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Best Petrol Lawn Mower For Large Gardens [2023 Top Picks]

Beautiful lawns don’t come easy; they’re a result of several hours of precise cutting using lawnmowers. Cutting a lawn can be two-sided; it can be easy, or it can be hard. It all depends on the type of lawnmower you’re using, the terrain you have, and the type of grass. For this review, we’ll take a look at the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens. Small garden owners are welcome to read.

PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower
109 Reviews
PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower

The best petrol lawn mower for large gardens is the PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower. It’s affordable, comes with a Briggs & Stratton 163cc engine, and is easy to set up – not to mention that it’s self-propelled. There are adjustable height levels as well as side discharge functions.


Best Petrol Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens: Comparison Table

Petrol LawnmowerSwath SizeSelf-Prop.EngineHeight
1PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower21-inchYes159cc Briggs & Stratton5 levels
2Remington 22-Inch 159cc Gas Lawn Mower22-inchNo159cc PowerMore Engine3 levels
3Troy-Bilt TB330 21-inch Gas Lawn Mower21-inchYes163cc Briggs & Stratton3 levels

Gas Lawn Mower For Large Gardens – Buying Guide

In the lines that follow, you’ll find some important tips you should have in mind before you purchase a gas-powered lawnmower. Let’s begin with size.


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Your garden is probably large, and that explains why you are reading this review. To that effect, you’ll need a similarly equipped mower that can reduce the time it takes to cut your lawn significantly.

Lawnmowers come in various sizes. The size literally refers to the dimension of the cutting swath; the cutting swath itself is the part of the mower that cuts your grass as you move the mower.

A gas-powered lawnmower has a wider swath than gas and electric mowers. However, having a large swath doesn’t necessarily mean good news. A large swath will definitely mean having a larger mower which in turn, means having a large engine. If your mower isn’t self-propelled, maneuvering during use can become a pain in the butt and will tire you out quickly. We recommend a mower with a 20-24 inch swath.

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The Type Of Mower

We understand that this review is for gas-powered lawnmowers, but they are just a class of mowers. The other two classes of mowers include

#1. The Self Propelled Mowers. This category of mowers draws power from the engine to propel the wheels. They’re especially suitable for cutting large lawns and they have large swaths. On the other hand, they make quite some noise and produce emissions, so if you like green lawnmowers, you may want to look elsewhere.

#2: The Riding Mowers/Lawn Tractors: As the name implies, you take a ride on such riding mowers. They cut more grass at a go than other types of lawnmowers, thanks to its large swath which can sometimes reach 54 inches.

Maneuvering during use can be tough considering the fact that they don’t have zero-turn radius like the ZTR mowers. You’ll need sizeable storage space and tons of attachments if you intend to do much work with this type of mower.

#3. ZTR Mowers: ZTR simply refers to Zero Turn Radius. These petrol lawnmowers have a zero-turn radius which makes maneuvering easy and results in faster cutting time.

There’s also the rear engine rider although it can be either a gas or an electric-powered model.


Cost is a very important factor to consider when shopping for a lawnmower. Lawnmowers can cost from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. Your preferences, as well as the type of lawn you have in your garden, will go a long way in determining how much you spend.

Landscape & Grass Type

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The topography of the area you intend to use your lawnmower is important. In fact, it’s a major deciding factor.

If, for instance, your lawn is flat, most lawn mowers will be just fine. On the other hand, hilly terrain or rough terrain will definitely require a mower designed for such purposes. Rough terrain will require a ZTR mower or a lawn tractor’s abilities, as the case may be. If you know the type of grass on your lawn, you can buy a mower suited for it. This, however, is not an all-important factor as most mowers can handle most grasses.

Engine Type & Features

Lawnmowers usually come with 2 or 4-stroke engines, which is more than enough for residential areas. The bigger the engine, the heavier the mower, and the more expensive it will become. Look for mowers with adjustable heights. The heights are usually factory set and make it easy to cut your grass to a certain level.

The electric start feature saves you the stress of having to pull a cord to start your mower. Instead, you press a start button, and the engine comes alive. It’s available on both gas and electric mowers. The height of your lawnmower can make storing a chore. However, with a folding handle, storing becomes a lot easier as you simply fold down the handle.

Ensure the mower you intend to buy has a window from where you can check the fuel gauge. This saves you the stress of opening your fuel tank now and then whilst working. Consider cruise controls. As with cars, the cruise control locks the speed and allows you to focus on steering the machine while doing what is required of it.

Washout Port

With a washout port, you can easily plug in a water hose to your washout port and wash away the clippings that stuck to the underneath of your mower. It saves you the stress of flipping over the mower to remove the clippings.

Gas/Oil Changes

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We strongly advise keeping more than 10 liters of gas in the house at any given time. Even at that, try as much as possible to keep it in a place free from hot temperatures and out of the sight of children.

Having about 10 liters of petrol handy will save you the stress of dashing to the petrol station. In addition to that, keep your engine oil handy. You should treat your mower with the same respect you have for your car.

By doing so, the mower will last long. Buy some of the necessary things you’ll need for maintenance and keep them in your garage or store.

