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Best Gardening Gloves For Thorns Protection [2023 Top Picks]

One thing all gardeners can agree on is how much fun you can have tending to your garden. However, most people forget how much risk you can be at without taking preventive measures. One part of our body that’s daily at risk when tending to our garden is our hands. Although we love gardening, we should always protect our hands with gardening gloves. Most gardeners forget this out of excitement to get their hands dirty or out of forgetfulness. However, it is needful to avoid scratches and cuts. That’s where a gardening glove comes in handy in protecting you from blisters, scratches, and many more. This article covers the best gardening gloves for thorns and tips to help you find the ideal garden glove for you.


Comparison Table: Best Gardening Gloves For Thorns

Best Gardening Gloves For ThornsPiecesMaterial
Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women2Leather
Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves2Oxford cloth
COOLJOB 2 Pairs Bamboo Working Gloves 4Rubber
HANDLANDY Women Garden Gloves4Cotton
HANDLANDY Ladies Leather Gardening Gloves2Leather

Buying Guide: Gardening Gloves

Buying a gardening glove for protection against thorns can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. From the durability to the correct size, there are features you need to take note of. They are usually light, medium, or meant for heavy-duty. One vital thing to note is that there is no universal size, and your choice depends on the tasks you plan to indulge in. Below are varying features you should take note of; let’s dive in.

Take a look at the gloves for clearing snow.


Material is an important feature you need to look out for. The quality of a gardening glove depends on the materials used in its production. The traditional gardening gloves are usually canvas and are easily the most affordable in the market. However, they’re only suitable for potting, removing hatch, weeding, or even planting.

If you want to carry out more delicate tasks, you’ll need to look for gardening gloves made with other materials. One of the best materials used in making gardening gloves is leather. It comes in varieties like pigskin leather, goatskin, cowhide, and more.

Pigskin is a popular choice because it is also affordable while remaining tough as you use it. But, a tougher choice for you would be the goatskin leather. It is resistant to all puncture types and is the softest and most flexible of the leather choices. Cowhide is also similar to goatskin but isn’t a flexible as the goatskin.

Another choice of material used in making gardening gloves is cotton gloves. They’re light and offer a reasonable price. You can also explore nitrile gloves. They’re waterproof if you don’t want to get your hands wealth. However, this means they’re not breathable and might make your hands sweat.

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Resilience and Comfort

When buying a gardening glove, one thing you must do is sacrifice resilience for comfort or vice-versa. Most gloves cannot offer you resilience and comfort at the same time. Most comfortable gloves are not created durable. The gardening gloves that are best for heavy-duty tasks won’t be fluffy or that comfy for you.

You have to discover the right balance between resilience, comfort, and safety. You can check reviews left by users online to know how comfortable and durable a gardening glove is. You also have to decide what tasks you’ll mainly be carrying out with the gloves. If you’re only planting or potting, you can quickly prioritize your comfort over sturdiness.

Fingertips Support

Whatever gardening tasks you plan to carry out, you will need a gardening glove that provides extra protection for your fingertips. In every glove, the fingertips are always the first part of the gloves to get worn. That’s why you need support put in place for the fingertips. Some gardening gloves come with an additional protective layer at the fingertips.

Most times, the protective layer is made with leather and efficiently prevents the gloves from wearing off. You also need to look out for this extra layer because it can offer you protection from injuries. Chances are, while you’re working in your garden, you could come across thorns, rusty nails, stinging insects, and others.


Seam Stitches

Not just gardening gloves, a lot of things fall apart at the seams. However, many gardening gloves are victims of this kind of scenario. Most times, the stitching falls apart because of the stress from your gardening tasks. To prevent this, you should always look out for gardening gloves that feature double stitching.

This feature ensures that the second one will keep the gloves up when the stitching first row fails. This way, your gloves won’t fall apart and will last much longer than other types of stitching. However, when choosing, be careful and watch out for quality. Some gardening gloves that feature double stitching add bulk to the seam and make it difficult to use for gardening tasks.

