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Best Snow Blower For Decks 2022 [Top Picks]

It’s the time of the year when waking up to a blanket of snow on your deck is inevitable. Although snow can look beautiful, cleaning it up is always a lot of work. Now, while you can use big snowblowers to clear snow off your walkway and driveway, it won’t be ideal for your deck. There’s a need for a special snowblower designed for that particular purpose. If you’re in the market for the best snowblower for decks, you’re in the right spot. This article reviews your best options with a buying guide to ensure you always get the right snowblower for decks meant for you. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower
918 Reviews
Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower

If you’re in a hurry, take a look at the Snow Joe snowblower. This snowblower is suitable for use on large deck areas as it offers ample clearing width of 20-inches and a 20ft throw distance. It’s lightweight, battery-powered, and easy to use.

Comparison Table: Snowblower For Deck

Snowblower For DeckClearing WidthPower SourceThrowing Distance
Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower20 inchesBattery-powered 20 feet
Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Single Stage Blower18 inchesCorded Electric20 feet
Snow Pusher For DeckClearing WidthMaterialHandle
Emsco Group 1199 Bigfoot Poly Snow Shovel18 inchesPlasticD-Handle
True Temper 1613400 Aluminum Snow Shovel18 inchesPlastic/AluminumD-Handle
The Snowplow – The Original Snow Pusher30 inchesFiberglassD-Handle
Tabor Tools Snow Pusher with Fiberglass Handle18 inchesFiberglassD-Handle

Snowblower for Decks – Buying Guide

Getting a snowblower for your walkways and driveways is easy compared to clearing snow from decks. You have to put a lot of serious thought into choosing the best snowblower for clearing your deck. Many factors are vital when making this decision; below are these factors in detail.


One of the crucial features you should note whenever shopping for a snowblower for decks is maneuverability. When you’re clearing snow from your deck, you want to get up and down in stairs conveniently. Additionally, you would want the ability to fit and walk-in tighter spaces. That’s why the best snowblower for decks is usually one that’s small and lightweight. It’s ideal when you have several steps to also clean up. Ensure that your choice of the snowblower is powerful enough to do wonders on your deck despite its size. If you would be covering a large flat area, you also need to look out for a product with wheels.

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Deck Type

Another vital consideration when shopping for the best snowblower for decks is your deck type. If you have a wooden deck, you would want it to keep looking nice long after you finish blowing snow. That’s why you should pick a snowblower that’s ideal for your deck type. Consider the material used in building your deck and look out for a snowblower designed for it. With woods, you don’t want the traditional snowblowers or shovels that can scratch it out. There are snowblowers with a plastic paddle that would perform excellently on your wooden deck. However, if your deck isn’t wooden, then you have more options to pick from.


Once you finish clearing snow off your deck, you want a snowblower you can easily store away for the season. When you’re purchasing your snowblower for deck, you should consider your storage options. Factors like weight, size, gas or no gas, and if it’s foldable into small areas. For decks, you always want a snow blower that’s small and safe enough for storing in a closet at home or a small storage room. Large snowblowers usually require lots of space and are therefore stored in garages or outdoor sheds.


If there’s a factor many people should take seriously but tend to overlook, it’s safety. There’s a need for protection when you’re clearing snow from such a delicate area as your deck. There are two particular safety options you need to put into consideration in such situations. The first is your very own safety. When you’re clearing snow off a tight spot like your deck, you want a snowblower you can quickly move around and lift when necessary. Secondly, you need to worry about the safety of your deck.

You don’t want to finish clearing snow only to discover you damaged your deck with scratches and chips. All these factors mentioned above are vital when you need to purchase a snowblower that will perform excellently. However, it all depends on your needs at the end of the day. These factors only help to direct you in making the right choice.

Best Snowblower for Decks: Our Reviews

There are many brands of snowblowers in the market; how do you determine the right choice for you. Choosing a snowblower for decks from the many options in the market. That’s why we researched on your behalf to narrow down your option to the best there is. These snowblowers will give you the best value for your money and last you many seasons of use.

1. Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower

Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower
918 Reviews
Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower

Features: powerful charge, two led lights, 4-blade rubber-tipped steel auger, flexible, adjustable chute, rechargeable, battery-powered, cordless, 20ft throwing distance, integrated scraper bar, safety switch, and durable.

When you want to clear snow from your deck, your best option is the Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower. Flexibility is one feature you should look out for when choosing the best snowblower for decks. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this snowblower offers you just that. It comes with an adjustable chute control that rotates 180 degrees and it lets you clear snow very far away and provides a 20ft throwing distance to get the snow very from you.

Another feature you would appreciate on the Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snowblower is the two led lights it comes with. This way, you can clear your deck at night and in the morning before the sun comes up. You would see irrespective of the clearing time.

This snowblower is also battery-powered and offers users enough run time to clear much snow off their deck as they want. It is quite a powerful snowblower with a 1200W brushless motor that will blow away about 14 tons of snow at every single charge. This snowblower also features a rubber-tipped steel blade auger that ensures the safety of your deck while you’re cleaning up. Its portable size allows for easy storage, and it is a durable option that provides years of usage with the proper maintenance.

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2. Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Single-Stage Blower

Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Single-Stage Blower
15,092 Reviews
Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Single-Stage Blower

Features: 13 amp motor, adjustable chute, 20ft throwing distance, safety switch feature, 2-inbuilt blades, robust, and durable.

This snowblower is medium-duty and relatively easy to use. It is affordable compared to other products and will help you move large amounts of snow from your deck. This Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Single Stage Blower comes with a single-stage engine. It features two rubber-tipped augurs that are resistant to cold and help to clear your deck.

