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Scarified Lawn Looks Terrible

Scarified Lawn Looks Terrible – What Should I Do?

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you recently scarified your lawn and it looks scrawny and terrible. Does it mean you shouldn’t scarify your lawn?

Of course not.

In this article, we pointed out some things you can do when you’re done scarifying your lawn and you think it looks awful.

So, if you’re ready to solve your “scary lawn issue”, let’s dive right in.


Scarified Lawn Looks Terrible – How to Revive a Lawn After Scarifying

Leave It Alone

This is definitely the kind of response you’ll get from a lot of people who have a similar experience. If you’re scarifying your lawn, you should bear in mind that the lawn will get damaged no matter how hard you try to avoid that.

Again, you should also bear in mind that in a few weeks, the lawn will grow back again looking healthy.

It is during the weeks of recovery that a lot of us begin to panic since we’re not seeing the results we expected immediately.

Seed The Lawn Again

If you’ve waited for about 4 to 6 weeks and you’re not seeing the results you desire, you might as well go ahead and reseed the lawn with some new grass seed.

This may not be the ideal thing to do but it will work most of the time.


After scarifying your lawn, a top part of the lawn will be scarred. The seeds you toss into this region will take root within a short while and will grow fresh grass for you.

Seeding the lawn isn’t difficult to do. You only need a spreader, a container of your seeds and maybe a small hand trowel or rake.

Add Fresh Soil

It’s no news that adding fresh soil can add some healthy nutrients back into the lawn. This is why we suggest adding a layer of topsoil.

Before you add a layer of topsoil to your scary looking lawn, you should strain the soil a few times before using it.

To add a fresh topsoil layer, you don’t need much equipment. You need just the soil and a good rake to spread the soil evenly. Use the flat side of the rake – with the tines facing the sky – to spread the soil.

Fertilize The Lawn

Apply a little bit of fertilizer to the lawn. This is important especially if you have re-seeded the lawn and added fresh soil to it.

The fertilizer will give the seeds a boost which will send the lawn growing back healthy and looking greener. You should not forget to choose a fertilizer that is in line with the time you scarified your lawn.

For instance, nitrogen rich fertilizers are good for lawns scarified in spring.

Water The Lawn

Add adequate amount of water in line with the climate of your locality to your lawn. You can choose a sprinkler with a timer to help you with that.

Never allow a lawn you recently scarified to dry out while it’s recovering. Again, don’t allow it to become too wet or water logged.

Check weather forecasts before using your sprinker on your lawn. If it’s going to rain, skip turning on the sprinkler for that day.

Allow The Grass To Grow

This is the point where the grass is already growing. We suggest you allow the grass to grow for some time before you cut it with your mower. Don’t allow it to grow beyond what is recommended by the authorities in your locality.


If you think your scarified lawn looks terrible, you can try the follow the aforementioned steps. Your lawn will be looking better in a few weeks. Don’t forget to make use of a small portion of your backyard lawn to grow food in your house.


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