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Best Hydroponic System For Vegetables [Top Picks 2023]

How do you keep eating fresh vegetables daily in winter? My guess – you keep buying from the store. There’s another solution – you can grow your own vegetables – but what if you don’t have outdoor space for a vegetable garden? That’s where hydroponic systems come into play. With the right hydroponic system, you could choose to grow fresh vegetables and herbs. That’s right! Your plants will thrive in the small available space you have and still blossom abundantly.

Follow this article to learn more about your best choices regarding the hydroponic system for vegetables and how to pick the ideal one for you.

VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit
811 Reviews
VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit

If you’re in a hurry, you should take a look at the Vivosun Hydroponic Grow Kit. It sits atop our list of the best hydroponic systems on the market. With this kit, you get three layers of planting space and materials to plant different vegetables, including leafy vegetables. There’s a water pump, too, alongside other features.


Comparison Table: Hydroponic System For Vegetables

Hydroponic SystemPodsLED Wattage
1VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit90 plant sitesNA
2AeroGarden 824500-0208 Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit24NA
3iDOO 12-Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit1223-watts
4GrowLED Adjustable Germination Hydroponic System1022-watts
5AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic System930-watts

Buying Guide – Hydroponic System Vegetables

The first decision you will be required to make is whether you need a hydroponic system. Once you’ve agreed you need one, the next step becomes finding the right one. You need to keep an eye out for certain features when choosing the best hydroponic system for vegetables that suit your home. Below is a comprehensive buying guide for hydroponic systems for vegetables to help you make the right choice for your needs.

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This is essential because when you purchase a hydroponic system, it comes with a pump system that ensures your plant gets nutrients at the right time. Knowing when to turn the pump on and off can be quite a chore, and that is where an automatic timer comes in. It will ensure your pump goes on and off at the right time. This will ensure that your hydroponically-grown plants grow well and your vegetables get enough water and nutrient. With the ideal amount of nutrients being delivered at the right time to your plants, they’re sure to thrive.


This is an important consideration. Most people buy a hydroponic system due to a lack of space to keep it. You need to ensure that the space you have can adequately fit your new hydroponic system while still providing your plants enough room to breathe. You don’t want to buy a hydroponic system that’s larger than your available space and then be on a search for the right spot to place it. Find a dedicated spot for your new product, and then lookout for the right hydroponic system that’s snug enough to fit right in.

Choice of Vegetable

This is something else to think about; what kind of vegetables do you plan to grow? Leafy greens usually require less space to thrive and can generally fit right into a small space. However, tomatoes, peppers, and some other non-leafy green vegetables might need more space to grow efficiently. Consider the plant you plan to grow, and then ensure you buy the right hydroponic that would fit it. Bear in mind that some hydroponic systems are designed to accommodate particular plants more than others

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Lighting System

Another important consideration is the lighting system of the hydroponic system. Vegetables need photosynthesis to grow appropriately, and when grown indoors, this might be a bit difficult. To ensure your vegetables get the right amount of light, look out for hydroponic systems that come with in-built LED lights. The light will mimic the sunlight spectrum and ensure your vegetables receive photosynthesis and grow abundantly. When you choose a hydroponic system with an in-built light system, you can plant vegetables all year long, even in the coldest winter.

Easy Operation

If you’re newly making an entry into the world of hydroponic systems, then you’re not looking for a hydroponic system that requires connecting parts. It could get all confusing and frustrating. This is why when choosing the best hydroponic system for vegetables, you need to pick one that is quite effortless to set up and operate. Some hydroponic system arrives all set up, so you have nothing to worry about. You could also opt for hydroponic systems that only need few parts to be connected, and in such situations, it should come with instructions and diagrams that simplify the process for you.

Nutrient Water

When you grow your vegetable in a hydroponic system, it usually doesn’t have soil to absorb its nutrients. This is why you need a nutrient mix that will help your vegetables survive and thrive. Some hydroponic systems come with mixed solutions that you can easily use to feed your vegetables for months or a growing season. Look out for hydroponic systems that come with such setups. Although this isn’t a deal-breaker, it would come in handy if you’re a beginner and have no idea how to make a nutrient mix of your own.


