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Can I Water My Lawn At Night? Yes/No?

There are times when getting your plants watered during the day might be inconvenient. Maybe you have to rush off to work in the morning, and you’re only available in the evening. It could also be because of your kids, and you don’t want them getting dirty on wet grass. There are varying reasons why you could be considering watering your lawn at night. Many people are asking this question, and we’ve decided to provide you with an answer.

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have suitable answers to questions like:

  • Can I water my lawn at night?
  • When is the proper time to water my lawn?
  • How long and how often do I have to water my lawn?

Interested in getting your answers to your questions? Let’s dive right in!


Can I Water My Lawn At Night?

The simple answer to that is no! Watering your lawn at night is a terrible idea. If you let your sprinklers run at night, you would be causing a lot of damage to your plant. This result is because there would be no sun to help you evaporate the water. I know, doesn’t the sun evaporating the water sound like a bad thing? No, it isn’t. Without the sun to dry the water, your lawn could become home to bacteria and fungus. This situation could potentially kill your lawn in the long run.

The sun helps to maintain the proper balance that keeps the grass healthy. Although the plant needs to be water six inches deep, doing this consistently isn’t a right fit for your lawn. You could be overwatering your plant, and the excess water would cause damage to your plant. Although too much evaporation can be harmful to your yard, no evaporation at all is disastrous for the lawn.

When Is The Best Time To Water?

Now, we’ve established that night is a bad idea when it comes to watering your lawn. The next question becomes when the best time to water my lawn is. If you’re watering during the hot weather, you know you need to avoid it when the sun is at its peak. Whether the weather is quite hot or cold, the best time to water your grass is always ‘early morning.’ This timing is because, during the hot season, it is still cool enough to ensure the water doesn’t evaporate immediately. The day is bound to heat up soon, which ensures the water doesn’t just sit on your lawn getting soaked up.

During the cold season, it is best to water in the morning. This option is because even though the sun isn’t intense in the cold season, it is still enough to evaporate the water. The water won’t just sit there and encourage bacteria and fungus to start growing on your lawn.

How Long Should I Water My Lawn?

This question depends on the kind of soil you have. Sandy soil requires watering at least every three days, but clay soil only needs to be watered once every week. If you’re not sure the type of soil you have, it will help if you get it tested. To keep your yard healthy, you have to water it long enough for the water to soak in six inches deep. Typically, 15-30 minutes should be enough to achieve this, but most times, it is all dependent on soil type. 

A trick you could use is to run the water for about 15-30 minutes, then turn it off for a while. After the water has soaked in, you could turn it on for another 15-30 minutes. This way, you can prevent water from simply pooling on top of the soil and causing you problems.

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