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Best LED Grow Lights For Lettuce

If you grow food indoors in the winter and you’re looking for grow lights for the lettuce you’ve planted, kindly take a look at this buying guide. These grow lights on this list have good wattage and impressive lifespans.

1,318 Reviews

Are you in a hurry? The VIPARSPECTRAL 600W LED Grow Light is crowned our best LED grow light for lettuce. Apart from having about 100,000 hrs lifespan, it has a 3-year warranty and is easy to mount and control. You can opt for the 300W budget variant here.


Best LED Grow Lights For Lettuce: Comparison Table

Here is a list of the grow lights for lettuce and what to consider before buying one. 

LED Grow LightsWattsLifespan
1VIPARSPECTRAL 600W LED Grow Light600W≥ 100,000 hours
2Famurs 2000W LED Grow Light 2000W≥ 10,000 hours
3VIPARSPECTRAL 300W LED Grow Light 300W≥ 100,000 hours
4BestVA 3000W LED Grow Light3000W≥ 100,000 hours
5AntLux 50W 4Ft Growing Lamp 50W≥ 50,000

Buying Guide – LED Grow Lights For Lettuce & Other Vegetables

Having decided to use LED lights to grow lettuce or augment sunlight, you need to know what to look out for before choosing one. Here’s a simple checklist to have at the back of your mind. Don’t forget to grab a suitable grow tent or grow bag if you need one.

Know the light requirements

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The primary role of LED lights for growing is to help plants photosynthesize. So, you need to buy one that suits the type of plants you are growing, bearing in mind that different plant species have varying light requirements.

Full-spectrum lights are essential for photosynthesis, but red and blue lights are the most important in this regard.

Lettuce is a low-light plant. Like herbs, they require 25W of light per square feet compared to plants like tomatoes that require at least 50W of light.  

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Size of your indoor grow area 📏📏

Considerably, the larger the area of your hydroponic growing area, the more LED light you will need to light the plants adequately. Once you know your grow room’s surface area, you can calculate the wattage and number of LED lights to use. Usually, when your grow room’s surface area is large, you need to buy several LED lights so each plant can get enough light. 

The type of LED lights you need 💡💡

When shopping for grow lights for lettuce, you have two options to choose from: the veg & bloom LED lights and the full-spectrum lights. Veg and bloom LED lights are designed for focused lighting – grow systems that have separate areas for growing and flowering plants. 

On the other hand, full-spectrum LED lights are all-round lights that provide ample lighting for plants throughout their life cycle. Most full-spectrum light brands come with programmable settings that allow you to opt for Veg or Bloom light depending on your plant’s light intensity requirement. They also come with timers that allow you to schedule the on and off time of the lights.  

Durability ✅✅

Having reviewed tons of products, we can strongly tell you that a product’s price doesn’t guarantee its quality. Therefore, you need to consider the durability of the grow lights for lettuce you intend to buy. Ensure the LED lights have high-quality construction and meet lettuce’s light requirements. 

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) ♨️♨️

PAR is any light that is beneficial to plants and an alternative to sunlight. Lettuce requires 400 to 450 nanometers wavelength of light at an intensity of 17 mols/m2/day of PAR. LED Grow lights come with different PAR values that must be evenly distributed among your plants.

Best LED Grow Lights for Lettuce Reviewed 

Below is our review of the LED grow lights you saw on the table above. 

#1. Best LED Grow Lights For Lettuce – VIPARSPECTRAL 600W LED Grow Light

1,318 Reviews

Features: 600 watts full-spectrum, UL Certified, Daisy chain function, Veg & Bloom switches, and fire-resistant reflector. 

The VIPARSPECTRAL light is a 600W LED grow light with 120pcs of bulbs. It is suitable for a 3x 3 ft vegetative coverage at 32” and 2.5x 2.5 ft flowering coverage at 22”. 

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This light is best hung at 28” to 40” with a recommended running time of 18 hours daily for the vegetative phase. During the flowering phase, hang the light at 18” to 24” while running it for 12 hours per day with the VEG and BLOOM switches. 

The VIPARSPECTRAL 600W LED Grow Light is a UL certified LED light and is safe for indoor operation. VIPARSPECTRAL is a trusted brand when it comes to providing lighting and safe products. This led grow light for lettuce comes with fire-resistant reflectors that reinforce light penetration and pose no danger. The reflective design increase PAR output by 50% with suitable coverage.  

It comes with Veg and bloom switches that provide your lettuce plant with the right amount of light in different growing phases. The VIPARSPECTRAL 600W LED Grow Light has an upgraded aluminum cooling system and high-speed quiet fans that considerably dispel heat.

The daisy chain function is another useful feature of this grow lightDaisy-chaining helps you connect multiple lights using fewer outlets. However, the maximum link is 2 V600 lights, and the wattage of the connected light must be less than 600W. 