Wrist Closure

It is another feature you need to look out for when you’re purchasing gardening gloves. Several people ignore this feature, but it is just as important. You want your gardening glove to be snugly fit around your wrist. It will ensure that all the debris doesn’t get into your gardening gloves.

You can ensure your gardening gloves would be fitting to look out for gloves with elastic closure. You can also go for gardening gloves with hook and loop closure around the wrist. They will come in handy when you’re carrying out weeding and digging tasks. Most people tend to go for those with Velcro straps because of the adjustability it offers.


When carrying out your gardening tasks, the chances are that you might get wet. That’s why you need to look out for waterproof gloves. It will come in handy if you’re carrying out heavy-duty tasks in your garden. Such gloves are much thicker than the typical choices and are not great for tasks requiring a delicate touch. If this is what you’ll be indulging in more, you should go for water-resistant gloves. They will keep you relatively dry while you’re carrying out your gardening duties.

Other Factors to Consider

There are so many other essential factors you need to consider when choosing a gardening glove. One of them is flexibility; you’ll want a gardening glove that’s flexible and allows you to make a fit and squeeze tightly. You should also watch out for gloves that feature padding on the palm, fingers, and sometimes, the knuckles. Your chosen glove should be easy to maintain and care for.

Best Gardening Gloves for Thorns: Our Reviews

Knowing the right features to watch out for is not enough. There are many gardening gloves in the market, and you can’t go through them all. That’s why we’ve done intensive research for you and narrowed the list down. Below, we have reviewed the best gardening gloves in the market. We chose these gardening gloves because they offer you all the features that make up the best gardening gloves for thorns protection. Now that you know what’s waiting, let’s begin.

1. Rose Pruning Gloves for Men & Women

Rose Pruning Gloves for Men & Women
9,408 Reviews
Rose Pruning Gloves for Men & Women

Features: thorn-proof, breathable, pigskin leather material, sturdy, extendable cuff, lightweight, flexible, elbow-length, highly protective, sturdy, wear and puncture-resistant, durable, and thick.

Handlady is known for exceptional products, and this is no exception. It is a long thorn-proof gardening glove that’s highly protective in the garden. It is an excellent product created from top-quality pigskin leather material. It features an extended cuff, so you don’t have to worry about your forearm’s exposure to scratches and cuts.

It is a fantastic gardening glove because you can conveniently tend to your garden without worrying about pain or other discomforts. It is a solid glove that, despite being 100% natural, is still lightweight. The Rose Pruning Gloves for Women is also wear-resistant and quite resistant to puncture as well.

The Rose Pruning Gloves for Women is also wide and exceptionally soft to the touch, ensuring it is roomy enough while still offering you comfort. The palms and fingertips are well padded to reinforce the protection it provides you. It is also relatively easy to use when working in the garden because of its flexibility. There’s no garden task you can’t carry out with this excellent product; it is pretty versatile. It is quite a long-lasting product that will last you many years of use in your garden.

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2. Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves 

Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves 
1,593 Reviews
Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves 

Features: Thorn-proof, extra-long forearm, highly protective, oxford fabric and artificial leather material, ergonomic design, flexible, high elasticity, durable, padded palms, and puncture-resistant.

Another gardening glove you should check out is the Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves for pruning. It is made from top-quality materials like oxford fabric and artificial leather to provide you with optimum protection. It offers you a strong defense against scratches, thorns, and even cuts from your garden. The padded palms are thorn-proof and also help protect the gloves from all kinds of punctures.

These gloves have reinforced fingerprints to ensure protection for your hand’s most sensitive parts while you work. It provides strength to the user and has a long lifespan to assure you of its durability for many years. The gloves feature elbow-length cuffs that protect your forearms from danger while you’re pruning deep.

The Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves come in an ergonomic design that provides you with an excellent grip as you tend to your garden. This feature means holding on to your garden tools as you perform garden tasks will be pretty easy. These gloves aim at protecting those who have arthritis or sensitive skin. It offers high elasticity that ensures both flexibility and comfort when using the gloves.

