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not enough water pressure for sprinklers

There’s Not Enough Water Pressure For Sprinklers! Solution

If you’re aiming for a healthy yard, you need enough water to keep it so. This means that the sprinkler system set up in your yard needs to be working properly. However, many things could go wrong with your sprinkler system, but most times, it is because of not enough water pressure for your sprinkler. Low water pressure can cause the sprinkler to malfunction, and if you’re one of those plagued with the problem of not having enough water pressure for sprinklers, this is the article for you.

By the time this article draws to a close, you’ll be acquainted with:

  1. Causes of low water pressure
  2. Solutions to low water pressure

Fascinating, isn’t it? Let’s take a look.


Causes of Low Water Pressure

The problem of not enough water pressure for sprinklers is a common one, and there are usually many factors that cause it; some of these causes include:

1. Backflow Preventer Valve Malfunction

Most of the time, there is not enough water pressure for sprinklers because the backflow preventer valves are not opening fully. There are two pipes in every backflow preventer, and one is horizontal while the other is vertical. These pipes come with handles that can be turned to open the valve or run with the line. The valve is only completely open when both are turned parallel, and if they’re only partially turned, it could restrict water flow, causing not enough water pressure for your sprinkler.

2. Broken Line

There are times when work is done in the yard or the movement of cable lines, electricity lines, or gas pipes can cause low water pressure. When someone who is digging hits the sprinkler line with a tool, it can cause damage to be done to the line, leading to low water pressure.

3. Dirt Clogs

Sometimes, the real cause of low water pressure is simply the sprinkler head. There is a need for the sprinkler head to be free of dirt clogs before water can flow freely. Sometimes, grass could be causing the clog on your sprinkler head.

Solutions to Low Water Pressure

Now that you’re aware of what could be causing not enough water pressure for your sprinklers, below are solutions to these problems.

1. Turn on the Valves at Backflow Device

This is the simplest solution to the problem; ensure that the backflow device is completely open. The device can be found above ground with the valves 10 inches above the sprinkler heads. Turn the valves till they parallel to the pipe to open them all the way.

2. Find Leaks and Get Them Repaired

If there are damages done to your sprinkler lines, you need to find them. Look for little signs that signify leaks in your sprinkler line. You could do this by following running water to its source or looking for a very wet area. Once you find the damaged area, call for repairs to be done.

3. Look Out For Crushed Pipes

If there are no leaks, there might be crushed or obstructed pipes somewhere. This is possible if your pipe is close to a tree that could wrap its roots around the pipe and squeeze it or if vehicles continually climb over it and crush it. Check for crushed pipes, or call a professional to get it done for you.

4. Clean Sprinkler Heads

Another simple solution would be getting the sprinkler heads clean, take out the sprinkler head, and removed the filter located within. Rinse in clean water and then replace the sprinkler head for the water pressure to increase.

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