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Best Sprinkler For A Large Yard [2023 Top Picks]

Anyone who loves a green and serene yard has to be ready to put in the work required to maintain it. Now, caring for and watering a small yard can be done by hand, but not a large yard. 

You’ll need a large sprinkler or multiple small sprinklers for this purpose. Buying the right sprinkler for your yard goes beyond selecting a reputable brand. That counts yet; you need to look out for the right features and a sprinkler that gets the job done.  


Best Sprinkler For Large Yard: Comparison Table

1Melnor 65031-AMZ MiniMax Turbo SprinklerPlastic 4,000 sq. ft.
2Gilmour Pattern Master SprinklerPlastic (polymer)5,800 sq. ft.
3Aqua Joe 3-Way Turbo SprinklerMetal 4,500 sq. ft.
4Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating SprinklerMetal/Plastic 4,000 sq. ft.

Buying Guide – Sprinkler For Large Yard

Keeping your large yard green and healthy go to say you have to give the grasses a lot of care and attention. Using fertilizers and herbicides are sure ways to keep your yard healthy. But, watering your large yard is also very important to the health of your yard. 

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To hit the jackpot when buying a large yard sprinkler, buy one that can cater to your yard’s size. 

You can nail this by measuring your yard and keeping the size in mind when searching for sprinklers. The downside of buying a sprinkler with a small coverage is that you have to move the sprinkler or, better still, buy more than one sprinkler.

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Shape & Size of Your Lawn 

While your yard’s size is important, you also need to consider the shape of your yard. It would help if you considered this because different brands make different sprinklers for different lawn shapes and sizes.

A rectangular-shaped/narrow lawn will benefit immensely from a travel sprinkler than a circular lawn, and vice versa. However, the placement of the sprinkler can also ensure proper coverage.


Go for sprinklers made from rust-resistant metals. They are more durable than the plastic counterparts. We’re not discrediting plastic sprinklers as being substandard – c’mon!

More often than not, metal sprinklers are more expensive when compared to a plastic sprinkler. From experience, we know that not all expensive products are durable.

Sprinkler Type

Milemont Garden 360 Degree Sprinkler image 3 Best Sprinkler For A Large Yard

Once you know your yard’s size and shape, finding the right water sprinkler for your yard is the next thing to do. There are different types of sprinklers you can choose from. If you have a long narrow lawn, it’s advisable to use a traveling sprinkler and set it up to cover the lawn all around.

  • Impact/pulsating sprinkler
  • Traveling sprinkler.
  • Oscillating sprinkler.
  • Stationary/fixed sprinkler.
  • Rotary sprinkler.
  • In-ground sprinkler.
  • Adjustability/settings.

Best Sprinklers For Large Yard Reviewed

#1. Best Sprinkler For Large Yard – Melnor 65031-AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler

Our top pick is a product of Melnor known for developing products that solve problems for homeowners. The Melnor MiniMax Turbo Sprinkler is a mini-sized oscillating large yard sprinkler designed for easy usage.

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It features an infinity turbo-drive motor that allows for even coverage, seamless and quiet operation of this sprinkler. This feature prevents the puddling of your yard. This, in turn, keeps everywhere moist but not waterlogged.

Precise watering is one of the unique selling points that make a sprinkler stand out. This Melnor 65031 meets the mark: it comes with a four-way adjustment and zoom controls. 

The four-way adjustment precisely shoots water to any part of your yard while the zoom control allows you to set your yard’s area. Melnor MiniMax Turbo Sprinkler works with a QuickConnect adapter, making it easy to connect and disconnect watering tools. 

For this particular model, you get to choose style options like sled, step-spike, and tripod for mounting. This sprinkler’s coverage area is pegged at roughly 4000 sq. ft. – pretty decent coverage for something so small.

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#2. Gilmour Pattern Master Sprinkler

Gilmour Pattern Master Sprinkler
2,132 Reviews
Gilmour Pattern Master Sprinkler

Features: 5,800 sq. ft. coverage, 43-ft spray distance with 86-ft diameter, adjustable collar, lever flips, flexible pattern ring, lifetime warranty, etc.

The Gilmour Pattern Master Sprinkler is designed for large circular lawns. Gilmour is a trusted brand with over 50 years of experience providing innovative products.  

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On close observation, you’ll notice that the Gilmour Pattern Master Sprinkler features an adjustable collar that allows for partial and full-circle coverage of your yard. It has a 5800 sq. ft. coverage range and can sprinkle efficiently within a 43-ft distance from where it is placed.

The sprinkler is highly customizable so that you can create a spray pattern unique to the shape and size of your property. It has a lever head that flips up for 360º coverage of a large yard, making it a suitable choice for circular lawns.

It also comes with a built-in programming disc – a flexible patterned ring with 12 points adjustment for precise watering. This feature allows you to set the spray distance of this sprinkler to match your yard’s shape. Gilmour offers this sprinkler in different packs and you’ll save a few bucks if you’re buying just more than one sprinkler.

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#3. Aqua Joe 3-Way Turbo Sprinkler 

Aqua Joe 3-Way Turbo Sprinkler
7,057 Reviews
Aqua Joe 3-Way Turbo Sprinkler

Features: Customizable coverage patterns, range control, turbo drive, leak-resistant connection, two-year warranty. 

The Aqua Joe 3-Way Turbo Sprinkler is our budget oscillating sprinkler – if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s designed by Snow and Sun Joe – specialists in outdoor tools that are darn affordable.

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The Aqua Joe sprinkler has an excellent range width control. It can cover up to 4500 sq ft on your property. It also allows you to control the spray patterns in different directions. The sprinkler nozzles are clog-resistant and come with a pin to unclog it in the event of a clog.

The turbo drive motor in this sprinkler gives you an assurance of durability. In addition, the Aqua 3-Way Turbo Sprinkler also features a leak-resistant connection which ensures seamless attachment to different hose types. 

This sprinkler is made from high-quality plastic materials, and as we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s quite sturdy. It would help if you had decent water pressure to cover the areas you wish. We want to point out that the sprinkler is a tad slower compared to other sprinklers.

But the slow speed enables it to push the water as far as possible. The sprinkler is pretty easy to set up and control.

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#4. Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
3,872 Reviews
Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Features: Sits on a step-spike, 4,000 sq. ft. coverage, oscillating sprinkler, zoom control, quick connect, versatile and easy to use design. 

This Melnor MiniMax Oscillating Sprinkler is a plastic-metal sprinkler that features four-way adjustment tabs. The easy-to-use tabs allow you to set the range of the water patterns (75 feet long and 53 feet wide) to match your lawn’s size.

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Without being told, you’ll know that this Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler offers the same level of quality as its other MiniMax variants. It features tabs that come with zoom controls for adjusting coverage range.

The tabs control the range of the watering, while the TwinTouch feature controls the width. Being an oscillating lawn sprinkler, this product comes with 360-degree adjustability. It’s suitable for newly seeded lawns and comes with a sturdy metal step spike.

The step spike makes it easy to quickly and securely place this product anywhere on your lawn. Also included in the box is a QuickConnect adapter. The adapter makes connecting and disconnecting of this sprinkler seamless. 

The Melnor Turbo Oscillator Sprinkler also features a Flo-thru base for unit-to-unit connection so you can connect multiple sprinklers. This sprinkler can cover areas up to 4000 sq. ft.

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Final words…

Coverage is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a yard sprinkler. Adjustability is another feature that allows you to customize your sprinkler to better suit your yard size. Having considered both features, look out for other perks like easy connecting and anti-clog, and you’re good to go.

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