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How Much Should I Charge For Snow Shoveling

How Much Should I Charge For Snow Shoveling?

If you’re reading this introduction, the chances are that you are seriously considering charging people to clear the snow off their driveways. In this article, you’ll learn how much to charge for snow shoveling, in addition to a few pointers that covers getting your first clients and pricing properly.


Answer the Question: How much should I charge for snow shoveling?

Pricing for removal varies, but it ranges from $37 to $166 for commercial and residential areas alike. This range will give you an idea of what to charge. 

If you’re looking at how much to charge for snow plowing driveways, a flat fee per house is a better idea, especially if the homes have the same driveway length. Also, you should consider charging per sq ft cleared if you’re in the elite neighborhood. Established snow-removal businesses make more bucks with that strategy.

It’s not illegal to charge people for shoveling snow off their property. But you may break laws if you don’t file tax returns in your region. We recommend filing your returns to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

Should you give a discount for seniors or people with disabilities?

This isn’t a tricky question, and we should leave you to decide. But if we were to suggest, we’d say give the seniors/people with disabilities a nice discount. You can even shovel their driveways for free, especially if there isn’t much snow on them.

We’ll all get old, won’t we?

What if someone offers to pay you more than the regular price?

If someone is overpaying you above what you charged initially, quickly bring that to their attention. However, if they offer you a snowplow hourly rate way above your rates before you begin, you should take their price and get to work.

How do I find my first customers?

You can find your first customers via word of mouth, free volunteer services, approaching homeowners with your fliers, and revisiting them in person a few days after giving them fliers. 

Put up ads on social media targeting your region. Know what type of advertisement to run and keep your budget as small as possible. For teenagers looking to earn a few bucks, approaching homeowners is an excellent idea to find your first customers. 

How to price your service

To correctly price your service, you should answer the following questions.

  1. The size of the area to be cleared
  2. Know if you must salt/sand the area.
  3. Will you need to set up plow markers?
  4. Do you have a seasonal contract?
  5. What are others charging for clearing the snow in your region?
  6. Are big businesses hiring workers?
  7. What are the other costs involved with offering snow shoveling services?
  8. Take note of the distance from your home/office to the place you’ll clear the snow.
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