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how to start a toro snowblower

How To Start A Toro Snowblower

With winter coming soon, snowfall is something you can’t escape. When the snow begins to pile up, or the snowfall gets heavier, it would get harder to walk. Another problem you can’t avoid is the difficulty of getting your car out of the driveway. 

Toro snowblowers help you clear snow from driveways and walkways in no time at all. It minimizes risks of injury, which would be high if you were shoveling. However, it could be challenging to start when your Toro snowblower has been in storage for a while. This article covers how to start a Toro snowblower. During the course of this article, we’ll be exploring:

  • How to start a Toro snowblower
  • What to do if your Toro snowblower won’t start after several pulls

Without further ado, let’s dig in.


How to start a Toro Snowblower

When you get your Toro snowblower out of storage, follow the steps below to get it set up. This will work for most Toro snowblowers including the 521, 824, 518, etc models.

Stage 1: Setup

  • Firstly, locate the oil dipstick, which is either at the top or middle of the Toro snowblower engine. Turn the oil dipstick and pull it out.
  • Next, pour engine oil into the dipstick hole and replace the dipstick. This step is quite essential, especially after a long while or if this is the first time you’re using your Toro snowblower. The oil will lubricate the snowblower engine and prevent it from damage.
  • Afterwards, open the fuel tank at the top back right corner of the engine and pour gasoline into it. Ensure you leave about half-inch of space inside the fuel tank.

Stage 2: Starting the Engine

Now that you have your Toro snowblower set up, the next stage for starting a Toro snowblower is starting the engine. Follow the steps below to start your Toro snowblower and get it on the road.

  1. Firstly, locate the throttle control knob at the left side of the side rope. Slide its control level too fast.
  2. Next, turn the fuel shutoff knob counterclockwise. This action will open the valve and allow gasoline to reach the engine.
  3. The next step is locating the choke at the top of the engine; you can find it next to the spark plug. Twist it until it is set to full.
  4. Afterward, place the ignition key in the keyhole. The keyhole is on the left side of the throttle lever. It is a safety feature that ensures children can’t start the snowblower.
  5. The next step involves the primer bulb, which draws gas into the engine. This action allows the engine to start. Press the bulb to the right of the throttle lever thrice. Ensure you cover the hole on the primer bulb when you’re pressing it.
  6. Now, hold the starter rope handle and pull it out fast. Keep repeating this step till the engine finally starts.

Once it does, turn the choke to the ¾ position. Wait a short time for the engine to warm up, and then turn the choke to the ½ position. After a short time, turn it off, and you’re ready to use your Toro snowblower.

What to Do If Your Toro Snowblower Won’t Start After Several Pulls

After learning how to start your Toro snowblower, you could still face the issue of your Toro snowblower not starting. In such cases, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Check the fuel tank to see the fuel level and freshness
  2. Drain the fuel in your snowblower if it has been there for more than sixty days.
  3. Remove the fuel cap and replace it with a new fuel mix.
  4. Tighten the fuel cap once again and restart your engine.


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