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Can A Snowblower Remove Ice: Best Ice Breaking Technique Revealed!

A snow blower is a basic need when living in areas with yearly snowfall. It can be pricey, so one should do proper research before purchasing this machine.

Such as can a snowblower remove ice? What kinds of snow blowers are used to remove it? What are efficacious methods to break huge chunks of ice? Let’s learn from this article.

Beyond that, we will also talk about how to handle wet snow, and keep the chute from clogging, and crushing slushy ice.


Can Snow Blowers Break Ice Or Not?

Can A Snowblower Remove Ice

To answer it simply, yes, two-stage snow blowers and three-stage snow blowers can easily break the ice however, a single-stage snow blower will generally struggle to clear ice chunks.

Why Does A Single-Stage Snow Blower Struggle To Break The Ice?

Single-stage snow blowers are developed to clear fluffy snow, which is lightweight and can clear a small driveway. If you have already purchased a single-stage snow blower, use it along with a snow shovel to move away large chunks.

Use A Two-Stage Snow Blower Or A Three-Stage Snow Blower For Clearing Ice

Use A Two-Stage Snow Blower Or A Three-Stage Snow Blower For Clearing Ice

Heavy-duty machines are required to clear the hard-parked snow. The two-stage snow blowers and three-stage snow blowers have augers that are built to chew up the thicker ice.

Three-stage snow blowers and dual-stage snow blowers have other huge benefits too. They can be used in a large area, on uneven ground, and throw heavy snow to a far distance.

How Snow Blowers Can Get Rid Of Ice

How Snow Blowers Can Get Rid Of Ice

If you come across chunks of ice, you can use a gas-powered two-stage snow blower or three-stage snow blower. Check the depth of the snow and adjust the skid shoes of the snow blower.

Now, the self-propelled machine will do the job for you. Augers are going to suck the hard-packed snow, grind it into smaller pieces, and send it to the impeller, which will push it to the discharge chute.

If an ice ridge has formed, use a snow shovel to reduce its size. It can reduce the risk of damaging your snow blower with that block of ice.

How Ice Forms

How Ice Forms

Let’s have a look at how ice forms. This fact will help you understand at which density ice can emerge and can snow blowers remove it.

Moisture Falls

Ice is formed when the atmosphere is humid. When the air temperature drops, the moisture settles on the ground beneath and freezes to become ice.

Clearing ice as soon as possible that collects due to moisture will help remove it easily.



If an area experiences snowfall and that snow remain on the ground while the temperature is constantly cold, a packed snow layer could be formed.

This layer could make slippery ice that is difficult to clear. If the ice turns into a sheet one will have to access the surface and use a shovel to break the ice to help clear snow with a blower.

What Are Snow Blower Stages And Which One Works For Ice?

We need to know about snow blower stages in detail as the answer to “can snow blowers clear ice or not?” depends on it.

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Single-stage snowblowers are used to cleanse paved surfaces. It struggles against wet snow as it is heavy and can take on 3 to 8 inches of snow.

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

It consists of paddles that scoop up the snow and lacks the basic mechanism that can grind the ice hence these fail against dense blocks.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Two-stage gas-powered blowers have components built to handle ice shards and heavy snow.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The augers cut through the chunks of ice, turning it into a powdery form that passes easily through the discharge chute.

Three-Stage Snow Blowers

Three-stage Snow Blowers also do a great job with ice.

Three-Stage Snow Blowers

Techniques For Using An Ice-Breaking Snow Blower

Gas blowers easily suck small grains and loose material.

So, before you start running clearing snow:

  • Go around your driveway to check for the height and density of the ice.
  • Familiarize yourself with where the solid ground is underneath the ice.
  • Improve efficiency by beating up the ice with a shovel as it will break it into smaller pieces.
  • Use rock salt on the ice to make it weaker and less dense.

Safety Tips

Safety tips

A snow blower is a bulky machine and is used in extreme weather conditions making it a safety hazard. Always be careful and take necessary precautions before running it. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear boots with a tight grip to avoid slipping.
  • When storing or moving the snow blower, turn it off and disconnect the spark plug.
  • Do not go near the blades of the gas-powered blowers are sharp and can cut skin.
  • Keep the children away while running the machine.

Does A Snow Blower Work On Wet Snow?

Does A Snow Blower Work On Wet Snow

For clearing snow that is wet and sticky your snow blower should be at least a self-propelled two-stage gas blower as these have augers and impellers.

Augers can pick up heavy snow and the impeller can apply force to push it out to a far distance.

Using a three-stage gas powered is even better as it has an accelerator too which increases the speed for snow throwing.

How Do You Keep The Chute From Clogging With Wet Snow?

How Do You Keep The Chute From Clogging With Wet Snow

Wet snow tends to be sticky and this is why it gets stuck to the chute’s walls. In order to avoid it:

  • Use non-stick snow blower spray to lubricate the chute helping snow to slip out quickly.
  • A cooking spray can also be used as a lubrication alternative to snow blower non-stick spray.
  • When operating the snow-blowing machine move speedily, so the ice can be picked up fast and released by the chute quickly forcing out any clogs.

Can A Snowblower Remove Ice – FAQ

Can I Use The Snowblower For Slushy Snow?

Yes. You can use two-stage and three-stage gas snow blowers to clear slushy snow.

How Do You Snowblow An Icy Driveway?

1. Look at the depth of the snow from the ground.
2. Break hard pieces of ice with a shovel.
3. Toss rock salt on the pieces.
4. Use a two or three-stage snowblower to clear it.

What Is The Fastest Way To Melt Ice On Driveway?

Fastest and easiest way to melt ice is to throw salt on it. Salt has a lower freezing point than water so as a result, it converts ice to water.

Can You Use A Snow Blower On Sleet?

A snowblower on a sleet will not work as it is designed to pick up loose material. You will have to break it or melt it to help the snowblower chug it.

Can A Snowblower Throw Wet Snow?

Snowblowers can remove snow that is wet and heavy but one has to use at least a 2-stage self-propelled snowblower. A single-unit snow blower is not designed for it.


To state briefly, yes a snow blower can remove ice but making sure you have a unit that is powerful enough is the key. To be on the safest side usedual-unit snow blowers and if the pocket allows choose the triple-stage ones.

Before using any snow blowing make sure to check the ice and break it with a shovel to refrain from putting a strain on the machine.

Let us know in the comments how you speedily get rid of icy snow. Are there any other tips to make the ice weak? We would love to read your tips.

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