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Black seeds inside tomato

Black Seeds Inside Tomato: Why Do They Appear And Is It Harmful To Us?

Tomato is a mandatory ingredient in most cuisines around the world. And of the key attractions in most salads. But, did you know that tomato seeds can turn out to be black seeds inside tomato in some cases?

The tomato and seeds both can turn black due to many reasons. Fungi, bacterial diseases, B.E.R (Blossom End Rot), or even improper care of the tomato can be the reason

How does one solve this problem? Dark seeds are a common sight even in fresh tomatoes and there is nothing to be afraid of the dark colored seeds. In fact, you can consume them. Learn more about the black spots and seeds on the tomato by discussing black seeds and spots inside the tomato in detail!


Why Are My Tomato Seeds Black?

Why Are My Tomato Seeds Black

Tomatoes that grow into healthy fruits will have seeds that have greenish-yellow colored seeds. But at times you might notice that the color of the seeds is now what you don’t expect. They may seem brownish, dark greenish with a pale yellow tint, or black.

There are multiple factors that contribute to this scenario. Some of these are related to the care of the tomatoes while others may be due to negligence. Either way, let’s look into these reasons in detail. Let’s get started!

Over-ripened Tomatoes

An overripe tomato can also have black seeds which are very common. In overripe tomatoes, the seeds may be close to germinating and sprouting. This is the reason for such an odd coloration.

Blossom End Rot

Blossom end rot is a disease that causes dark seeds or black spots on the tomato. It is not safe to consume a tomato with such a condition.

Tomatoes Picked Too Early

If the tomato is picked earlier than the ideal time then it is most likely that the tomato seeds may undergo irregular change. A detached tomato has low levels of abscisic acid which is an essential part of growth.

The tomato seeds will as a result turn into black seeds. These dark seeds though according to many are safe to consume.

Other Causes for Dark Seeds

There are numerous other reasons for black seeds found in tomatoes. they are:

  1. Exposure to extreme cold

  2. Lack of watering

  3. Lack of fertilization

  4. Low calcium

  5. pH imbalance

What Causes Blossom End Rot?

What Causes Blossom End Rot? Black seeds inside tomato

The main culprit that causes B.E.R is the deficiency of calcium. Tomato plants require a high amount of calcium to grow healthy tomato fruit.

Can Overwatering Cause?

Yes. Overwatering causes the roots to be submerged in the water. The roots then rot and this results in little to almost no nutrients for the tomato. Hence, causing the black coloration.

How Can We Prevent Blossom End Rot in Tomato Fruit?

Prevention of the problem will help you to secure your harvest of tomatoes and ensure that further same issue is not identified. Maintaining a healthy growth environment is one of the best cures. Let’s check out some useful ways to prevent B.E.R from occurring!

  • Exposing the tomatoes to at least six to eight hours of sunlight greatly helps! But try to avoid intense exposure.

  • Main a high amount of nitrogen during the vegetative phase and reduce it during the fruit ripening phase.

  • Ensuring the optimum ratio of nutrients in the soil is a crucial method. A 10-10-10 NPK ratio during the growth phase and a 5-10-10 NPK ratio during the fruit developing phase.

  • Keeping the soil according to the need of the tomatoes is one more important step. Tomatoes require well-drained soil that has a light loamy texture.

  • Maintaining the pH level of the soil from slightly acidic (6.0) to neutral (7.0) is ideal for the plant.

  • Follow a 1-inch watering regime during the growth phase of the tomatoes.

  • Temperature balance plays a key role in a healthy plant. A temperature range of 18.3-32.2ºC during its complete growing season is best. While a 21-25ºC temperature range is ideal for the best tomato yield.

What To Do if Your Tomato Plant Develops

There are numerous ways to get rid of this issue. Let’s go through some of these ways:

  • Removing all the affected fruits and saving the healthy ones is one way. This also helps you keep any chances of mold away.

  • Try to water the plants deeply so that the roots can absorb water quickly and the soil remains moist.

  • Mixing powered milk is one DIY trick to boost that calcium quantity in the soil.

  • Modify your watering routine to regularly for at least 2 weeks and you will notice healthy fruit.

  • Mixing coffee grounds and egg shells can also aid in balancing the calcium proportions of the soil.

  • Another way is to apply calcium nitrate powder directly to the tomatoes so that it absorbs them directly from the skin.

Is It Safe To Eat the Black Seeds Inside Tomatoes?

Is It Safe To Eat the Black Seeds Inside Tomatoes

If there is no noticeable disease, rot, weird coloration, odor, or mold on the tomatoes then the tomato seeds inside are safe to be eaten. Even if you find sprouting black seeds inside tomatoes!

Can You Still Eat Overripe Tomatoes?

Yes, you can eat an overripe tomato. For some, the taste and the texture of the tomatoes can be a little off. But for some people, they are very pleasing.

Is It Safe To Eat Tomatoes With Signs of Vivipary?

Looking at a tomato with vivipary can be a little unsightly for people but it is safe to eat. But it is still advisable to consume healthy tomatoes as it has been reported by many people that such fruit can be toxic for a selected few people.


Can you eat a tomato with a black bottom?

As long as you cut off the bottom of the tomato and eat healthy portions then it is safe to eat.

Can you eat tomatoes with black mold?

Absolutely not! Avoid eating such fruit. The mold tastes very bad and can cause major health issues if consumed.

Why are my cherry tomatoes black inside?

Fungal diseases such as anthracnose or rot can cause cherry tomato seeds to turn into dark seeds. Also, the cherry tomato fruit may have an imbalance in the plant hormone which can further cause problems.

Why are my tomatoes black inside?

The fungi that wreak havoc during warm temperatures cause the spots on the tomato. The tomato can get attacked by a condition known as anthracnose which causes black coloration.

Is it OK to eat tomatoes with black spots?

If you notice back spots on the tomatoes then make sure to check for other signs if the fruit is bad or not. Otherwise, cut off the affected areas of the tomato and consume the fresh part.

Why is there black inside my tomatoes?

There are numerous reasons for the tomatoes to be black inside. Some causes are:
– Overripening
– Blossom end rot
– Bacterial diseases (e.g. bacterial canker, bacterial spot, bacterial speck)
– Early blight fungus


The short answer to the problem of black seeds is that you need to take care of the ideal conditions to grow the tomatoes. Taking care of potassium deficiency and calcium requirements to avoid any dark spots is one way.

Eating tomatoes with black seeds may not cause life-threatening issues but most people are allergic to them. You should prefer fresh fruit and throw spoiled ones. You may also slice the tomato fruits to check if any smell or visible signs of spots are present on the tomatoes.

Let us know how our guide helped you avoid the B.E.R. Or how well it informed you about the possible dangers of the rot to your health.

Either way, we hope to hear from you. Leave your comments and feedback in the comments section! We will be overjoyed with your response!








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