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Best Snowblower For Elderly People [Top Picks 2022]

Winter is coming, and it’s time to prepare your property to deal with the snow. You can freely choose from the electric or gas snow blowers on the market. Also, you can opt for single-stage, two-stage, or three-stage models. For this review, we’ve selected a handful of the best single-stage snowblowers that run on electricity and gas, and if you’re an elderly person, you’ll not find them difficult to use. They’ve got engines ranging from 87cc to 225cc with varying widths and clearing depths.

Briggs & Stratton 1022 Snow Blower
1,151 Reviews
Briggs & Stratton 1022 Snow Blower

If you’re in a hurry, the best snow blower for elderly people is the Briggs & Stratton 1022 Snow Blower. To a lot of people, it is all that they’re looking for in a snowblower. It’s compact-sized, easy to use, has a small but efficient engine, and can remove up to 12-inches of snow. If you live in places that face the challenge of heavy snow, you should seriously consider the PowerSmart 21-in Snow Blower as it’s better suited for such areas.

Snowblowers Comparison Table

 Single Stage Gas Snow Blowers For Elderly PeopleEngineSizeClearing depth
1Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow NA18-inch10-inch
2PowerSmart 21-in Snow Blower196cc21-inch13-inch
3Briggs & Stratton 1022 Snow Blower208cc22-inch10-inch
4PowerSmart 24-in Snow Blower212cc24-inch20-inch
5Briggs & Stratton 22-Inch Snow Blower208cc22-inch10-inch

Buying A Snowblower For Elderly People? Here’s What You Should Know.

Let me quickly point out that this buying guide is somewhat applicable to other snow blowers on the market. The key difference here is that the models we’re reviewing all run on gas and are somewhat suited for older adults. Having that in mind, let’s proceed.

Type of Snowblower

There are different types of blowers on the market ranging from electric to track drive models, single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage blowers. These snow blowers are suited for use in different areas and conditions. For instance, a single-stage snow blower may only remove about 12” to 18” of snow compared to up to 23” on three-stage models. The single-stage models are suitable for paved surfaces while the three-stage models are great for use on both paved and gravel surfaces.

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Usage Surface & Snow Depth

On what kind of surface do you intend to use the blower? As we mentioned earlier, some blowers are designed to work on many surfaces while others can only work on one surface. If you have a gravel driveway and a paved surface to clear the snow from, a three-stage model is your best bet. Again, you should take note of the depth of the snow. Not paying proper attention to the depths of snow your blower can remove can be frustrating. If you live in an area that is prone to heavy snowing, you’re better off with a snowblower that can reach your desired snow depths.

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Gas or Electric

If you’re a green lifestyle enthusiast, a gas snow blower isn’t for you. We recommend an electric single-stage model like the Snow Joe SJ627E Snow Thrower. For the gas-powered blowers, you should be prepared to deal with the noise, gas, and oil changes. On the other hand, the electric models will either be corded or cordless. You will need a long power extension for the corded models depending on the size of the area you intend to clear. Meanwhile, the cordless models will require long-lasting batteries or, sometimes, more than one battery to keep it running for longer periods. If you opt for any of the models, you should consider the cc/amp rating of the blower—the more the rating, the better the ability of the blower to handle the snow.

Auger & Blades

Augers are saddled with the task of clearing and shooting the snow away through the chute. If your auger doesn’t have a strong blade, you’ll spend more time clearing the snow. Augers are made from either steel, plastic, or rubber. The plastic augers break easily although they can be used for clearing all types of snow. On the other hand, the steel auger will remove hardened snow while the rubber auger will remove non-hardened snow.

The rubber auger is perfect for removing snow from gravel driveways. The more the number of blades the blower has, the faster you’ll clear the snow. You should also consider the size of the blades on the blower. The larger the blades, the bigger the blower will be. Most of the blowers on the market have 18-inch blades and above.


Like every other product on the market, you should get a blower that gives a decent warranty. Thankfully, you’ll find models with over one-year warranties. Grab them, especially if they meet your preferences and budget.

Best Snow Blower For Elderly People: Our Reviews

Here’s what we think about the units we handpicked.

1. Briggs & Stratton 1022 Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 1022 Snow Blower
1,151 Reviews
Briggs & Stratton 1022 Snow Blower

Features: 22-inch deck size, 10-inch clearing depth, 208cc engine, easy starting with recoil starter, 3-years limited warranty, plastic chute, weighs 93lbs.

This Briggs & Stratton 1022 snowblower is our top pick for a couple of reasons. First, it offers about 22-inches of clearing width, arguably one of the largest in the market. Then it goes a step further to offer a three-year warranty against the two-year warranty you’ll find on some of its rival models on the market.

If you’re not a fan of gas snow blowers, you can opt for the electric version of this particular unit. However, for this review, our focus is on the gas models. As mentioned earlier, this Briggs & Stratton snowblower has a 12.5-inch intake height paired with the 22-inch clearing width. This can help you move large amounts of snow within a short period of time.

The unit draws power from a 208cc 950 snow series engine that delivers 9.50 lb-ft of torque. It’s powerful, and it’s efficient. You get features like recoil start, a deflector, and manual chute rotation. This snow blower is compatible with synthetic oil.

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2. Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow
15,091 Reviews
Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow

Features: Weighs about 34lbs, 25ft max throw distance, 4-blade steel auger, suitable for mid-sized driveways, 15-amp motor clears 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep snow, adjustable chute, 23W halogen light for working at night, etc.

