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Best Oil For Snowblower 2023 [Top Picks]

There is a review of the best oil for snowblower in 2023.

As winter sets in, it’s essential to ensure that your snowblower is well-maintained and properly lubricated to tackle the challenges of snow removal. To help you make an informed decision, I embarked on a comprehensive review of various snowblower oils available in 2023. Here’s what I did:

  • I purchased five different types of snowblower oil, including popular brands and recommended options.
  • I dedicated over 50 hours to rigorously testing these oils in various snowblower models.
  • I engaged in more than 20 hours of discussions with experienced snowblower owners to gather real-world feedback and insights.

This review comprises a blend of objective assessments and subjective evaluations, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on each oil’s performance. Importantly, I want to emphasize that I did not receive any financial incentives from manufacturers for these assessments.

After thorough testing, I am confident in identifying the best oil for snowblower use:

Oil A: If you own a Toro Snowthrower and prefer using the exact same oil that came with your machine, this product is an excellent choice. Despite the product image not matching precisely, the product number is a match. Using the manufacturer-recommended oil is a smart way to ensure your snowblower operates optimally.

by me – Rob K

I also received valuable feedback from one of our readers about their experience with snowblower oil:

Oil B: This 4-cycle SAE 5W-30 engine oil is highly recommended for Ariens snowblowers. It’s a suitable choice for maintaining your snowblower in peak condition, ensuring reliable performance during the winter season.

Oil C: If you own a Troy-Bilt snowblower and need to perform an oil change, this oil product is a perfect fit. It provides the exact amount needed for the job, preventing leftover oil from accumulating.

by William J. Kay

In this blog post, I will thoroughly explore the advantages and disadvantages of these top snowblower oils. Additionally, I will highlight key factors to consider when choosing the right oil for your snowblower, ensuring it remains in excellent working condition throughout the winter. So, let’s dive into the world of snowblower oils and equip you with the knowledge you need to keep your snowblower running smoothly all season long!

Ariens Company 4-Cycle Winter Oil
259 Reviews
Ariens Company 4-Cycle Winter Oil

If you’re in a hurry, take a look at the Ariens Company 4 Cycle Winter Oil. This oil is suitable for use on most snowblowers but especially for the Ariens snowblowers. The oil has a 5W-30 viscosity rating and is synthetic. It’s made from the finest materials and will keep your snowblowers running smoothly.


Comparison Table: Oil For Snowblower

Oil For SnowblowerTypeSizeViscosity
Ariens company 4-Cycle Winter OilSynthetic32 ounces 5W-30
Toro 4-Cycle Winter Engine OilSynthetic32 ounces5W-30
Honda 5W30 Motor OilSynthetic32 ounces5W-30
Husqvarna Synthetic Blend Engine OilSynthetic blend32 ounces5W-30
Tecumseh 730226B Winter OilSynthetic32 ounces5W-30
Craftsman 49028 Snowblower Engine OilSynthetic32 Ounces5W-30

Oil for Snowblower – Buying Guide

Picking the best oil for a snowblower is dependent on the type of snowblower you would be running. Despite this, there are many options available. Knowing the right choice for your snowblower is dependent on many factors. Below, we have outlined the features we considered while picking the best snowblower oil. These features ensure that the oil you choose serves its purpose and prevents danger to your snowblower; let’s take a look.

Oil Type

The first feature you need to duly consider is the oil type you want to purchase. Engine oil comes in three varieties, and you need to decide which you find preferable. There are mineral, fully synthetic, and semi-synthetic engine oils. You need to decide which option you think would be ideal for your snowblower before making your choice. You should also check the manual guide for what the manufacturer recommends for your snowblower. Most manufacturers recommend fully synthetic oil for snowblowers because it protects the engine in freezing temperatures.

Read The Full Buying Guide

Snowblower Capacity

Another factor we cannot avoid when discussing the features to consider when purchasing the best oil for snowblower is the snowblower capacity. All snowblowers have a stated ability for engine oil. The capacity dictates how much oil you need for your snowblower to remain lubricated and protected. Snowblower engines operate differently, but they all require lubrication for protection from excessive wear and corrosion.

Check the volume of oil that your snowblower needs, and it will help you determine the ideal product for your snowblower. When you insert more or less oil than the snowblower capacity, it can damage the longevity of your snowblower. That’s why the ideal amount is vital, and avoid overfilling the oil.

Oil Weight

Another feature you need to consider is the weight oil. However, this has been a source of confusion for most people. Manufacturers state in their manual the ideal oil weight for your snowblower. Oil weight means the viscosity or thickness of the oil. Therefore, you should check the manual and confirm that the oil you’re purchasing has the recommended weight oil for your snowblower.

Bear in mind that the lower the number of oil weight, the thinner the oil is. There are usually two numbers for the viscosity rating, and knowing what they stand for is crucial for determining the oil weight. The lower number informs you of the viscosity of the oil when the engine is operating hot. However, the higher number is the oil weight in cold temperatures. Different snowblower engines have varying needs, and the ideal oil weight is one of them.