You also need to consider prices when choosing a hydroponic system for vegetables. Hydroponic systems can be quite expensive, so ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Look out for necessary features and ensure you pick a hydroponic system that comes equipped with all the important features to avoid spending extra on components and making unnecessary expenses. While it is great to create a budget to avoid going overboard, make sure the quality is rated higher than the price, so you don’t have to be back in the market buying a hydroponic system in a short time.

Other Factors to Consider

The factors listed above are quite important and should be put into consideration when choosing your hydroponic system. However, there are some other imperative factors to consider when determining the right system to make using it much easier. One of those features is an in-built fan to help regulate the plant and hydroponic system’s temperature. The structure also matters; you need to consider the material and ensure it won’t get rusted within a year or months of use. Longevity is key when choosing a hydroponic system, so the structure material matters. A smart display would also come in handy as it makes operations much easier and would help you control other integrated features on the hydroponic system.

Best Hydroponic System for Vegetables Reviewed

Hydroponic systems are the easiest way to grow your vegetables. They are easy to use and will ensure a bountiful harvest at all times. That’s why this article is going to cover the best hydroponic systems for growing vegetables. Each of these hydroponic systems has been carefully selected based on the features it offers and the top-notch quality. One of these systems is sure to be the right fit for your home; let’s get started.

1. VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit

VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit
811 Reviews
VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit

Features: Comes with three layers, 90 plant sites, 10 PVC pipes, pump timer, easy assemblage, functional, sponge for leafy vegetables, versatile and durable construction.

VIVOSUN has one of the best systems for growing vegetables out there. It is top on our list because it allows you to grow several vegetables simultaneously in your home. The VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit comes with three layers and 90 plant sites for all your vegetables. This way, you can count on a large harvest at the end of the growing season. This hydroponic system is not just functional; the design is also attractive and can be used for decoration in your home.

One of the best features of this hydroponic system is the timed circulatory system it is built with. The automatic timer allows the pump to work for five minutes every half hour, so plants are fed enough nutrients. Although the timer has a default setting, you can manually set it to your preference.

This way, you can focus on other activities knowing your plants are taken care of. This hydroponic system is easy to assemble, whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced hydroponic system user. The PVC pipes are wide enough to provide your vegetables with all the space they need.

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2. AeroGarden Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit
24,804 Reviews
AeroGarden Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit

Features: 12 pods, liquid nutrients, grow domes, ample growing spaces, durable construction, aesthetic design, and a growing guide.

AeroGarden is known for making the best hydroponic systems for vegetables, and the AeroGarden 824500-0208 Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit is one of the best you can find. With this salad bar in your home, you can take as many trips to the salad bar as you want for your fresh vegetables. This salad bar seed kit comes with nine lettuce pods, herb pods, four tomato pods, and spacers.

Vegetables require space to spread out when they’re growing; this allows you to get the best result from your plants. This is why this plant has 12 pods spaced appropriately to provide your plants with all the space they need. This salad bar hydroponic system also comes with liquid nutrients to grow your plants.

The AeroGarden hydroponic system comes with a growing guide to help you grow your vegetables appropriately. This salad bar comes with grow domes to promote optimal germination. You can use this salad bar throughout the year to enjoy your fresh vegetables whenever you want.

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3. iDOO 12-Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit

iDOO 12-Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit
6,015 Reviews
iDOO 12-Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Features: LED grow light, automatic timer, adjustable height, two smart grow modes, water pump and fan, contains 12 pods, 11.02 growing height, viewing window, and durable construction.

This is another hydroponic system that you can use to plant at home. This hydroponic system helps your vegetable grow faster than soil without the fear of pests or other soil issues. The iDOO 12-pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit comes integrated with the 23-watt LED light that emulates the sunlight spectrums to provide your plants with the photosynthesis they need.

This ensures that your plants thrive in different weather conditions. You also get a viewing window that allows you to see the water level in your hydroponic system so as to know when you need to add water and nutrients to your plant to ensure it isn’t malnourished. The LED light also comes in two grow modes; the lights go on and off automatically to ensure your plants only get the required sunlight.

