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How To Remove Snow From Driveway without a shovel

How To Remove Snow From Driveway Without A Shovel

Removing snow is not always a fun experience; using a shovel can be slow and also stressful when you have large amounts of snow to clear up. Below are some tips on how to remove snow from the driveway without a shovel. They will help you stop the back-breaking efforts you usually put in and save you some time, which you can redirect into other activities.

Some of the methods that will be covered in this article include:

  1. Using a Leaf Snow Blower
  2. Installing a Snow Melting Machine
  3. Laying down a tarp
  4. Using a snowblower
  5. Pouring hot water on the snow

We’re aware of the methods; let’s explain them in detail.


How To Remove Snow From Driveway Without A Shovel

1. Using A Leaf Blower

That’s right! There is absolutely no need to pack up your leaf blower after fall. This powerful machine will come in handy during the winter season when you’re clearing up snow. If you’re dealing with light snow, then a leaf blower can blast it off the driveway. This is more effective when you have about 3inch snow or less to deal with.

2. Installing a Snow Melting Machine

If you need to wipe the snow off your driveway, installing a snow melting machine works fine. This works by creating a heated area beneath the finished surface. When the snow begins to fall, it will melt the snowflakes as it comes in contact with the floor. This is, however, a pricier method, as it requires repaving your driveway.

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3. Laying Down a Tarp

This might make you seem a little crazy at first, but you will look smarter when you achieve your goal of clearing snow from the driveway without a shovel. All you need is a large tarp wide enough to cover your driveway. Lay it down before it snow and once it is snow, pull it away, and your driveway would be as good as new. It might get cumbersome, though, and you need to make sure you always lay it down in time before it snows.

4. Using a Snow Blower

When you want to be lazy and spice up the snow-clearing activity, this is the right method. It’s like a lawnmower designed to clear snow. It comes in different types; you can get three-stage snow blowers, single-stage or two-stage snow blowers. It will help you clear snow in no time at all and without the stress of a shovel. If you’re worried about your gravel driveway, there are snow blowers best designed for gravel driveway you can check out.

5. Pouring Hot Water on Snow

This is used when the temperature is on the rise. Connect a spraying hose with a hot-water spigot located inside and spray the hot water on the snow as it falls. This helps you avoid the whole shoveling process. You can also choose to fill a watering can with hot water, mix it up with dish soap and rubbing alcohol, and then pour it over your driveway when it snows. The only downside to this method is that it might attract ice when the temperature rises, but the ingredient mix should treat underlying ice build-up while melting the snow.

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