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Where Is The Best Spot To Spray Starter Fluid On A Snowblower?

If your snowblower remains unused for an extended period, starting it might turn out to be an issue. Sometimes, we neglect the snowblower in terms of maintenance and do not winterize it. When you try to use your snowblower, and it doesn’t start, there’s a need to discover the problem. It could be the spark plug or a blockage issue in the engine. When you utilize a starter fluid, you will find it easy to start the engine and discover the problem.

The ideal spot to spray the starter fluid is in the air intake duct, and this article walks you through the process.

As the article progresses, you’ll discover answers to:

  1. What is a starter fluid?
  2. When do you use a starter fluid?
  3. How do you use a starter fluid?

Now that you’re aware of exactly what to expect, let’s dig in.


What is a Starter Fluid?

Starter fluid is a very flammable mixture that’s rich in hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, and diethyl ether. Starter fluid comes in a pressurized can. When you push the trigger, the starter fluid atomizes in the spray’s direction and reacts appropriately. It also mixes properly with air to prepare your engine to start. Note that starter fluids are more inflammable than gasoline. Therefore, you should use them carefully and only when necessary.

When Do You Use a Starter Fluid?

The name clarifies that starter fluids are for use when the engine isn’t starting or is experiencing difficulties. It works well for starting the engine in the cold or when it hasn’t been in use for a long while. Starter fluids help to improve the engine and prompt it to start in cold weather. It could also help you discover what the issue with your snowblower is on time so you can deal with it. When you learn the right time to use a starter fluid, it helps you save time and lots of effort.

How do You Use a Starter fluid?

Using a starter fluid can be easy if you have the tools and the technical know-how. Follow the steps below to use starter fluid on your snowblower efficiently.

  1. Firstly, you need to locate the carburetor and then clean it up. When your carburetor is clean, there’s a higher chance of your snowblower starting.
  2. To continue in your process of spraying the starter fluid, locate the air intake duct. This part is how the air gets into the carburetor. Finding the air intake duct will help you discover the breather tube as well.
  3. Once you find the air intake opening, spray the starter fluid, ensuring the starter fluid gets into the carburetor.
  4. After spraying, your next step is to start your snowblower and observe if it works. If the snowblower keeps running, then your problem is fixed. However, sometimes there’s a stutter, and then the engine stops.
  5. If you find that the engine stopped within just a few seconds, then there’s a strong likelihood the issue lies with the carburetor.
  6. However, if it stalls for a few seconds to over 30 seconds, then your issue is with the fuel. It could be bad gas or fuel mixed with water. In any case, empty the fuel tank, replace the fuel filter and add new fuel to the system.
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