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Best Way To Clear Snow From Long Driveway

It’s easy to shovel a quick path through your driveway to get to where you want to go. However, it gets tricky when you’re shoveling snow from a long driveway; this can be a very difficult task to carry out. It gets even more problematic when the snow is wet and deep; this could take up all your day and cause you backache by the end of the day. Many people are continually looking for the best way to clear snow from the long driveway, and if you’re in this category, then you’re in the right place. This article will share the best ways to clear snow from the long driveway and other vital information you might need.

By the time this article is completed, we would have covered:

  • Best snow-clearing method from long driveways
  • Downsides to the various methods
  • Equipment needed to shovel snow

Now that you’re aware of what to expect, let’s begin.


Here Are Some Of The Best Ways To Clear From Long Driveway

You can use a few methods in clearing snow from your driveway effectively and quickly without breaking your back or spending the whole day.

1. Snow Blowers

This is the simplest and best way to clear snow from your driveway. Snowblowers are fast, and they are quite efficient when it comes to clearing snow from long driveways. Snowblowers come in different types, and you can simply choose from the best snow blowers which best suits your need. The powerful snow blowers can clear up to 20 inches wide at once and will have your long driveway all cleared up in no time at all.

2. Snowplows

There are various snowplows, and they work perfectly for scooping snow from your long driveway. The best part about snowplows is that the car is already placed in the garage and all you have to do is attach the snowplow and then start moving forward. You need to make sure the snowplow is in excellent condition, and so is your car before using it. You need to also make sure the snow isn’t too deep for the plow. It is another great tool you can use to remove snow from your long driveway quickly.

3. Plastic Tarp Cheat

This is quite simple, and while many people dismiss it, it is a viable snow-clearing method and one of the best ways to clear snow from a long driveway. Simply get a plastic tarp as wide as your driveway. Keep an eye out for the weather forecast and when it’s about to snow, lay it down, and the snow would fall right on it. All you have to do is pull it away when it has stopped snowing, and your driveway is as good as new.

Downsides to the Various Methods

Snowplows and snow blowers are not exactly cheap. If you experience heavy snowfall, you will need a two-stage snow blower, which is quite expensive and requires more maintenance than single-stage blowers. There are also safety issues to consider when snowplowing, especially when the snow is very wet and deep.

People tend to experience car problems in such situations. If you choose to use a tarp, it can be stressful to remove it from the driveway and place it back when it’s about to snow. Another thing to note is that weather forecasts are not always right, and in situations when it snows without you placing the tap, you will need an alternative method to clear snow from your long driveway.

Equipment Needed to Shovel Snow

Shoveling can still come in handy, especially when you use a two-stage snowblower. Even with a plastic tarp and snowplow, there will always be a need for shoveling snow around the house and front door. You would need:

  • A strong shovel. If you have an old shovel, it might be time to get it replaced for effective shoveling.
  • Using a snowblower before using a shovel is a great idea; it leaves only a thin layer of snow you can easily shovel away.
  • You can also prepare salt to pour in situations where there’s ice under the snow.
  • Cooking spray for your shovel so that the snow doesn’t stick to the shovel and makes shoveling a bit difficult for you.
  • Thick socks to wear over your shoe. It offers extra traction and keeps you safe in situations where there’s ice underneath the snow.
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