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Craftsman Snowblower Won’t Start: Quick Fix Tips & Videos

I’ve heard a ton of people saying that their Craftsman snowblower won’t start. The steps mentioned below may help you resolve the issues with your Craftsman snowblower. Also, take a look at the videos included.


1. Check the fuel, oil, and, some parts

One of the first things we’d recommend that you do is to check the oil and fuel in the blower. Your guess is as good as mine – the oil and fuel in it have been there since you last used the snowblower. If this is true, you should get rid of them as quickly as possible in a warm place so that the oil won’t gel up and make removal difficult. Also, replace the fuel with new fuel from the gas station, not the one you left in the gas can, except if you just bought the one in the gas can.

Check some parts of the snowblower like the fuel line and fuel filter. See if it’s frozen/stiff or something is blocking them.

2. Test The Spark Plug

If you have a gas-powered snowblower, you should test the spark plug. As in the case of the old oil, if the spark plug is old, you should remove it and insert a new spark plug. Experts recommend changing the spark plug at the beginning of a new season.

For the electric models, you should check the battery to see if it’s dead or without juice. We often leave the batteries in our snowblower connected even when we know we won’t be using the snowblower for the next 9 months to one year.

3. Check the stop switch and cylinder compression

If after changing the spark plug and you still don’t get a spark through a spark tester, you should check the stop switch on the blower. At this point, if you’re not an experienced DIY individual, you should seriously start considering taking the unit to a technician to take a look at it.

Here are different videos to show you what to do when your Craftsman snowblower won’t start.




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