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#2. Famurs 2000W LED Grow Light

Famurs 2000W LED Grow Light
138 Reviews
Famurs 2000W LED Grow Light

Features: 200pcs 15W Epistar Triple-Chips LEDs, suitable for 4×8/6×6 tent, 4.5x8ft coverage, VEG & BLOOM switch. 

The Famurs 2000W LED Grow Light is our overall best light for this review. It comprises of 15 Watt Triple-Chip LEDs with a higher PAR value for effective photosynthesis and growth. Additionally, it has a triangular design with 3pcs 5 watt chips in every led.

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The Famurs 2000W LED Grow Light is a full spectrum light with a range of 365 to 750nm, suitable for all stages of indoor plants. It equally comes with a VEG and BLOOM switch that provides ample light for seeding and flowering plants.

Compared to a 1400W HPS light, it used 417W and provided bright light. This grow light comes with an advanced aluminum cooling heat sink and quiet, high-speed fans for heat dissipation. The aluminum plate has holes and is fitted with glass that improves heat dissipation via convection.

This Famurs light also comes with a stainless steel hanger hook, grow room glasses, an adjustable rope hanger, a user manual, and a power cord.

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#3. VIPARSPECTRAL 300W LED Grow Light 

2,029 Reviews

Features: 300 volts and 300 watts full-spectrum, 60pcs high-intensity 5W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs, UL certified and fire-resistant reflectors. 

If you’re looking for a budget grow light, take a look at this VIPARSPECTRAL 300W LED Grow Light that meets UL’s rigorous testing standards. It’s a tad lower in wattage than the 600W variant we reviewed above.

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The light has fire-resistant reflectors that enhance this LED light’s light penetration ability by 50%, which improves plant growth. In addition to sporting similar features as the 600W variant we earlier reviewed, it also has the same rugged quality and more than 50,000 hours of constant lighting.

Regarding quality, the VIPARSPECTRAL light has a rugged construction with aluminum cooling heat sinks and quiet high-speed fans for effective heat dissipation. It also comes with a fire-resistant iron housing and a daisy chain for connecting multiple lights.

This VIPARSPECTRAL grow light for lettuce is designed for a 1.5×1.5 ft flowering coverage at 18” and a 2×2 ft vegetative coverage at 24”. 

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#4. BestVA 3000W LED Grow Light

BestVA 3000W LED Grow Light
4,308 Reviews
BestVA 3000W LED Grow Light

Features: 300pcs Dual-Chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs, VEG and BLOOM switches, and effective cooling.

The BestVA grow light is powerful and comes with Dual-Chip 10W LEDs (at 120°) which makes it brighter and more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LEDs. It has the second-highest PAR output in our list of the best led grow lights for lettuce. 

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For this grow light, BestVA made use of 10 kinds of LEDs to create a true full spectrum to grow light. Their professional process of producing led grow lights is monitored in real-time to find and correct production problems.

The lights are subjected to impact tests and 72 hours of the rigorous aging test to get quality products. The VEG and BLOOM function in this light has nine bands for the two phases of plant growth. You can easily set the desired modes.

Regarding cooling, this grow light has an efficient cooling system – like most of its competitors on the market. Compared with a 2000W HPS, it made use of only 615W. It has an effective coverage and suitable for an 8×7.8ft growing room with a height of 24 inches.

The package comes with a 3000W LED light, a 6ft power cord, hanging kits, user manual, adjustable rope, and one grow room glasses. 

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#5. AntLux 50W 4Ft Growing Lamp

AntLux 50W 4Ft Growing Lamp
642 Reviews
AntLux 50W 4Ft Growing Lamp

Features: 50W full spectrum red, blue, white, and infrared UV light, an integrated reflector to prevent the light loss, high energy saving, and flush and suspended mounting options. 

The AntLux 50W 4Ft Growing Lamp offers full-spectrum light, including red, blue, white, and IR UV. This light utilizes selected LED wavelengths for all stages of plants to help you achieve optimal growth.

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This light has a sleek design and an integrated reflector on the back that efficiently dissipates heat and reduces light loss. The light is easy to install, with no wiring or reconstruction required, but it does take a decent amount of time to set up.

It also offers dual mounting options – suspended and flush – depending on the height of your hydroponic grow room. All mounting hardware allows you to adjust the light fixture and keep the lights at the right height for your plant.

The AntLux 50W lamp uses high efficient LEDs that save up to 70% energy. AntLux’s led grow light is designed for indoor plants like lettuce, strawberry, and herbs. You’re definitely getting a good deal when you pick up the lamp.

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Final thoughts…

When looking to buy the best LED grow lights for lettuce you need to consider the plant you want to use if for. Next, you need to research the light requirements of the plant which will help you when choosing a LED light to buy. 

VEG and BLOOM is another constraint to factor in when buying a LED light for lettuce. However, research has shown that when lettuce flowers the leaves become bitter and smaller. 


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