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Best Wheelbarrow For gardening

Best Wheelbarrow For Gardening [2023 Top Picks]

Moving compost, farm feeds, tools, grow bags, etc., from one part of the garden/yard to the other can be a chore. You may have to make several trips or need several hands to carry these items to and fro where you need them. A garden wheelbarrow can help you take as many things within its weight limit as possible at once. After sampling different wheelbarrows and wagons, we have this to say.

Garden Star Garden Barrow
1,316 Reviews
Garden Star Garden Barrow

If you’re in a hurry, the best wheelbarrow for gardening is the Garden Star Garden WheelBarrow. It is lightweight – weighs 20lbs, has great wheels, and is fit for light garden works. Opt for more robust wheelbarrows for heavy-duty tasks.


Comparison Table: Wheelbarrows For Gardening

Best Wheelbarrow For GardeningWeightSizeLoad Capacity
1Garden Star Garden Barrow20.1 lbs37 x 26 x 27 in300 lbs
2Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart32 lbs38.7 x 20 x 19.5 in600 lbs
3Green Works Garden Cart75.8 lbs53 x 25 x 42 in200 lbs
4Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon26 lbs40 x 20 x 38 in150 lbs
5Polar Trailer Utility Cart40 lbs65 X 29 X 29 in400 lbs

Garden Wheelbarrows – A Simple Buying Guide

Having read through our review, the question on your mind will be ‘how do I choose the right wheelbarrow?’ Well, we anticipated your question and took our research a step further to answer your question. Here are some things you should have at the back of your mind – we took some of them into consideration when we put this piece together.


Not all wheelbarrows have a single wheel.

Moreover, in our review above, non-of the best garden wheelbarrows we selected has a single wheel. While a single wheelbarrow appears easier to turn, a four-wheel model handles more weight with better support.

Now, a two-wheel model offers you a compromise – they combine stability and maneuverability. Most wheelbarrow wheels are pneumatic while some are flat-free. They’re as good as the air-filled tires. Air-filled tires ensure you have a smooth ride.

The type of wheelbarrow tire you choose determines the amount of ground clearance your wheelbarrow cart will have. Now, this is another important thing to closely consider. If your house has uneven rocky terrain, then it is best to buy a wheelbarrow with a large clearance. This is also one of the factors when looking for lawnmowers.

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Handles & Dump Mechanism

A wheelbarrow with a dual handle allows you to balance the weight of the load better, but they may sometimes be cumbersome to handle. A push bar or single handle solves this problem, yet it makes unloading your materials a bit trickier especially if there’s no unloading mechanism. The dump mechanism is an added advantage for owners of wheelbarrows that have it. It helps you to offload some items with ease all at once. 

Tub/Load Tray & Weight Capacity

The tub bears all the burden. They are made from sturdy plastic or steel. Plastic tub wheelbarrows are less expensive and designed for lighter loads. The steel/iron tubs are for heavier loads. Aside from knowing what the load tray can support, you should also consider the weight capacity of the wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows are designed to carry a specific load weight in addition to its own body weight when it is empty. Take note of the weight of the wheelbarrow’s load capacity to make sure the load you intend to use it for carrying can fit in properly without damaging the wheelbarrow.

Manual or Electric

An electric wheelbarrow makes pushing easier, but it comes with its own problems, including battery charging and load capacity. During our review, we made mention of one electric wheelbarrow that had a battery that lasts for 40 minutes only and takes two hours to charge. While an electric garden cart makes your work easier, it might not fit your budget or have the weight capacity you need. Also, you might want to buy a manual wheelbarrow because of how technical it is to handle the electric models.

Best Wheelbarrow For Gardening Reviewed

1. Best Wheelbarrow For Gardening – Garden Star Garden Wheelbarrow

Garden Star Garden Wheelbarrow
1,316 Reviews
Garden Star Garden Wheelbarrow

Features: Sturdy rubber tires, lightweight, easy to push, durable build-quality, easy to assemble, loop handle, etc.

The Garden Star wheelbarrow is our top pick for the best wheelbarrow for gardening. It sports a unique design that gives it a lot of edge over other wheelbarrows on the market. This wheelbarrow features two sturdy air-filled rubber tires that make movement easy. The tires seem to be heavy-duty and will definitely last long on the barrow.

We love it because it comes with only six bolts, which makes it super easy to assemble. If it was preassembled, the size would be enormous and would definitely lead to higher shipping fees. In terms of features, the Garden Star Wheelbarrow also features an easy to carry poly tray built to carry various things such as sand, gravel, mulch, dirt, or sand.

Undeniably, the Garden Star Wheelbarrow is the perfect best wheelbarrow for weeding, hauling, and doing other garden projects. Weight-wise, it’s one of the few lightweight wheelbarrows to buy. It weighs 20.1 pounds and sports a loop handle which is strong. It makes it easy to push, pull, and lift with ease.

However, we think separated handles would have been a better option. It’s not all rosy for the Garden Star Wheel Barrow as it does have some downsides, one of which is the fact that it can’t be used for heavy-duty work.

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2. Best Garden Dump Cart – Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart
14,638 Reviews
Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart

Features: Lightweight, sturdy wheels, strong pull handle, 600 lbs weight limit, dumping mechanism for easy offload.

If you’re interested in having something larger than the Garden Start wheelbarrow we reviewed above, the Gorilla Carts Dump cart is worth taking a look at. This wheelbarrow is designed by Gorilla Carts who has been in the business of making garden products for years. They aim to design products that exceed your expectations and allow you to have fun and achieve more. For this reason, this wheelbarrow made our list. But bear in mind that it’s not for everyone.

