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Can Dogs Eat Potato Skin: Yes or No, Find Out the Truth!

A common query by pet keepers is can dogs eat potato skin? Dog owners are very protective and so are curious about what they consume. However, there is no need to worry, as all of your questions will be answered here.

Continue reading to learn about the kinds of potatoes they can eat, the dangers associated with consuming potato skins, and how to treat them if your pets consume more than required. Let’s dive into the details!


Can Dogs Eat Potato Skins? Find Out!

Yes, dogs can eat potato skins, but they must be on a limited basis and only cooked. You should pay attention to some precautions:

  • Fat: The boiled potato skins’ high salt and fat (oil) content can be a severe health risk if they are fed too much potato skin. Dogs do not require any of these in their diets.
  • Oxalates and solanine: The uncooked skins pose the greatest threat. They contain oxalates and solanine, which are toxic to dogs. The potato peel might be harmful to your dog’s health if it eats too much of it.
Can Dogs Eat Potato Skin

However, eating potato peels once in a while will be safe for your dog.

What Are Green Potatoes and What Their Dangerous?

Chlorophyll production is responsible for the greening of potatoes. This process can happen if the potatoes are left unattended for too long. They should not be consumed by either humans or canines. It is because of the potential danger they pose due to the presence of the neurotoxin solanine in excessive quantity.

  • You should never let your dogs eat potatoes that have turned green. They are more toxic than any other raw potatoes.
  • Even after cooking them, the toxicity of green potatoes doesn’t go away completely and should not be fed to your pets.

Here is a video explaining if dogs can eat raw potatoes.

The Consequences of Feeding a Dog Too Many Potato Skins

Cooked potato skins are fine for your dog to eat once in a while. However, raw peels should be strictly forbidden. The skins of raw potatoes can cause symptoms such as:

  • Irregular heartbeats, weakening in the muscles, and even death.
  • Trace amounts of oxalates can aggravate pre-existing renal disease in dogs. It also results in fatigue and loss of appetite
  • Increased salivation and other digestive problems including vomiting and diarrhoea are possible.
  • Some canines have tremors. Extreme thirst, frequent urination, and the presence of blood in the urine may all be indicators of kidney impairment.
  • Burning of the throat.
The Consequences of Feeding a Dog Too Many Potato Skins

How to Treat a Dog Who Has Consumed an Excessive Amount of Potato Skins

Consuming excessive amounts of even cooked potato skins can cause serious harm to your dog, as listed above. Listed below are the treatment methods for your pet:

  • Apomorphine: It may be used to induce vomiting.
  • Activated charcoal: It could be used to remove any remaining toxins from your dog’s stomach.
  • The vet: Veterinary will administer oxygen and intravenous fluids. Your dog may undergo gastric lavage if the vet has reason to believe toxins are still present in its system.
How to Treat a Dog Who Has Consumed an Excessive Amount of Potato Skins

It is best to get them to a vet as quickly as possible if they exhibit the symptoms we shared above.

2 Permissible Kinds Of Potato For Dogs!

Could dogs eat raw potatoes? The white, green and raw sweet potatoes are all harmful to canines. However, dogs eat cooked potatoes, both white and sweet potatoes, without any major risk if they are prepared thoroughly.

1. Cooked White Potato

Don’t worry if your dog happily eats potatoes because cooked white potatoes are safe for them. However, you shouldn’t serve them in the same way you would to humans. Here are a few examples to help you:

  • Well-cooked white potatoes without butter or other flavors and garnishes are OK to give to your dog. Sour cream is out as well.
  • But, dogs with diabetes or on a special diet should avoid cooked white potatoes since they might cause severe rises in blood sugar.
Can Dogs Eat Potato Skin Cooked White Potato

2. Cooked Sweet Potatoes

There is no harm when dogs eat sweet potatoes. When compared to white potatoes, cooked ones offer greater nutritional value to canines.

  • You may prepare sweet potatoes in a number of ways for your dog, including boiling, steaming, baking, and dehydrating.
  • You can serve them after cooking as they are or add a little seasoning to further enhance their taste.
  • While sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes since they have a lower glycaemic index, they still carry some risk for dogs with diabetes.
Can Dogs Eat Potato Skin Cooked Sweet Potatoes
Important! If your dog is diagnosed with diabetes or displays similar symptoms, consult with your veterinarian about whether you can feed your dog potatoes safely.

Different Ways How Dogs Eat Potatoes

The most popular ways we consume potatoes are smothered in butter or cheese, deep-fried, and seasoned with salt. However, those methods of preparation aren’t a great choice for pets.

It’s OK to feed your dog French fries once in a while. But if you want the best options for your dog’s diet, serve them baked, steamed, or mashed cooked and plain potatoes:

  • Prepare your dog with a special bowl of mashed potatoes the next time you prepare a batch. Simply mix together some mashed potatoes made with cooked potatoes and some plain Greek yogurt.
  • Use either beef or ground turkey, an egg, and some shredded carrots to make some meatloaf muffins. Bake with mashed potatoes on top in a muffin tray. Cupcakes for a puppy party should be decorated with bright fruits and vegetables that dogs may eat, such as sweet peas, beets, bell pepper, apples, and mango.
  • Use cookie cutters in the shape of bones to make fun shapes out of thick potato slices. Put them in the oven until they’re mushy in the center, and then use them as treats or as a topping for your dog’s normal meal.
  • Potatoes, along with other cooked vegetables like carrots and sweet peas, are a great treat for dogs.
  • Dog eats potato chips with joy too so serving them can be a great idea too.
Different Ways How Dogs Eat Potatoes


Can dogs eat unpeeled potatoes?

Dogs can eat unpeeled potatoes in moderation but not raw potato skins as they contain toxic chemicals like solanine that can be very harmful to your dog.

How many potato skins can a dog eat?

It is safe when dogs eat potato skins, but only once in a while. For example, one unpeeled potato will not harm it. Be absolutely sure to cook it first though!

Can dogs eat red potato skins?

Your dog can eat potatoes with red skin only when cooked. Take care not to give it too much potato skin as it can be harmful when overeating.

How many potatoes can a dog eat?

Dogs can eat up to 10% of their total calories in potatoes. However, It is not recommended for them to eat potatoes every day as it may cause diabetes.

Can dogs eat boiled potatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat boiled potatoes up to 10% of their total calories worth of potatoes.


In short, you can feed your dog potato skins safely in a small amount, especially when they are cooked. They cannot eat raw potatoes in any form, whether the potato skin or flesh as they contain an excess of oxalates, chemicals which can harm your dog.

If your dogs eat potato skins and potatoes with joy, there are several exciting ways to prepare potatoes such as mashed potatoes mixed with Greek yogurt. Additionally, you can provide them with potato muffins or potato chips as a special treat once in a while.

How much potato is involved in the diet of your pet? Let us know in the comments.

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