Here’s one amazing snow blower you’ll love – it’s the Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Blower. It’s a corded electric unit that weighs about 34lbs and has a 10-inch clearing depth. Additionally, it has an 18-inch clearing width. This snow blower has a maximum snow throwing distance of about 25ft, courtesy of its adjustable chute that rotates 180-degrees.

You’ll find this snow blower easy to use. Since it’s not gas-powered, there are no maintenance schedules to adhere to. The 15-amp motor on this unit can move a decent amount of snow off your driveway, especially for medium and large-sized driveways.

Snow Joe added a 23W halogen light to this unit to make sure you can use it any time of the day. The light is bright enough to light up your paths, but you can also use other light sources to illuminate your work environment. As we mentioned earlier, this unit is a corded electric unit, and thankfully, it comes with a 100ft extension cord.

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3. PowerSmart PSS1210M 21-in Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSS1210M 21-in Snow Blower
55 Reviews
PowerSmart PSS1210M 21-in Snow Blower

Features: Gas-powered, has a 196cc OHV engine, 13-inch clearing depth, and 21-inch clearing width, easily throws snow up to 25ft, 180-degrees chute control, 2-years warranty, etc.

This PowerSmart 21-inch snow blower we’re reviewing is closely related to the PowerSmart 26-in Snow Blower which is the next unit we’ll review. It’s gas-powered, and offers ample snow removal abilities, thanks to its 196cc OHV gasoline engine. When compared to its 26-inch variant, it holds up pretty well. Little wonder it’s seen by many as one of the best snow blowers for heavy snow. We, however, recommend the 26-inch unit for dealing with heavy snow.

The Powersmart PSS1210M snow blower has a 21-inch clearing width and a 13-inch clearing depth. It’s not surprising to know that it can throw snow up to 25ft knowing fully that it comes with a 180-degree rotating chute. This snow blower is lightweight and features a zag thread design to ensure that the unit keeps moving on all surfaces.

Concerning warranty, this unit has a 2-year warranty on it. Judging by looks and feel, it’s definitely going to outlive its warranty, especially if you take maintenance seriously. If you’re interested in clearing more snow, you should consider the 24-inch version below.

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4. PowerSmart PSS2260L-AM 26-in Snow Blower – Best Heavy Duty Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSS2260L-AM 26-in Snow Blower
1,644 Reviews
PowerSmart PSS2260L-AM 26-in Snow Blower

Features: 26-inch clearing width with 20-inch clearing depth, 2-years warranty, 180-degree chute, 13-inch sturdy snow-treaded inflatable tires, metal skid-shoes, push-button/manual start options, reversible gear controls for forward and backward movement, etc.

If you’re looking for a snowblower to tackle the heavy-duty snow on your large driveway, you should take a look at this PowerSmart 26-inch snowblower. It’s massive in size and weighs roughly 147lbs. This snow blower runs on gasoline and draws its power from a 212cc 4 stroke engine. Considering the abilities of this heavy-duty snowblower, it’s not surprising to know that it’s capable of removing up to 20-inches of snow depth-wise, and up to 26-inches wide.

It features an 8-speed gear system that offers 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. With this gear selection, it’ll be able to tackle the tough snow. Additionally, PowerSmart went the extra mile to fit this snowblower with 13-inch snow-treaded inflatable tires. They grip the surface nicely and make maneuvering a lot easier. You’ll also find the metal skid shoes helpful in certain conditions.

Lest we forget, this snow blower has push-button and manual starting options, in addition to a 180-degree rotating chute with up to 40ft throw distance. Concerning warranty, this unit has a two-year warranty on it.

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5. Briggs & Stratton 22-Inch Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 22-Inch Snow Blower
112 Reviews
Briggs & Stratton 22-Inch Snow Blower

Features: A serrated auger, 3-year limited warranty, push-button start, sturdy wheels, adjustable deflector, rotating chute, remove snow up to 22-inches wide, etc.

This is the Briggs & Stratton snowblower. It offers a decent 22-inch clearing width with 18-inches of clearing depth, making it suitable for use on moderate snow, just like its counterparts. This snow blower features a serrated auger for breaking the snow while the efficient rotating chute does away with the snow.

The Briggs & Stratton snow blower runs off gasoline and features the push-button start feature, which many believe can work in temperatures below 0. Weight-wise, this snow blower is lightweight, although we’ve seen less heavy models. With this snow blower, you’ll also get an adjustable deflector and up to 3 years of limited warranty.

This snow blower isn’t self-propelled like many think, however, it pulls itself along nicely albeit slowly, and keeps the snow away from your driveway.

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FAQs – Snowblowers

  1. Can my parents use a gas snowblower? Yes, your parents can use a gas snow blower, but this depends on the features of the snowblower, the level of snow it’ll be used on, and your parent’s age. For some older adults, electric snow blowers are better options to gas-powered units.
  2. What is better: a single-stage or two-stage snow blower? There’s no direct answer to this question, considering that each snow blower is suitable for certain tasks. However, we’d like to point out that a two-stage snow blower will have greater clearing ability than its single-stage counterpart.
  3. What’s the best gas to use in a snow blower? Experts recommend that you use gas with little or no added ethanol as it is perfect for small engines. Gas with an octane rating of 87 is okay for your snowblower.
  4. Should I use ethanol-free gas in my snowblower? Yes, you should use ethanol-free gas in your snowblower if you want to preserve the life of the engine.

Wrapping Up

It’s important to take note of the size of snow you intend to deal with before you buy the snowblower. This will ensure you get one that is suitable for your property, needs, and pocket. I believe you’ve found this guide helpful in making a buying decision.

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