts cleaner does the job really well.

How to Clean And Store a Gas String Trimmer

If you storing your gas string trimmer, especially in the winter season, then you need to make sure to do the following things:

  • Remove all of the gas from the gas tank
  • Clean the air filter
  • Clear the carburettor from any gas
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Remove the knots in the string
  • Lubricate the drive shaft

Best Way to Store Your Cordless String Trimmer

Having a cordless string trimmer is really useful as they don’t have a fuel tank. So, there are no issues of leaking. The only thing you need to do is to remove the battery and keep it somewhere dry and cool.

You can store it vertically or horizontally, it doesn’t matter. It is because the leaking problem is only when you have a fuel tank.

How to Store an Electric String Trimmer

When it comes to storing an electric string trimmer, it is basically the same as cordless string trimmers. Clean up all of the parts, wrap the cord across the trimmer and then store it whichever way suits you best.

Check out the Best Storage Solutions

Some of the storage solutions for string trimmers are as under:

Buy or Build Shelving Racks

Shelving Racks are a really good way of storing a string trimmer. You can either buy them or build them as well. It is totally up to you. Shelving Racks are really useful and will also hold your other gardening items too.

Use Brackets & Hooks to Hang Your Trimmer

You can use some brackets and hooks to hang your trimmer onto the wall. Just make sure to measure the height of the trimmer from the ground and put the bracket above that height.

In this way, the trimmer won’t touch the ground and you can easily fit some things underneath it. This is a much smarter choice and is quite viable as well.

Adding A Fuel Stabilizer To A Weed Eater – A Good Winter Strategy

If you are planning to leave some fuel in the fuel tank of your weed eater then you should definitely consider adding a fuel stabilizer. This is because the gas that you can buy from a local pump easily gets bad in winter.

Mixing the oil and gas together isn’t also recommended. However, using ethanol-free fuel tends to last a lot longer and is also good for the engine but it costs a bit more than regular fuel.

Busting Out the Myth – FAQs

What angle do you hold a grass trimmer?

You should hold the grass trimmer in a way so that the strings hit the grass at a 5 or 10-degree angle. This will provide you with the best cutting.

How do you store a string trimmer in the garage?

You can store a string trimmer in either a vertical or horizontal position in your garage. Furthermore, you can also use brackets

How do you winterize a 2 stroke trimmer?

For winterizing a 2-stroke trimmer, it is best to first clean it and remove any gas from the carburettor and then store it in a vertical position to avoid any leakage.

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