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Champion QC12YC vs RC12YC

Champion QC12YC vs RC12YC – What Spark Plug Is Better for You?

A spark plug is the most crucial component fitted in an internal combustion engine. They are responsible for the ignition of the engine. The easiest way to differentiate between both types is through a Champion qc12yc vs rc12yc analysis.

Engine types, gap size, and pricing are some of the main issues when choosing a plug. But finding out the most compatible spark plug for your machine/engine is the best choice. Also, keep in mind the extra features that a spark plug can offer.

This article will guide you through the spark plug type, pricing, gap size, use, material type, and efficiency of the spark plug. Read more and know more!


What is Champion QC12YC Plug Used for?

What is Champion QC12YC Plug Used for. Champion QC12YC vs RC12YC

The Champion qc12yc is suitable for a fuel-type engine such as small automotive and machines that are fitted with the fuel engine. The QC plug is the type of spark plug that supports the best efficiency of the engine.

What is Champion RC12YC Plug Used for?

What is Champion RC12YC Plug Used for

The Champion rc12yc plug is the spark plug that provides quick and efficient ignitions that you will need to power the lawn or garden machinery. The plug will reduce the chances of misfires when starting the machine engine and keep them safe from any mishaps.

What do Champion QC12YC and RC12YC Fit?

Champion QC12YC

Champion RC12YC


Thread Diameter:



Thread Pitch:




19mm (3/4")

19mm (3/4")

Hex Size:

5/8" (16mm)

5/8" (16mm)


035" (0.9mm)

030" (0.75mm)








2.5 mm

2.5 mm




Heat Range:






Resistor Type:





QC12YC vs RC12YC: In-depth Differences

QC12YC vs RC12YC

The rc12yc and qc12yc are similar in many aspects but some very notable differences such as resistor type (SAC9 and Inductive resistor) and gap make them very different from each other.

The RCs made from materials that can bear the wear and tear of the RFI. The constituents of these RCs are strontium carbonate, aluminum oxide, and copper oxide powders. The resistance of the plug SAC9 cannot be measured with ohmmeters but they are reported to have shown exceptional results.

The Material At The Plug Top

The material at the top of rc12yc is regular metal while the qc12yc top is made of copper.

Gap Available On The Spark Plug

The gap size for the rc12yc is 0.035-0.040 inches and for the qc12yc the gap size is 0.039 inches.

Type Of Plug

The rc12yc is a resistor-type spark plug and the qc12yc is a standard plug type.

Is the RC12YC the Same as the QC12YC?

These spark plugs are the same in terms of heat range. You can rest assured when using these for the engine. When interchanged, they do not cause any problems or performance downgrades to the engine.

Q-Type vs. R-Type Spark Plugs

The Q-type are wire wound inductive coil (or electromagnetic suppression) that decreases the RFI to avoid any effects on the ignition. Q-type is suppressor-type spark plugs.

R-type plus are resistor-type spark plugs that are highly reliable. They are made from strontium carbonate, aluminum oxide, and copper oxide powders making them able to withstand stress easily.

For Fuel Injected Systems

When you plan to use a spark plug then the two are easily interchangeable. But the qc12yc spark plug is different in some aspects. If you have a machine or an automotive with a fuel injected engine then a QC plug is suitable for it. It can handle the RFI and also the noise can damage the electronic system of the vehicle/equipment. This type of plug is ideal for a fuel engine and delivers efficient performance as it has an internal electrical construction.

What is a Projected Tip Spark Plug?

The projected spark plug is an insulator-type spark plug. The tip of this type of spark plug will usually be cleaner than other types of spark plugs. The spark produced for ignition in this plug is closer to the center of the plug (combustion chamber). These plug types are known for their great efficiency and performance.

Which Spark Plug Is Better For You?

The qc12yc is a better choice for you as it gives you more options in terms of compatibility. Also, if you plan to use a plug in the fuel type engine then the qc12yc can easily be used in such engines without affecting the performance of the engine.

QC12YC vs. RC12YC: Price Comparison

These two plugs variants are copper plus plugs by Champion. The QC12YC is priced at $7 while the RC12YC has a price tag of $8-9.


Can I use RC14YC instead of RC12YC?

Both are suitable for use so choose any one if you want. They both deliver reliable results.

What does the R and Q mean on a spark plug?

“R” means resistor meaning it shows overall resistance, while “Q” indicates low resistance.

Does champion 71eco replace rc12yc?

Negative. The NGK BKR5ES Spark Plug can be used as a replacement for the rc12yc.

Is 71eco is same as RC12YC?

Negative. But the 71eco can be used as an alternative to the rc12yc.

What size is a RC12YC?

The RC plug has a thread diameter of 14 mm, a hex size of 16 mm, and a reach of 19 mm.

What size socket does a RC12YC spark plug?

The answer to this complicated question is simple, the RC12YC is 5/8 Inch and it is the same for several other plugs too.

What gap should a RC12YC spark plug be?

They fit into a 0.035-0.040″ socket size.

What is RC12YC used for?

The Rc12YC spark plug is made to be used for pumps, generators, 4-cycle engines, and lawnmowers e.g. Ariens, Briggs, etc. It is suitable for small engines.

Is the xc92yc the same as the rc12yc sparkplug?

The answer is no. There is a fine difference between both. The material, pricing, and gap size.

What is the gap setting on a champion spark plug rc12yc?

For most of the champion spark plug rc12yc is between 0.028″ and . 060″.

What size socket do you use for lawn mower spark plug rc12yc?

 A 5/8 socket size is standard that fits the rc12yc spark plug for a lawn mower e.g. Ariens, Briggs, toro, etc.


You may find many spark plugs in the market but choosing the right choice for your machinery, accessories, engines, or vehicles is necessary. Check the specifications so that there is no problem when using the plug.

Our content in the article would have helped you find the exact details for the type of plug you wanted for your machine, lawnmower, vehicle, etc. We have narrowed down the details to make it easy for you to understand the differences and make comparisons.

Were you able to select the right plug for use? Submit your feedback in the comments section on our site! We are eagerly waiting for your post!

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