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how to water mature trees

How To Water Mature Trees

Most people make the little mistake of thinking that rainwater is more than sufficient for their trees, but this is not always the case, and mature trees need water to sustain their growth. It’s easier to figure out how to water young trees, but many gardeners are at a loss about how to water their mature trees. Luckily for you, we’ve done this research, and this article will provide you with answers to questions about watering your trees.

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Most people make the mistake of cutting back on watering mature trees simply because it is already established. However, mature trees have their own benefits and, most importantly, provides a shield for you in your home and also a shade for younger plants from exposure to too much sun. A mature tree can die when it is not properly watered. There are few that can adequately survive on rain only, but there are others that need to be adequately watered once or twice a month. When you’re ready to water your mature trees, here’s how to go about it:


How Much Water Does My Mature Tree Need?

Mature trees differ in their need for water, and there are many factors that play a huge role in determining how much water a mature tree needs. The best way to find out is by checking the moisture of the soil, and if it is dry, then your mature tree needs some deep watering. Check out our article on how much water your mature tree needs daily for more details.

Different Methods to Water Your Mature Trees

You can water your mature trees by either using a hose, soaker hose, or a bucket. If you’re using a hose, lay it down close to the tree’s trunk and then reduce it to a slow dribble so that it deeply waters the soil for a few hours. A soaker hose also works to water your trees; go for a porous soaker hose and lay it on the soil so that the soil around your tree soaks up as much water as it needs. Buckets also work; simply make sure you pour the water slowly around the tree and use at least 10 gallons for every diameter inch of your tree’s trunk.

Here’s How To Water Mature Trees

1. Water Around the Trunk

A common mistake people make when watering their mature tree is focusing on the trunk, but that shouldn’t be the case. Trees’ root system is spread out and therefore extends outside the tree. When you want to water, make sure you start out around the trunk and then begin to work your way beyond the trunk and to the edges of the canopy of the tree.

2. Water Slowly

Don’t be in a haste to get your tree watered; ensure you go about it slowly so that your tree is deeply watered because you won’t be watering frequently. Let the water seep in 12 inches into the soil. The root of trees only grows at ground level if they don’t get adequate watering.

3. Use a Soaker Hose 

A soaker hose is ideal for watering your mature trees; avoid sprinklers as much as you can because they sprinkle the water into the air, which then causes the water to evaporate instead of getting soaked into the water. A soaker hose works best and can be laid down where you want the water to be evenly distributed.

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