Best Petrol Lawn Mower For Large Gardens Reviewed

#1. Best Petrol Lawn Mower For Large Garden – PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower

PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower
109 Reviews
PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower

Features: Adjustable height levels, 4 cycle 159cc Engine, 4.9 HP engine power, side discharge function.

For making mowing the lawn easier for a lot of people, the PowerSmart self-propelled lawn mower is the overall best petrol lawn mower for large gardens. The ease of using this mower is quite commendable.

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At a glance, the mower looks like its counterparts although it sports a few extras which the others don’t have. The first thing you’ll notice is the large bag at the rear. In addition to that, the mower has side-discharge and mulching capabilities.

By dropping your clippings to the side of the area cut, you simply return the nutrients back to your soil. Thus, your lawn stays green. Starting the mower isn’t a tough nut to crack although it comes with a pull start instead of the electric start.

For the height, PowerSmart equipped the mower with adjustable height settings with 5 different levels. This makes it easy to have all your lawns cut to the same level. Furthermore, it makes it easy to cut stony terrain since you can easily adjust the height of the mower above the stony grounds.

Assembling the unit is easy as it comes with an instruction manual. Simply follow the guide to connect the parts, add oil and gas and you’re good to go.

It moves fast but you wouldn’t have a hard time keeping up with it. It does mulch leaves as it deals with your grass. For some of us who intend to buy new wheels, you’re free to do so. However, the mower comes with 8-inch wheels which is enough to handle your tasks.

The engine on this mower is a 159cc Briggs and Stratton 4.89HP 4 cycle engine which responds pretty well and gets the job done.

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#2. Remington 22-Inch Gas Lawn Mower

Remington 22-Inch Gas Lawn Mower
1,037 Reviews
Remington 22-Inch Gas Lawn Mower

Features: Easy to setup, 22-inch cutting swath, swift change trimmer line, foldable handle, can be used on rocky terrain.

Away from PowerSmart, we present you the Remington gas mower with a string trimmer. Unlike the PowerSmart mower which has small 8-inch wheels, this unit has 14-inch wheels.

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Remington equipped this mower with a 159cc OHV PowerMore engine with about 5 HP. As small as the specs of the engine are, it’s a beast when it comes to dealing with grass. The pace for movement is fast, and in addition, it’s easy to handle. It is, however, not self-propelled, hence you’ll do some pushing to get the work done.

With respect to weight, the unit is surprisingly light and can be lifted by one person. Clearing your parent’s lawn if you live in the same town just became a lot easier.

This Remington mower also comes with a foldable handle that makes storage and transport easier. Simply snap the handle lock and it folds away nicely. The cutting swath has a 22-inch width which is ample for navigating both small and large gardens.

Unboxing the unit and setting it up should take you less than ten minutes. As we mentioned in the buying guide section, having oil and gas handy before the arrival of your mower is advisable. The trimmer line is easy to change and the mower itself can be used for rocky terrain.

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#3. Troy-Bilt TB330 21-inch Gas Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt TB330 21-inch Gas Lawn Mower
214 Reviews
Troy-Bilt TB330 21-inch Gas Lawn Mower

Features: 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, 8-inch tires, easy pull-start cord, speed lever for speed control, adjustable height levels.

Want more value at a great price? Who doesn’t? The Troy-Bilt TB330 mower is our pick. It sports a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine churning out about 5HP. The engine propels the 21-inch cutting swath. A 22-inch cutting swath would have been better considering the fact that the mower is priced higher than the others.

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Size-wise, the mower is averagely sized and is lightweight. In addition, it is also self-propelled – all you have to do is to navigate it to where the grass is. There is a speed control lever that has four-speed settings to regulate how fast the mower moves.

You’ll not have a hard time moving the mower, thanks to the 8-inch wheels which sit both at the front and rear of the machine. Aside from being a great self-propelled mower, it has a 3-in-1 capability like the PowerSmart mower we reviewed above. You can mulch, rear bag or simply side discharge – whatever rocks your boat.

We love the adjustable handle and the fact that the mower also offers 6 different cutting heights. The front of the mower is equipped with a rake bumper that lifts any sleeping grass up before the cutting swath disconnects it from its root.

Grab your gas and oil and keep it ready because unboxing and setting up the unit takes just a few minutes.

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FAQs – Petrol Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens

What mowers do professionals use? Getting a petrol lawnmower should be based on your needs first, and then the recommendations of a professional. Professionals tend to tilt towards notable brands like Honda, Greenworks, Troy-Bilt, Remington, etc.

Can I use unleaded gas in my lawnmower? Briggs & Stratton shared guidelines for the perfect petrol type for your outdoor tools like the lawnmower. But to answer the question, if the manufacturer states otherwise on the product manual, you should use unleaded gas.

Which petrol lawnmower do you recommend? There are tons of petrol lawnmowers that are designed to meet your lawnmower needs. In this review, we settled for the PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Lawn Mower. It’s arguably the best, but who knows, you might just have a better opinion.

Wrapping Up…

As earlier mentioned, the beauty of your garden is complemented by a beautiful lawn. Only a good lawn mower can give you such. Choose wisely from the best petrol lawn mowers for large gardens we’ve reviewed so far. Thinking about growing plants in your backyard lawn, then read our best grow bags buying guide!

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