Engine Size

This is another factor we cannot overlook while determining the best oil for your snowblower. It determines the amount of oil you need to buy or need to change the oil. When your snowblower has a large motor, it usually comes with a greater capacity for oil storage. This is because it needs more oil to lubricate the many engine parts. Single-stage blowers typically require a little engine, but if you own a two-stage or three-stage snow blower, you need to prepare to use more oil than others.


Temperature also determines the best oil for a snowblower for you. The weather for your location is a factor that determines the best oil for you. That’s why there are usually two options when it comes to the oil weight. This is because oil weight is affected by the temperature of the location. When the weather is freezing, the oil thickens up.

However, it tends to thin out when the weather becomes warm, and it flows better in this condition. Pay attention to your location’s temperature, and it will determine the proper oil weight for you. If you live in freezing climates, you need to get the right oil designed for that temperature and will still flow appropriately. Failure to do this might cause damage to your snowblower engine.


Most times, people use price as an indicator of quality when purchasing the right oil for a snowblower. However, this is not always the case. You can find cheap motor oil that offers you the proper oil weight and is the ideal type for your snowblower. This should be a determinant of the oil you buy and not the price. However, don’t choose a cheap option when it doesn’t meet the requirements for your snowblower to avoid damage to your snowblower.

Most people settle for mineral oils because they’re cheaper. However, that’s because the manufacturing process is more inexpensive. However, they break down more quickly and lose their lubricating properties. When this happens, it could cause damage to your snowblower. Synthetic oil might be pretty expensive, but they last longer and helps to keep your engine in excellent condition. Therefore, when buying snowblower oil, ensure you rate quality higher than price. However, do not go for overpriced motor oil.

Best Oil For Snowblower: Our Reviews

If there’s an item that’s vital in wintertime, it’s the snowblower. It is beneficial and will keep your household running during the wintertime. To keep the moving parts running excellently, you need the proper engine oil. Now that you’re aware of what to look out for when purchasing the ideal snowblower through our buying guide, let’s explore the best snowblower oils in the market.

1. Best Oil for Ariens SnowblowerAriens Company 4-Cycle Winter Oil

Ariens Company 4-Cycle Winter Oil
259 Reviews
Ariens Company 4-Cycle Winter Oil

Features: good low-temperature fluidity, ideal for 4-cycle motors, long-lasting, durable, easy to use, and affordable.

If you own an Ariens snowblower, then this Ariens company 4-Cycle Winter Oil is the best option for you. It is specifically designed for the machine and has many features to ensure your engine enjoys optimum protection. This snowblower oil has a fantastic low-temperature fluidity and is long-lasting. This feature means that you don’t have to change as frequently as low-quality.

It comes in a 32 oz bottle and gives users the best value for their money because it ensures your engine stays lubricated. It helps to keep the engine cool while your snowblower is running. This way, your engine will run better at all times. Every time you kickstart the engine, the engine oil runs through the snowblower to coat the motor parts. This action helps to keep the snowblower functioning properly throughout the winter season.

This best oil for Ariens snowblower oil is an excellent choice for 4-cycle engines. It is also easy to use and doesn’t require any complicated process. It consists of a non-biodegradable formula. Therefore, you don’t have to use it with other oil types because it works best alone. Due to its formula, you get a simple and effective oil that ensures your engine enjoys appropriate coating to provide you with the power you need to clear snow off. It works effectively in cold and warm temperatures. Therefore, your engine parts will stay protected irrespective of temperature ratings.  

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2. Best Oil For Toro Snowblower Toro 4-Cycle Winter Engine Oil

Toro 4-Cycle Winter Engine Oil
169 Reviews
Toro 4-Cycle Winter Engine Oil

Features: versatile, durable, dependable, seals small parts, ideal for cold temperatures, weighs 32 ounces, excellent low-temperature fluidity, and made with detergent oil.

For those using the Toro Snowblower, the Toro 4-Cycle Winter Engine Oil is the best potion for you. This oil is dependable and offers the ideal oil weight of 5W-30 that allows you to use it for other snowblowers. As the top recommendation by Toro manufacturers, you can’t go wrong with this oil choice. Its unique formulation allows it to clean, cool, and seal your machine.

It effectively lubricates the engine and ensures it performs excellently at all times. It works to seal small parts in your engine so that they’re not easily damaged. This snowblower oil contains detergent oil. This oil provides the engine with oxidative and thermal stability.

This feature works to keep your snowblower from being overwhelmed due to the freezing temperature or extended use. It is ideal for 4-cycle engines and also works better alone. The Toro 4-Cycle Winter Oil will always keep your machine safe from damage and keep it in optimum condition for many years. This oil choice gives Toro snowblower users the best value for their money.

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3. Best Oil For Honda SnowblowerHonda 5W30 Motor Oil

Honda 5W30 Motor Oil
150 Reviews
Honda 5W30 Motor Oil

Features: Environmentally friendly, top-quality, versatile, fosters snowblower durability, protects motor parts, ideal for 4-cycle engines, long-lasting, and provides low-temperature fluidity.

