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Best Hydroponic System For Tomatoes [Top Picks 2023]

We love fresh tomatoes! Nothing better than the taste of tomato when it’s straight off the vine. They’re juicier and much sweeter than when you buy them at a supermarket. That’s why it is always a great idea to grow your own tomatoes. It gets tricky when you don’t have an open field where you can grow your tomatoes.

However, there’s a way around that, and that is with hydroponic systems. This allows you to produce fresh tomatoes any time of the year, even with limited space. In this article, we’ll help you find the best hydroponic systems for tomatoes and a buying guide to help you choose which best suits your needs.

AeroGarden Black Harvest indoor Hydroponic Garden

Based on our selection criteria, we picked the AeroGarden Black Harvest indoor Hydroponic Garden as the best hydroponic system for tomatoes. It’s designed to allow your tomato plants to grow stress-free, thanks to LED lights, inbuilt sensors, nutrient bottles, seed pods, etc., to mention a few.


Tomato Hydroponic Systems: Comparison Table

Hydroponic System For TomatoesGrowth HeightPodsLED Wattage
1AeroGarden Black Harvest indoor Hydroponic Garden12 inches620-watts
2Hydroponics Automatic Germination Growing System15.75 inches724-watts
3Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System11.02 inches1223-watts
4GrowLED Adjustable Germination Hydroponic System14 inches1022-watts
5iDOO 12-Pods Indoor Hydroponics Germination System11.02 inches1223-watts

Buying GuideHydroponic System for Tomatoes

Truth be told, hydroponic systems can be quite pricey; this is why it is important to always make the right choice for yourself. This can, however, be difficult without knowing the right thing to look out for. That’s why we’ve brought some factors together that you should bear in mind when choosing a hydroponic system for your tomato garden at home.

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1. Setup and usage

You don’t want a hydroponic system that will be stressful to set up; look out for a hydroponic system that’s very easy to set up and use. Your growing experience will be significantly better, especially when you’re planting many potatoes at once. When using the hydroponic system, you will need to check the deep water levels, managing the pump and the nutrient solutions. If you’re new to operating a hydroponic system for tomatoes, you don’t want to be stuck. When purchasing, you can keep an eye out for hydroponic systems with instructions or very few parts that need connecting. This would help you get the system running in no time at all.

2. Durability

Since we’ve established that hydroponic systems for tomatoes are pricey and can be used throughout the year, it must last you a long while. To confirm if your hydroponic systems are durable:

  1. Check the plastic’s sturdiness and confirm that it wouldn’t rust soon.
  2. Ensure the containers are not malleable or flimsy that could get damaged.
  3. Ensure the hydroponic system’s pump is not one that would get heated when used for a few hours, or you might have some problems.
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3. System Type

There are about six types of hydroponic systems that you can use to grow plants. Ensure that the system you purchase for your tomato fits your need. Check the labeling and information and see if it is specified that you can use the system for growing tomatoes. Also, make sure that your hydroponic system’s choice is the easiest for you and will accommodate as many tomato plants as you want. The bigger the system, the higher the yield you would get. Make sure that the system you choose fits the end goal while making growing tomatoes easy for you.

4. Pricing

This is an essential consideration that should not be overlooked. Like we’ve pointed out, hydroponic systems for tomatoes are not cheap. Many features come with each hydroponic system, and they come with varying systems. Pick different budgets, and this will help you narrow down your choices. Ensure that you rate quality over price; this doesn’t mean you should settle for an overpriced hydroponic system. Ensure you pick a hydroponic system that comes with all its components to avoid extra spending. All check out customers’ reviews to find out what past users think about the product.

5. Lighting

Your plants need light to grow, and it would be difficult for them to get enough light if they’re grown inside. This is why most hydroponic systems come with LED lighting. Make sure you pick a hydroponic system with this feature. They might come in a single color or in varying color schemes to ensure that your plant receives the full spectrum. Make sure that the lighting is always adjusted to fit the growth of your plants over time.

