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benefits of gardening for students

Benefits of School Gardening for Students

In a survey conducted by the National Gardening Association, the results showed that 35% of Americans grew their food in a garden representing a significant increase to what was obtainable less than a decade ago. This glaring statistic points out one thing – a lot of people are beginning to see the benefits of gardening.

I put together this article to share these benefits, especially for students and people who are thinking about the benefits of gardening as a hobby.


Benefits of Gardening for Students

benefits of gardening for students

Are there really any benefits a student can derive from gardening either in school or at home?

Let’s find out.

Stress Relief

Gardening may seem tasking especially if you have no guide. However, it can be the best thing a student can do to relieve themselves from school and academic stress. Spending time in the garden has been proven to calm frayed nerves. While inspecting the plants in your garden, you’re as calm as possible. At this point, you’re looking closely observing the plant, looking out for any change.


Ever pushed a lawnmower on a hill? It is often physically demanding, however, it’s a great way to exercise one’s body. Tilling the ground manually strengthens the muscles on the upper part of the body and also stretches the vertebral column. Kneeling on knee pads or squatting while tending to your plants also exercises the hamstrings and quadriceps.

Research shows that engaging in moderate exercise for 2.5 hours every week is important. Truth be told, gardening is one way one can achieve that moderate exercise target without much strain on the body.

Food at arm’s length

As a student, you can possibly save yourself the stress of going to the market to buy tomatoes and carrots as the case may be. If you have a small garden or a grow room, you’ll be able to grow your plants in your home and have fresh plants for consumption.

Combats Loneliness

Nerds and kids who are mostly lonely in school should be encouraged to do gardening with their classmates. This opens an opportunity for them to interact with others and fight off loneliness.

benefits of gardening for students

Increases Attention to Details

Given the stress associated with school activities, a lot of students tend not to pay attention to details. However, with gardening, students learn how to observe plants and pay rapt attention to the plants so as to observe any changes.

Reduces Spending and Increases Income

If a school garden records a bountiful yield, part of the money will go to the school, another part to charity, and the last part to the students. This shows them that income can be made from gardening. It also reduces their spending on purchasing fruits and vegetables, some of which they can grow in their gardens.


The knowledge of gardening not only teaches one how to be a good gardener, but it also teaches one

  1. How to manage a business
  2. Patience
  3. How to care for things and people.

Beautification Purposes

Some students can learn the nitty-gritty of landscaping and decorating an environment through gardening. This not only opens them to entrepreneurial opportunities but also increases the aesthetics of the environment. Properties with a good landscape add curb appeal which is believed to increase the value of a house. Applying their knowledge of ornamental gardening at home, students can help increase the monetary value of their homes.

Gardening offers immense benefits, no doubt. So whether you’re growing indoors in your grow tent or using a grow bag in your backyard, I’ll encourage you to enjoy yourself.

Here’s a toast to dirty hands and bountiful yields.

Jessica Zander