There are also different light modes for fruits and vegetables; you can choose the vegetable mode containing blue lights. The water pump and fan are also automatic as the pump automatically runs every half hour. It also comes with a quiet mode at night that allows you to sleep in the same room as your hydroponic system. The LED lighting system is also adjustable to different heights to support different growth stages of your vegetables.

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4. GrowLED Adjustable Germination Hydroponic System

GrowLED Adjustable Germination Hydroponic System
438 Reviews
GrowLED Adjustable Germination Hydroponic System

Features: Adjustable LED lights, contains ten pods, self-watering garden, automatic timer, water level monitor, sturdy construction, comes with nutrients for your plants, versatile, and portable.

GrowLED comes with all you need to ensure your plant grows and thrives in all weather conditions. It is a 10-pod hydroponic system that comes with LED lights, so your plant can get all the light they need to thrive indoors. The light is also adjustable to fit the different growth stages of your vegetables to avoid damaging them.

This hydroponic system also comes with a nutrient mix that will last your vegetables through a growing season. This way, you don’t have to make an extra purchase when you buy the product. The LED lights also come with a timer that ensures the lights are switched on for 16 hours and then switched off for 8 hours to fit the 24-hour cycle. This GrowLED hydroponic system features a water indicator that allows you to see your plants’ water level.

This is to ensure that your plants do not run dry; you’re aware of when to add water and nutrients to keep your plants going. This hydroponic system features sturdy construction, so you are assured of its durability. You can use the hydroponic system all year round, especially in winter periods when you would like to ensure fresh vegetables at home. It is a versatile hydroponic system and can be used to grow flowers and other plants as well.

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5. AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic System

AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic System
4,665 Reviews
AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic System

Features: LED lights, touch screen, 3-ounce fertilizer bottle, nine pods, vacation mode, adjustable height, versatile, automatic pump system, and durable construction.

This is a favorite amongst many people for many reasons, one of which is how simple it is to operate. It is a portable hydroponic system that takes little space in your home and can be used to grow many vegetables simultaneously. Your lettuce, tomatoes, leafy greens, salad greens, and many more vegetables will thrive in this hydroponic system for several reasons. It comes with a bright LED light that mimics sunlight so your plants can experience photosynthesis and blossom indoors.

It also features a touch screen that informs you when it is time to add water to your plant and lets you control the lights to adjust them as you like as the plants develop. The system comes with vacation mode that allows it to take care of your plant’s light and water requirements while you’re are. It comes with nine pods for your vegetables and a 3-ounce fertilizer bottle so your plants can get all the nutrients they require without the need for the soil.

This is a versatile system that allows you to plant herbs alongside your vegetables. Its sleek black design ensures it fits into your home seamlessly. The light and pump system is automatic and, therefore, allow you to grow your vegetables without any stress whatsoever.

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FAQs – Vegetables Hydroponic System

  1. Do hydroponic systems need sunlight? Not necessarily. However, your plant needs light to be able to grow. This is why if your system doesn’t come integrated with LED lights, you will need to find an alternative source of light like sunlight.
  2. Are LED lights bad for hydroponic systems? Not at all. They help to reduce energy bills and can also boost your plant growth. This is why many hydroponic systems come with it, or you can have it installed in your grow room if you want.
  3. Is it possible to grow hydroponics without nutrients? No, you cannot grow hydroponics without nutrients. Your plants need food to survive and stand the risk of stunted growth or death without sufficient nutrients. You will either have to buy a hydroponic system with a nutrient mix or make one of your own.
  4. Should I leave my grow lights on 24/7? No, you shouldn’t. Plants grow better when they get their light-dark circle. This helps them move nutrients o extremities and take a break from growing. So, ensure you switch off your grow light for at least 8 hours every 24 hours.


With a hydroponic system, your vegetable plants will get the necessary nutrients and be able to grow all year round. Most of these hydroponic systems come with a nutrient mix and a lighting system that ensures your plants thrive at all times. We’ve reviewed the best hydroponic system for vegetables above, highlighting their important features. The buying guide above will ensure you make the best choice that suits your needs and your home.

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