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Garden Party Attire Wedding Male: Learn 3 Etiquette You Must Follow

Garden Party Attire Wedding Male: Learn 3 Etiquette You Must Follow

We admit! Garden Party Attire Wedding Male is confusing. This dress code can leave you ambiguous, wondering what exactly is semi-formal. If it’s an outdoor wedding yet on the more casual side, what is appropriate for the occasion?

Worry no more! We will walk you through the basics. Which shoes to pair with dress pants and a blazer? Whether to be adventurous with floral prints or elegant with a crisp white shirt? Importantly, how to incorporate personal style and dress according to the weather?

Read on so you can put together an amazing outfit! Let’s go.


Garden Party Attire for Wedding – Options Overview

When attending a garden party wedding, men should aim for semi-formal attire. It can include a suit, a dress shirt, and a tie. Read on to know the variations you can do.

Upper Wear:

  • Pastel and light-colored suits with solid-colored ties are classic options at weddings.
  • To add some personality to the outfit, be daring and experiment with patterns. Avoid wearing plain white. If you are feeling funky wear a floral tie instead.
  • Make sure the dress shirt’s fabric is breathable in summer such as cotton.
  • If the garden party is just a get-together, polo shirts can be worn as well. Remember to wear lighter colors.
Garden Party Attire Wedding Male. Upper Wear


  • You should wear matching dress pants with a suit. A different color of the same tone can be worn.
  • You can wear slacks, khakis, and chinos as well. Do not wear jeans as they will look too casual and give the impression that you did not put thought into the outfit.


  • Shoes for garden parties are boat shoes, loafers, dress shoes, and closed-toe shoes. Minor heels add to the elegance.
  • Do not wear sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops.
  • Shades of browns and maroons are your best bet.
Pro-tip: The key is not to go overboard with too many bold colors or patterns. Do not wear a light blue suit, a pink dress shirt, and a floral tie together. Choose one element to make a statement and keep the rest of the outfit more understated.

Clothing Bottomline

Ultimately, the following garment pieces are what you should wear to a garden:

  • Lightweight suit jacket that has pastel colors.
  • The dress shirt can be light blue, beige, lavender, coral, dusty rose, or olive. White if you want to play safe.

How to Accessorize Bottomline

It’s party attire so accessories are necessary. Wear these:

  • Belt with minimalistic buckle.
  • Necktie/Bow tie. Can be a solid color or have a pattern and print.
  • Opt for eyewear cause it can be sunny.
  • A wristwatch with a causal strap can be worn. (optional)
  • Bracelet with wooden beads. (optional)
How to Accessorize Bottomline

Garden Party Attire – Your Closet Must-Haves

The fantastic thing about the garden party dress code is that you can find great options in your own cloth collections. If you do not own the following then go shopping cause these are essentials when it comes to attire for men.

Don’t worry as you will be wearing these a lot so all of the below items are worth an investment. Let’s check them out.

1. Pants, Slacks, Chinos

Slacks fall in dressy casual or even cocktail at an outdoor wedding or a garden party.

  • You can purchase linen or cotton. The colors can be darker but we do not recommend that in warmer weather.
  • If the weather allows you can pair it with a jacket a dress shirt or a turtle neck.
  • If the party is relaxed then a polo shirt is also an option. We would advise against wearing cargo shorts or any below-knee-length pants.
Pants, Slacks, Chinos

2. Tops and Shirts

Long sleeves dress shirts are usually a go-to choice if it’s a dressy occasion such as a wedding.

  • If the event is on the warmer side of the town select a light and breathable fabric such as linen.
  • Shirts can be fun if you wear floral or patterns.
  • You may want to ditch the jacket in this case.
  • If you wish to stand out more go for a short-sleeved, button-up shirt. Pair it with chinos and you will have a casual but stylish look.
Tops and Shirts

3. Footwear

Lace-up Oxford is a good choice for a formal event. If the party attire is casual then these should be your choice:

  • Boat shoes
  • Suede bucks
  • Desert boots
  • Loafers

You want to be careful of the mud so it does not stick to the shoes and take away the charm. Finally, do not wear strappy sandal.


4. Blazer

The dress code and weather are key factors when it comes to jackets.

  • You can wear a coat to garden parties, then take it off, and neatly fold it away if the weather gets warmer. Make sure the color compliments the dress shirt.
  • No need to limit yourself to a solid color. Consider minimal patterns and prints with lighter colors. You can style it with a pocket square.

5. Hat

If wish to bring your outfit up a notch then throw on a hat.

  • A Panama hat or a fedora can really give you an edge and create a stylish look. Again consider a fabric.
  • Cotton and straw will keep you sweat free while keeping the elegant fashion statement intact.
  • A flat hat can make you channel Peaky Blinders.
  • While a wide-brimmed hat is great too but make sure it’s sturdy.
  • Loose brims can make it look like a fisherman’s hat which is too casual for garden party attire.
Note: Make sure to not block anyone’s view with a huge hat.

