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Kohler Engine Wire Colors

Kohler Engine Wire Colors

The name Kohler is considered the top-of-the-line that peaks in performance, durability, and fuel efficiency. People might notice a number of Kohler engine wire colors when looking at the internal structure of the Kohler engine.

Each color represents a certain function controlled by that wire. Meaning each of them will connect to fulfill a special purpose in the engine. Let us check out their different types and how these wires help the engine to function!


Kohler Engine Wire Colors: What Purposes Do These Wires Serve?

If open up the engine area of the Kohler engine to expose the wiring system then you will most likely notice a specific combination of colors that run around the whole system. The company has to install each of them for a specific task and they are responsible to provide or cut down power.



Black wire

Carries electricity back to the engine. Serves

purpose to connect ground and


Red wire

Responsible to cut down power from the fuel


Green wire

Turn on/off the low oil pressure switch.

White wire

Turn on/off coils, turns on/off the ignition


Violet wire

Supplies electricity from the battery to all

parts of the engine

Purple wire

Carries the DC current out of the engine.

Blue wire

Sends electricity to the carburetor Solenoid &

Small Spade Solenoid.

Yellow wire

Carries electricity to various accessories.

Why follow a colored wire configuration on a kohler engine?

Kohler Engine Wire Colors

Colored wires provide an easy way to decode their function and relation to a specific part of the machine. Imagine if all of them were either white or black in color. It would take a lot of time to identify each wire.

To reduce the confusion, a colored wiring system was used by Kohler to ensure that no wrong wire was mistakenly cut. Giving the owners of the machine an easy way to ensure every wire was checked when doing DIY maintenance or repair work!

What is the purpose of a black wire?

If you look at the working of the engine then you will notice that the battery will connect with the help of wiring. One is positive which takes electricity around the engine while the other one is negative which carries electricity back to the battery.

In the Kohler engine, the black is the negative wire that carries electricity back to the battery. It will connect the ground to the engine acting as a charge wire.

What is the purpose of a red wire?

Every engine is powered by two things, electricity, and fuel. The red wire is responsible for cutting down power to the fuel solenoid and resulting, in disabling the fuel distribution in the engine.

What is the purpose of a green wire and safety features of green wires?

In most Kohler models, the green wire is responsible for the functionality of the oil pressure switch. The responsibility of this switch is to ensure the overall safety of the engine. If checks the optimum oil level in the engine.

If the oil levels are not up to the mark then this switch will shut down the engine as a safety mechanism.

What is the purpose of a white wire?

The white wiring is the kill wire and will generally connect the ignition switch. It serves the purpose to shut down the coils thus resulting in shutting down the engine.

What is the purpose of a violet wire?

The violet wiring serves the most critical purpose in the whole system. It will connect the battery to the entire system acting as a regulator of power to the whole circuit.

What is the purpose of a blue wire?

The blue wiring is channeling the electricity to two vital parts. Firstly, it carries power to the solenoid small spade and secondly to the carburetor solenoid.

What is the purpose of a purple wire?

What the purple wire actually does is that it aids in carrying the DC power from the Kohler engine to the voltage regulator.

What is the purpose of a yellow wire?

The yellow wiring is connected to a number of accessories. It oversees the task of providing a connection between the power line and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Purple Wire On A Kohler Engine?

Purple wiring has one of the most important functions. It carries power to the engine.

How Long Do Kohler Command Engines Last?

You can expect the Kohler command engine to deliver a lifespan of 1.5k to 2k hours in total. But if frequent maintenance is done then this duration can be increased further from 2k to 3.5k hours.

Are the wires the same color for each of the  Kohler engines

Generally, the wiring diagram and wiring setup of most Kohler models will be very similar but there might be slight changes in certain models. And it may be possible a certain wire color might not serve the same task.


Most of people out there usually do a DIY assembly or fix on the engine if you notice any issues with it. Basically, the main aim of colored wiring is to help reduce the chances of any mishaps.

Our article explained this complicated scenario and now will help you identifying the right wires according to their colors.

Please answer us in the comments section and let us know how helpful you found our guide! Do you need additional advice of specialist? We will appreciate the feedback!







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