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Pros And Cons Of Grow Bags

Off-handedly, you’ll easily deduce that a grow bag helps to save up space just like grow pots. This is one of the chief advantages of using grow bag. Many also believe that plants grown in grow bags usually have better roots than those grown in pots.

This hasn’t been established in practice, but it’s pertinent to note that most individuals have this opinion. The mobility is another reason why many people go for these grow bags. All these aforementioned positives are indications that grow bags are good – and bad too.

At the end of this article; we would have taken an in-depth look at:

  • The Pros of Grow Bags
  • The Cons of Grow Bags

Ready to explore? Awesome, let’s start!


Pros And Cons of Grow Bags: The Pros

There are many advantages that grow bags offer to your plants, and some of them are listed below.

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#1. Breathability for Plant Root

When you use a pot, the plant roots tend to grow in circular patterns and become tangled; this could affect the water saturation, especially with pots that lack adequate drainage. This could affect the structure of the plant and cause the seed to stretch. Grow bags adequately takes care of this issue and allows the root to grow more freely and breathe more easily; this ensures that your plants grow healthily and vigorously.

#2. Controls Plant Temperature

Plants could get really hot while inside a plastic pot when kept under intense sunlight. Grow bags are however different because they are breathable. The nonwoven fabric used for most of them ensures that the temperature is under control; grow bags keep the plants warm during the winter and cool in the summertime.

#3. Easy Storage

Grow bags are relatively easy to store. You can easily wash them up, fold them and store them up till the next planting seasons, unlike pots that are stacked up. Storing a grow bag doesn’t take up space, and it only needs to be kept in a dry place until it needs to be used again.

The Cons

Now that we’ve examined the pros of grow bags, below are some of the cons:

#1. Disturbing the Root

Although grow bags are easy to move around, they end up disturbing the root system of the plant, which could lead to low yield at the end of the season.

#2. Tendency of Ripping

Although many grow bags are made with top-quality material, you could be unlucky with a grow bag that will rip under pressure. Some have poorly stitched handles that could break under pressure. Bags with over 50 gallons become very difficult to move when filled up with soil and could burst under the soil’s weight. Some grow bags don’t last throughout the season and could cost you a bountiful yield.

#3. Frequent Watering

When you use a grow bag, you have to deal with having to water it more frequently than others. This is because the soil tends to dry out fast when the sun is out, and the temperature is high. This could be quite uncomfortable, and without frequent watering, your plants will dry out. The best thing to do in times like this is to make use of a drip irrigation system or a bottle watering system.

What are the other advantages and disadvantages of using grow bags to plant tomatoes? Share them using the comment section below.

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