6. Timer

This feature you might not see often but will come in handy, so keep an eye out for it. Your pump system isn’t meant to run continuously, but it is relatively easy to forget the right time to actually switch it off and when to switch it back on. However, it is essential to do this, or your tomatoes won’t grow well. This is why you should buy a hydroponic system with a timer. This timer allows the pump to be turned on for a few minutes every half an hour. This will ensure your tomatoes receive the right amount of nutrients that it needs to thrive.

Best Hydroponic System for Tomatoes: Our Reviews

If you’re new to hydroponic systems for tomatoes or you’re looking to upgrade your present hydroponic system. Below is a review of the best hydroponic systems for tomatoes to help you grow healthy tomatoes and get a bountiful harvest. With the buying guide above, you should find the best hydroponic system for tomatoes that would suit your home in no time.

1. AeroGarden Black Harvest indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden Black Harvest indoor Hydroponic Garden

Features: 20 watts LED, six-pod seed kit, 12 inches tall, 3-ounce nutrient bottle, integrated control panel, durable, easy mobility, versatile, broad base, saves water, in-built sensors, and lightweight.

The AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden makes the list as our overall best because of how easy it is to use. It is a hydroponic system that comes with six pods for growing your tomatoes. The best part about this hydroponic system is that you can use it to grow other plants alongside your tomatoes without any worries.

It comes with a 20 watts LED light that mimics sunlight’s effect on your plant to ensure that they get all the light they need to grow bountifully. This hydroponic system also comes with a three-ounce nutrient bottle which you can use to feed your plant throughout an entire season.

An incredible feature of this hydroponic system that stood out is the control panel which comes with simple reminders about feeding your plant. This ensures that your plants are never malnourished, making it easier to grow your tomatoes. Since the hydroponic system is about 18 inches tall, your plants can grow about a foot tall.

The broad base, which it is built with, helps keep the structure upright, and the slim design allows it to fit into small spaces if you have time constraints. The built-in sensors on this hydroponic system for tomatoes turn the light on and off each day to save you the stress of doing it yourself.

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2. Hydroponics Automatic Germination Growing System

Hydroponics Automatic Germination Growing System

Features: 24-watt LED light, three smart light modes, seven seed pods, two water pump circulation modes, adjustable height, two nutrient solutions, versatile, automatic timer, durable and lightweight.

Another hydroponic system to look out for is this Hydroponic Automatic Germination Growing System from iDoo. It comes with seven seed pods that you can use to grow your tomatoes. This is a versatile hydroponic system that you can use for various vegetables throughout various seasons.

It comes integrated with high-performance grow lights. These 24-watt LED lights imitate the sunlight spectrum so that your tomatoes can get photosynthesis in multiple kinds of weather. It is a portable hydroponic system that can easily fit into any space in your home.

The light system comes with three smart modes for different growing stages. So when your tomatoes are germinating, blooming, or growing, you have different light modes to fit the different stages. It also comes integrated with an automatic timer and two water pump circulation modes. The water pump can work for 5 minutes, stops for 30 minutes before resuming again, or you can switch to sleep mode.

Another feature we cannot ignore is the adjustable height that allows you to adjust the lighting to help your tomatoes grow at any stage while always absorbing the LED light’s energy. The two nutrient solution this hydroponic system comes with help provide all the nutrients your tomatoes need to grow bountifully.

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3. Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System

Features: 12 plant pots, LED grow lights, automatic timer, integrated fan, versatile, sturdy construction, viewing winder, smart light modes.

If you’re looking to grow your tomatoes in large quantities, then this Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System would be the right fit for you. It features 12 plant pots for your tomatoes and is versatile enough to be used for different vegetables. It comes with a 22-watt LED Light designed with the ideal blend of the light spectrum to adequately mimic the sunlight to help your tomato gets enough sunlight to help it grow efficiently.

To avoid the hydroponic system getting overheated and damaged quickly, it comes with a fan that makes sure the temperature remains ideal at all times for the system and your plants. The hydroponic also features a viewing window so you can watch the water level at all times. The in-built water tank can hold more than a gallon of water, and the circulation system is automatic.