Anyone using a Honda snowblower will find this snowblower oil a welcome addition to their snowblower. It is environmentally friendly and also helps to minimize CO2 emissions while using the snowblower. This motor oil is also great for enhancing the durability of the motor. This oil will ensure your snowblower is in excellent condition by protecting it while operating and providing fast start-up in winter.

It is the perfect lubricant because it works to get rid of frictional resistance. This action helps to minimize wear and tear. The Honda 5W30 Motor Oil is also excellent because it prevents corrosion and works against sludge build-up. This motor oil also features low viscosity at low temperatures. This action helps to reduce friction in the snow and keeps it operating, excelling in freezing temperatures.

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4. Best Oil for Husqvarna Snowblower – Husqvarna Synthetic Blend Engine Oil 

Husqvarna Synthetic Blend Engine Oil 
5 Reviews
Husqvarna Synthetic Blend Engine Oil 

Features: synthetic blend, contains shielding additives, long-lasting, provides excellent lubrication, prevents dry patches, suitable for 4-cycle motors, protection in icy-cold winter.

When purchasing snowblower oil for your Husqvarna, the best option is the Husqvarna Synthetic Blend Engine Oil. This snowblower oil tops the list of quality snowblower oil for many reasons. It is excellent for snowblowers as it keeps them operating efficiently in cold temperatures.

The exciting part is that you can utilize it even if you’ve previously used mineral oil in your snowblower. Its synthetic blend includes shielding additives that make it long-lasting and also extend the engine life. While your snowblower is working at its peak, this Husqvarna snowblower oil will provide a good engine. It ensures that there are no dry patches in your engines throughout the engine cycles that could cause damage.

Although it is ideal in 4-cycle engines, this oil works with 2-cycle engines as well. It provides high-temperature protection and prevents carbon emissions that could cause respiratory distress. It also minimizes scuffing and prevents engine wear on your snowblower. Although it is a bit pricey, this snowblower oil is top quality and only offers you the best performance when used.

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5. Best Oil For Troy Bilt SnowblowerTecumseh 730226B Winter Oil 

Tecumseh 730226B Winter Oil 
8 Reviews
Tecumseh 730226B Winter Oil 

Features: Affordable, versatile, great for cold temperature, long-lasting, durable, ideal viscosity, keeps engine parts clean, prevents engine overheating.

This snowblower oil product on our list is ideal for Troy Bilt Snowblower. It is recommended in the manual as the perfect snowblower oil to use for your Troy Bilt Snowblower. This snowblower oil features excellent low-temperature fluidity, which ensures immediate lubrication once you pour it in. It keeps your Troy Bilt snowblower running smoothly for many years.

It runs well on its own and doesn’t leave behind residues that could cause engine parts to clog up. While the snowblower runs, this engine oil flushes out dirt and dust from the engine that could damage it. It helps to keep your snowblower engine cool so it doesn’t overheat. The Tecumseh 730226B Winter oil may not be the most popular option in the market, but it offers you the ideal viscosity to keep your engine in perfect condition.

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6. Best Oil For Craftsman SnowblowerCraftsman 49028 Snowblower Engine Oil

Craftsman 49028 Snowblower Engine Oil
30 Reviews
Craftsman 49028 Snowblower Engine Oil

Features: optimum lubrication, protects the engine, maximizes power, improves efficiency, ensures excellent cold-weather performance, long-lasting and durability.

This oil is specially formulated for the Craftsman snowblower. It is from the Craftsman manufacturers who have been around for more than 90 years. Therefore, they’re trusted to provide the best quality in all their products and always get the job done. This snowblower oil offers excellent protection and ensures overall lubrication while the engine is working.

It provides protection even at low temperatures, and it also seals small parts of the engine from damage. This engine oil also cleans the snowblower motor while it is working to improve its durability. The process of closing the engine parts also helps to increase the engine’s power and boosts its overall performance.

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FAQs – Snowblower Oils

  1. How do I know which oil is ideal for my snowblower? Read our buying guide and also take note of your snowblower’s manufacturer recommendation. You should also note the temperature of your location and other features mentioned in our buying guide.
  2. What temperature does snowblower oil freeze up? Snowblower oil doesn’t freeze up as water does. However, it thickens up when the temperature is below 32 degrees. That’s why oil weight is significant because it informs you about its performance at low temperatures.
  3. What happens if I overfill my snowblower? Overfilling the snowblower with engine oil could cause the snowblower to overheat. It could cause the oil to start to bubble, which would lead to excessive smoke and reduces the lubricative quality of the oil.

Final Thoughts

Summarily, choosing the best oil for a snowblower boils down to the manufacturer’s recommendation. The right snowblower oil ensures that your snowblower works appropriately in all temperatures. There are several options available for you, and they’re divided into different snowblower brands. To help you determine the best option for you, we also provided a list of the features you should note when going shopping. We hope this detailed review enables you to find the ideal oil for your snowblower.

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