It was designed for people who have large gardens or farms and need to haul a lot of things around the farm at once. The Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart has a 600-pound carrying capacity and a padded dipped-grip pulling handle for easy haulage. It’s not lightweight per se, but it’s not heavy when empty. It sports 4 rugged 10-inch pneumatic tires that give it a nice lift off the ground and make haulage a less daunting task, especially on rough terrain.

Furthermore, this wagon features a solid 38.5 x 20-inch anti-rust poly tub base for hauling heavy loads. One feature we love about this Gorilla cart is the quick-release dumping mechanism. Obviously, this amazing feature allows you to roll a heavy load into the bed before lifting it upright. This tilts the tub like a dump truck and makes it easy to unload manure, dirt, and other items placed in the tub.

The frame design of this cart gives it a turning radius absent in most wheelbarrows. Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart weighs exactly 32 pounds and has a height of 19.5-inches which meets the need of a light-duty gardener.

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3. Best Electric Wheelbarrow – Green Works Garden Cart  

Green Works Garden Cart
149 Reviews
Green Works Garden Cart

Features: Multiple speed options, brake pedal for parking, quick-release mechanism, firm and robust 10-inch tires.

We’re halfway into our review of the best wheelbarrow for gardening. If you’re looking for an electric model, this might just be it. The Green Works Garden Cart is a self-propelled electric wheelbarrow powered by a 40V battery. It features a quick charger that charges the battery full in just two hours.

Unfortunately, the battery has a run-time of 40 minutes in an ideal condition (on pavement or flat grass) which is definitely low compared to the time you’ll probably be spending in your garden. You can, however, purchase spare batteries to augment each other, but that too doesn’t come cheap. The Green comes with a rust-resistant 3.75-inch cargo tub with a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds. Also, it has an off-loading handle which makes it easy to off-load items from the cargo tub.

Another interesting feature of this wheelbarrow is the 10-inch wheel which is capable of moving over all terrain. The Green Works Garden Cart has unlimited use and is designed for yard work, beach, camping, and so much more. Now, just like the Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart, the Green Works Garden Cart also features a quick-release dumping technology for easy loading and unloading.

Weight-wise, the Green Works Garden Cart wheelbarrow has a weight of 75.8 pounds which is definitely higher than we expected. In fact, it’s much higher than the weight of the Gorilla Cart we reviewed above. The Green Works Garden Cart is a durable and heavy-duty electric wheelbarrow with multiple speed options. It is super easy to use, and in just five minutes, you will definitely get the hang of it after reading the manual.

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4. Best Folding Garden Cart – Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon

Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon
1,389 Reviews
Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon

Features: 2 wheel braking system, easily foldable, made from high-quality fabric material and is easy to clean, can fit into a car trunk when folded. weight capacity of 150 pounds.

If storage of your gardening tools and equipment is an issue of concern for you, the Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Garden Wagon is definitely worth looking at. The Patio Watcher Heavy garden cart can be folded into a carry bag for easy storage. The Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon is a utility wagon constructed to be sturdy and easy to use. It features a 16-1/2-inch stretchable handle and a body made of fabric.

The fabric used in this wagon is highly durable and made from 600D polyester fabric which is removable for washing. It’s akin to the type you’ll find on some high-quality grow tents. The durable fabric is held in place by a sturdy aluminum frame (better and more stable than steel).

For color lovers, the Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon comes in different colors you can choose from – blue, red, and gray. It also features four 7-inches rubber wheels for moving in different directions. They rotate 360 degrees and are controlled by a telescoping handle – absolutely easy to control on most terrains.

The wheels come with a two-wheel brake system that secures this garden wagon in place and allows you to load or unload your materials. This Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon is perfect for garden trips, camping, and other events that require you to move things. With a weight capacity of 150 pounds, this best folding garden wagon is sturdy and easy to use, and clean.

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5. Best Wheelbarrow For Firewood – Polar Trailer Utility Cart

Polar Trailer Utility Cart
350 Reviews
Polar Trailer Utility Cart

Features: Impressive carrying capacity of 400 pounds, it’s very lightweight, comes with 20-inch rugged tires, it features good handles and a sizable tray for carrying items.

For hauling firewood, mulch, or compost, we recommend the Polar Trailer Utility Cart. It’s not the nicest-looking wheelbarrow on our list, but it gets the job done. The Polar Trailer Utility Cart has the spot for the best wheelbarrow for firewood because of its durable high-impact polyethylene tub and size. It is easy to assemble, weighs 40 pounds, and a surprising hauling capacity of 400 pounds.

Despite the Polar Trailer Utility Cart’s hauling capacity, it does not buckle or strain under the weight. The 20-inch wheels have a twin-spoke design with solid rubber to prevent flats. However, you can choose to order it with a rim flat tire. The Polar Trailer Utility Cart is an all-purpose cart and one of the few perfect wheelbarrows for hauling material across rocky and tricky terrain.

This wheelbarrow is a combination of a relatively light frame and tough tires for a variety of tasks for beginners and professionals. Did we mention that the handle gives a good grip and increases maneuverability?

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Wheelbarrow For Gardening – FAQs

How do I choose a wheelbarrow? Choosing the best wheelbarrow for gardening boils down to a handful of factors, including a budget, usage requirements, durability, and brand. In our buying guide section, we highlighted a handful of the factors to guide you in choosing the right wheelbarrow.

Are plastic wheelbarrows any good? A plastic wheelbarrow is good for light carrying tasks within the confines of the wheelbarrows weight limit. Don’t use it to carry items like concrete or heavy sand/stones as it’ll damage the wheelbarrow.

Final Words…

Once you have made up your mind on the wheelbarrow to buy, you need to consider if it fits your budget, your carrying needs, and the type of warranty that comes with it. Lastly, to extend the life of your wheelbarrow, you need to have a maintenance schedule. Again, always ensure you don’t exceed the weight capacity of your wheelbarrow.

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