What to Wear at a Garden Wedding According to Seasons

As you can tell by our suggestions above, keeping the weather in mind in whatever piece you wear is important. Considering many day parties can last till early evening. Let’s quickly review what season calls for which type of attire for men.

What to Wear at a Garden Wedding According to Seasons


Since it is slightly chilly in the fall suit jackets perfectly align with it. You can also take it off on the dance floor to avoid sweating. In this season you have the liberty to choose darker colors like navy blue to keep warm but shades of fall stylistically look better.


A garden party attire screams for color. Brighter, light shades and pastels can really liven up the dress. Fun floral prints are encouraged in this season the most and attire for men does not shy away from this.

Make sure the cloth is airy to avoid sweating. Leave the top button open if needed. You can however take on a self-print sports coat this season too. It will depend on the breeze and if the party will extend till the evening.

What to Wear at a Garden Wedding According to Seasons


Summer outdoor wedding garden party attire means skipping any layering. In order to wear formal and dressy head to your classy dress shirts. Pick light colors for tops, and avoid tight-fitted pants.

Keep a hat, sunglasses, and a handkerchief on you to fight the sun.


Layering is a must in winter weddings. Fabric for winter party attire will be velvet, wool, and chiffon. As it is a cooler climate, use this opportunity to wear jewel tones and skip on pastels. The deeper colors are more appropriate as in winter it gets dark outside sooner.

Peacoats can really add to the handsomeness. You can wear it over a dress shirt and tie to fit the formal dress code. Use the occasion and accessorize with mufflers or scarves and fitted leather gloves.

What to Write on a Garden Party Dress Code Invitation?

The dress code ambiguity stems from an unclear description of the invitation. The host should make sure the guests feel comfortable, and avoid any awkwardness at the event. Read the below to know how to correctly write the garden party dress code:

  1. Determine the Dress code: Select the type of dress code you want for the event. Choose from formal, semi-formal, or casual. This is extremely important because firstly the host should be perfectly clear about it.
  2. Mention Party Attire in the Invitation: Make sure to include it on the invitation. This will give your guests plenty of notice and help them to prepare accordingly. Go ahead and even remind them over a text or call.
  3. Use Clear Descriptors: Help the guests by using phrases like “black tie” for formal party attire or “dressy casual” for a semi-formal garden party.
What to Write on a Garden Party Dress Code Invitation?

How to Describe Formal Garden Wedding Dress Code?

You learned in the above section how should a host state a garden party attire. Although, it is possible to be confused what are the descriptors of the style and theme you are going for.

If you have a very specific theme then make a Pinterest board and politely share it with them. The visual guide will help choose the correct attire. Use the help of this video so you can recognize the theme of your party and communicate with the attending guests.

Garden Party Attire Etiquette

You now know all the Dos of the Garden party attire. However, you must learn the Don’ts and proper etiquette than just getting dressed up. Remember the following:

  • The attending guests should thoroughly read and dress according to the garden party attire. It is rude to ignore and disregard the host’s wishes.
  • A garden party can be held during the daylight or in the evening. Consider the time and make sure you are not under or overdressed.
  • Put thought into footwear and do not show up in flip-flops or sandals.
  • Be considerate of others while wearing a hat. You should not block anyone’s view.
  • If you are unsure about what to wear, kindly ask the host and get a suggestion instead of winging it.
Garden Party Attire Etiquette


What should men wear to a garden party wedding?

Men should wear a pastel suit jacket, a light-colored dress shirt with chinos or slacks to a garden party wedding. Florals and Prints are an option. They can pair it with dress shoes or loafers. The fabrics should be breathable like cotton or linen.

What is the garden party dress code wedding?

A garden party dress code wedding consists of colorful prints and florals. Men wear a dress shirt, a jacket with slacks. Women can go with a knee-length dress that has a floral design.

Can you wear jeans to a garden wedding?

You can not wear jeans to a garden wedding. It is a formal event while jeans is too casual and rugged.

What Colours to wear at a garden wedding?

Colors to wear at garden weddings are soft, light, desaturated, and pastel. You can choose from olive, beige, lavender, coral, powder blue, dusty rose, peach, etc.

What do guys wear to weddings as guest men?

Guys wear a suit or a tuxedo to weddings as guest men. Innerwear includes a dress shirt and pants. A tie or pocket square is added on.


Garden party attire should be dressy casual. You can wear a sport coat with a dress shirt. The fabric and color should be light with a pattern design. Pair it with chinos or slacks. Footwear can be loafers, lace-ups, or oxfords.

The most important thing is to groom well, wear with confidence and add your personal style to the outfit. What are you wearing to the party then? Let us know what you have picked in the comments.

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