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Are White LED Lights Good For Growing?

Are White LED Lights Good For Growing? Of all the questions that pertain to growing, this is the most interesting question I’ve seen.

This question is ambiguous to a large extent. First, it may refer to the standard white LEDs which we use in our homes. It can also refer to the major white LED grow lights designed specifically for indoor growing.

There have been many arguments concerning the efficacy of white LED lights used in growing. Mattie and I did some extensive research in a bid to answer this question and we shared our answers below.

Plant grow lights are as we all know, an artificial source of light used for stimulating plant growth. These grow lights are designed to deliver a light spectrum similar to that of the sun.

This is in direct contrast to regular lights and it begs the question,


How are grow lights different from regular lights?

Considering the fact that some grow lights look exactly like ordinary lights, one may be tempted to ask the question above.

Let’s put it this way; a regular light emits both light and a lot of heat. If you bring such light close to the plant, there’s an increased likelihood of the heat from the light scorching the plant.

This will result in a waste of time, as well as a waste of energy and of course, money.

Back to the question above…

If you’re referring to the standard LEDs you use for your kitchen, you should consider this part is for you. Otherwise, scroll down to read the next section.

Leslie Halleck, who is a Horticulturist shared her thoughts on Quora.

According to Leslie, one can use the standard LEDs which are used in our houses to grow plants e.g. cannabis. However, the results will definitely not be anything to write about.

She, therefore, recommended the use of specially designed white lights for growing your plans.

If you’re referring to the specially designed LEDs, the following will interest you.

One thing about white LEDs specially designed for growing is that they are rather blue LEDs covered using yellow phosphor – that’s what Aaron thinks. By the way, Aaron has quite a number of years of experience using grow lights.

Since plants grow well under sunlight, it suffices to say that the best light for plants should be as close as possible to natural light. The majority of the grow lights available are the ceramic metal halide bulbs.

Fortunately, most LED bulbs including white LEDs belong to this class.

Now, to answer the question, are white led lights good for growing, here’s our take…

It is good for growing. However, the intensity of the light, as well as its wattage, can influence the growth rate of the plant.

Again, we’ll also like to say that combining white LEDs with other colors especially blue and red. Both colors are important for growth.

Have you used white LEDs to grow before? Share your experiences with us below. And if you’re interested in growing indoors, check out our review of the best grow tents for the money.

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  • Great piece you got here man. With the right grow lights, there’s no telling that the plants will do well, especially when other factors are met.