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3. COOLJOB 2 Pairs Bamboo Working Gloves

COOLJOB 2 Pairs Bamboo Working Gloves
2,117 Reviews
COOLJOB 2 Pairs Bamboo Working Gloves

Features: Nitrile rubber-coated, durable bamboo fiber material, highly sensitive, comfortable, breathable, easy to use, flexible, touchscreen for using smartphones, extended cuffs, and highly protective.

Another top gardening glove for thorns protection is the COOLJOB 2 Pairs Bamboo Working Gloves for Women. It is a highly sensitive gardening glove that offers the user a comfortable fit. The materials used in construction are bamboo fiber and a nitrile rubber coating.

The bamboo fiber material helps to ensure its breathability, and it is very durable because of its coating. Also, the coating provides a non-slip holding that ensures you have a firm grip on your tools when wearing the globes. The bamboo fiber material makes the gloves a top choice for vegans, and it is highly flexible to ensure its functionality.

The COOLJOB 2 Pairs Bamboo Working Gloves for Women comes with a touchscreen that you can operate your phone through. This way, you can check your missed calls and messages without taking off the gloves. They are also quite versatile as you can use them for other tasks outside your garden like farming, fishing, and more. They’re easy to clean and roomy to prevent your hands from sweating inside the gloves.

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4. HANDLANDY Women Garden Gloves

HANDLANDY Women Garden Gloves
347 Reviews
HANDLANDY Women Garden Gloves

Features: Versatile, floral garden gloves, sweat absorption, PVC mini dots on palms, lightweight, highly protective, comes in 4 pairs, double layer cuff, lightweight and durable.

These gloves are one of the leading gardening gloves for women for any reason. It is highly versatile because you can use it for a host of other activities beyond gardening. It comes in 4 pairs, so you can always have a pair handy if one gets ruined. This set of gloves are very washable and is an excellent choice for those who would love to add an English Country touch t their garden.

They’re soft and efficiently absorb sweat as you work. They also feature PVC mini dots on the palms and fingers to ensure a firm grip as you work. These gloves feature a double-layer stretch knit cuff to ensure a snug fit that will keep out the dirt. It also provides complete protection to your hand. These comfortable glove sets are great for yard work, gardening, and keeping your hand clean while working all day.

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5. HANDLANDY Ladies Leather Gardening Gloves

HANDLANDY Ladies Leather Gardening Gloves
792 Reviews
HANDLANDY Ladies Leather Gardening Gloves

Features: Thorn-proof, heavy-duty, split-grain cowhide leather, highly protective, puncture-resistant, firm grip, sleek design, comfortable, and highly durable.

This glove is one of the leading choices in the market and is an excellent investment for any lady looking for quality gardening gloves. It is made of split-grain cowhide leather and is ideal for protection when working in your garden. These gloves are thorn-proof and puncture-resistant; they protect your hands and forearms.

With its long length, it ensures you’re safe from contact with irritating plants, abrasive materials, and insect bites. This gardening glove also offers a firm grip that allows you efficiently handle different gardening tools with ease. It works well to keep you comfortable in all-weather type and comes with reinforced fingertips. They are highly flexible and come in an ergonomic design that ensures efficiency while you tend to your garden.

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FAQs – Gardening Gloves

  1. Are goatskins an excellent choice for gardening? Yes, they are. Leather gloves of any kind are thick and sturdy. They will protect your hands from thorns, branches, and all sorts of dangers while you’re gardening.
  2. Do gardening gloves protect against blisters? Yes, they do. They will protect your hands from thorns and also prevent blisters from developing while using gardening tools.
  3. How long do gardening gloves for thorns last? While fabric gardening gloves do not last long, leather gloves are famous for their durability. They can withstand rigorous use and will last more than one season of use.

In Summary

Every productive garden requires a lot of work, and if you are a passionate gardener, you need good-quality gloves. These gloves keep you safe from all dangers in your garden while ensuring a firm grip to handle gardening tools efficiently. Investing in a gardening glove is essential, but you need to ensure you’re going for the best. There are varieties of gardening gloves out there, but you can find a review of the best sets above. The gardening gloves reviewed come with many unique features that make it worth the investment. They help you work smarter and will help transform your garden by keeping you safe as you tend to your garden.

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