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How To Collect Grass Clippings After Mowing

Let’s imagine that you are done mowing your lawn… do you leave your grass clippings on the lawn or do you collect them? If you do the latter, what steps should you take? Find out how to collect grass clippings after mowing in this article.

Believe it or not, grass clippings can be highly nutritious to your lawn especially if there are few of ‘them. However, they can contribute significantly to thatch on the lawn and can take away the lush green beauty of the lawn.

So in a bid to reduce the thatch build-up level on your lawn, what do you do? Simply collect all the grass clippings the next time you’re done with the mowing.

How? There are several ways you can do this.


Mow and Collect

There are several lawn mowers with the ability to mow and collect the grass clippings. These mowers are often tagged 3-in-1 mowers since they can mulch and can also bag whilst mowing. They, however, tend to cost more because of this feature.

Rake it and bag it.

There are tons of rakes out there that are suitable for collecting grass clippings on the lawn. Find the one that suits your lawn – this is important for rocky and newly seeded lawns. Raking your lawn may seem like a tiring chore but it is definitely a good workout for the arms especially the shoulder joint.

Use a lawn sweeper

Lawn sweepers come in handy for removing grass clippings from your lawn. They don’t cost much yet they get the job done. If you are looking for some time-saving machine to pick up grass clippings, the lawn sweeper should be top of your list.

Don’t forget to get a good rake and a wheelbarrow! Done collecting the grass clippings? What do you do? Find out what we did with ours in this article.

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