This means that it ensures the water is fresh by coming in every 30 thirty minutes. You can control the grow lights with the push button; it allows you to turn the light on for sixteen hours and off for about 8 hours. The light is also automatic and will come back on after the resting hours are exhausted. With this hydroponic system, you can grow tomatoes and other plants throughout the year.

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4. GrowLED Adjustable Germination Hydroponic System

GrowLED Adjustable Germination Hydroponic System

Features: Automatic timer, adjustable LED light, adjustable lights, self-watering system, ten growing pods, water level indicator, sturdy construction, compact size, and easy installation.

GrowLED Adjustable Germination system is one you can never go wrong with. It comes with the nutrient your plants need to grow for a full season. This hydroponic system comes with an LED light designed to provide your plant with all the light they require to thrive. The best part about this hydroponic system is that you can adjust the light according to your plant’s growth level. This means you can always ensure the LED light is not too bright or too dim for your plant.

The smart pods that come with GrowLED Adjustable Germination System slip effortlessly into the plant pot, so your seedlings have a secure place to grow. The light comes with a smart timer. In essence, this ensures that the light runs for 16 hours and then gets turns off for eight hours. This saves you the stress of remembering to turn it off once it’s night.

It also comes with a water level indicator so you can see when you need to add more water to your tomato plants to avoid them getting dry. This hydroponic system is also versatile and can therefore be used to grow other plants next to your tomatoes. It is lightweight and features a compact size that allows you to place it anywhere you want when growing your tomatoes.

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5. iDOO 12-Pods Indoor Hydroponics System

iDOO 12-Pods Indoor Hydroponics System

Features: LED light, automatic timer, adjustable height, 12 pods, water pump, integrated fan, two smart grow modes, sturdy construction, and easy mobility.

This is one of the top hydroponic systems that will give you the best value for your money. The design is slick, and it comes with an integrated LED light that you can adjust its height to fit your tomato plant’s growth rate. It also comes with a water circulation feature that makes it impressive and worth every cent.

The water circulation either works in normal mode or sleep mode when it is extra quiet, in case you want to sleep in the same room as your hydroponic system. With the integrated 12 pods, you can count on a bountiful harvest every season. This hydroponic system comes with a fan that ensures that the LED light does not overheat the plant to thrive.

The LED also operates automatically and works for 16 hours, and then goes off at night without you having to worry about it. There’s no doubt that this iDOO Hydroponics System gives good value for money.

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FAQs: Hydroponic Systems

  1. How long will it take tomatoes to grow hydroponically? Typically, it takes tomatoes about 5-10 days to germinate and a few weeks before it reaches transplanting size. A typical tomato life cycle takes about 1-2 months before it can start setting fruit.
  2. What is the ideal pH for hydroponic tomatoes? Hydroponic systems usually need a pH of 6.0 – 6-5 to thrive. This is because hydroponic tomatoes grow best in acidic conditions.
  3. Are hydroponic tomatoes tasty? Hydroponic tomatoes are just as delicious as tomatoes grown outdoors. The conditions are the same with the water circulation system and LED lights integrated into the hydroponic system.
  4. Do hydroponic systems increase tomato yield? Yes, hydroponic systems can increase tomato yield by 2x than when you grow tomatoes outdoors.
  5. How fast do hydroponic tomatoes grow? This depends on the type of tomato seed used. But generally, you should get your yields within 45 to 100 days.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! We’re done. Hydroponic systems are a great way to enjoy fresh, tasty tomatoes all year round. There are so many hydroponic systems for tomatoes in the market that makes you want to take your time to check the hydroponic systems all out. However, this process can be tiresome, which is why we’ve simplified the process for you. We’ve reviewed the top-quality products to help you effectively narrow down your search. We’ve highlighted all the vital features of each product, so you’re well aware of what each hydroponic system has to offer to make it easier to make the ideal choice that suits your needs.

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