The chute is adjustable for easy maneuverability and can throw the snow over 20ft away from you. This snowblower also comes with a switch feature for your safety. This feature ensures that you don’t waste time trying to pull cords or struggle with switching on the snowblower.  

Additionally, the switch feature ensures that the snowblower automatically goes off when there’s no snow in the area. Also, it will turn off when it gets caught in something. The front handle of this snowblower is foldable; this allows for easy storage options. This way, your snowblower never gets caught up in anything. This snowblower is excellent because it can clear snow as far as 6-inches deep. This snowblower is a superb choice at its price point because you get great value for your money.

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3. Emsco Group 1199 Bigfoot Poly Snow Shovel

If you’re looking for a smaller durable option that you can use to clean your deck free of snow, then you should try out the Emsco Group 1199 Bigfoot Poly Snow Shovel. It is a standard shovel explicitly designed for snow-clearing duties. This snow shovel is plastic, so you don’t have to worry about it causing damage to your deck during snow removal.

It is excellent for different age grades because it is lightweight and relatively easy to use. The handle is made using steel material which makes it exceptionally strong and durable. It also features a D-grip design that ensures a firm grip while you’re clearing snow.

The blade is 18 inches wide and offers a non-sticking surface. This feature improves its efficiency, and its sturdiness allows you to move piles of snow without getting tired quickly. The blade also features a flat design excellent for clearing out stoops and stairs. Emsco Group always offers innovative products, and you can rest assured that this snow shovel will meet your expectations.

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4. True Temper 1613400 Aluminum Snow Shovel

If you want to remain comfortable while you shovel snow out of your deck, this is the ideal option for you. This ergonomic snow shovel combines plastic and aluminum to provide a strong and durable snow shovel for you. This snow shovel also acts as a snow pusher when you want, and its large D-Grip works to make sure you don’t get tired quickly.

You’re assured of a firm grip with this handle design. To also ensure its durability, this snow shovel features a nylon wear strip. Back pain is quite common amongst every age group. One of the causes is shoveling snow, as it requires you to bend.

However, that’s not the case when you choose True Temper 1613400 Aluminum Snow Shovel. This feature dramatically cuts down on the weight of handling a pile of snow. Its long handle also prevents having to lean over much when you’re shoveling snow. Whether you want to push snow or you’re shoveling it, you can comfortably carry out such duties with this versatile snow shovel.

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5. The Snowplow – The Original Snow Pusher

The Snowplow – The Original Snow Pusher
1,453 Reviews
The Snowplow – The Original Snow Pusher

Features: 30 inches blade, comfortable, ergonomic handle, sturdy construction, cuts through ice and snow, gentle on surfaces, lightweight, and a D-Grip handle.

Another quality product for clearing snow off your deck is the Snowplow – The Original Snow Pusher. This snow pusher prides itself as the best in the market, and its many features make it believable. This snow pusher features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to clear snow off decks.

The construction is easy as it uses a simple bolt design you can put together in a few minutes. It is also designed heavy-duty and can therefore cut through snow and ice accordingly. The blade is about 30-inch wide to help you clear piles of snow in little time.

The material used in constructing this snow pusher is non-abrasive, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your deck. It is versatile and usable on concrete, aggregate, pavers, roods, wood, and many more. Despite its heavy-duty features, this snow shovel is lightweight. Its D-style grip also ensures a firm control of the shovel when you’re clearing snow. Additionally, for storage options, this shovel comes with a wall hanger clip so you can store it away whenever it is out of use.

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6. Tabor Tools Snow Pusher With Fiberglass Handle

Tabor Tools Snow Pusher With Fiberglass Handle
150 Reviews
Tabor Tools Snow Pusher With Fiberglass Handle

Features: 18-inch blade, comfortable, D-Grip handle, sturdy, lightweight, versatile, non-sticky, and durable.

Another snow pusher that’s an excellent choice for clearing off large scoops of snow from your deck is the Tabor Tools Snow Pusher with Fiberglass Handle. This snow pusher is sturdy but lightweight enough for easy handling. You won’t have any complaints working with it.

The handle’s design is D-grip for a firm grip while you’re clearing snow off your deck. This D-Grip design also offers you leverage while you’re scooping snow off your deck. Its construction features fiberglass that ensures its durability.

The Tabor Tools Snow Pusher with Fiberglass Handle is non-sticky, so you can quickly clear a large pile of snow. This product is also versatile because you can transport various materials like small stones, soil, sand, and more. This snow pusher will last you for many years since its design ensures it makes it through harsh winters.

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FAQs – Deck Snowblowers/Snow Pushers

  1. How do you prevent your snowblower from clogging? Always coat the auger and chute with non-stick spray. It works like cooking spray and prevents the blades from sticking or clogging with snow.
  2. What is the average time of an electric snow blower powered by a battery? Most battery-powered snow blowers have a runtime of thirty minutes. Due to this, people purchase additional batteries to increase the duration.
  3. Why is it challenging to clear wet snow? Wet snow is sticky, primarily when you treat it with de-icing material. When it starts to melt, it packs together and then freezes to surfaces. That’s why the best option is to clear it before it begins to melt.

Final Words

If you want a sturdy snowblower for decks, we have reviewed some of the best options for you. These snow blowers and snow shovels will scoop snow off your deck without damaging the surface. We ensure our choices will always provide you with excellent performance. Any of the options below offer flexibility and ease of use. With this product, you can ultimately say goodbye to discomfort and enjoy clearing snow from your deck. To find the best snowblower for decks, explore the options reviewed above and start clearing your patio today.

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