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Best Rake For Dead Grass [2023 Top Picks]

Raking dead grass eg. thatch, is a chore on its own as it is with raking pine needles or wet leaves. You can make the task easier by getting a leaf blower. But since they tend to be expensive, many homeowners opt for the rakes which are cheaper. We reviewed about half a dozen rakes and looked at factors like the ease of use, handle material, weight, and the number of tines each rake has, in addition to other factors such as price and overall build quality.

Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake.
2,108 Reviews
Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake.

If you’re in a hurry, take a look at our top pick – the Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake. It’s arguably one of the most affordable, lightweight, and adjustable rake on the market. With its 63-inch handle and the adjustable head, raking tight corners is a lot easier. But hey, there’s a downside – it’s not meant to be used in rocky areas.

Here’s a look at the other rakes we reviewed.


Best Rake For Dead Grass: Comparison Table

Best Rakes For Dead GrassWeight Material
1Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake2lbsPowder-coated aluminium
2Arcadius Garden 25 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake2.5lbsAluminium
3Professional EZ Travel Folding Rake2lbsSteel/Aluminium
4AMES 2915100 Adjustable Thatch Rake4lbsSteel/Aluminium
5Midwest 10024 Aluminum Rake4lbsAluminium

Buying A Rake For Removing Dead Grass? Here’s What You Should Know

Let us point out that there isn’t any special rake designed for the purpose of remove dead grass in mind. If there were, manufacturers will advertise it as such.

However, to be able to get a good rake for removing the dead grass, we take into consideration some of the factors we already highlighted above.

Ease of Use

How easy is the rake for everyday use? Does it make you feel grumpy or does it feel too sturdy and too heavy to the touch? Will it allow you to make maneuvers when necessary? Is it easy to adjust the length of the handle?

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The tines on your rake determine how effective they are in gathering the dead grass.

They need to be strong yet close enough to keep the dead leaves together in one spot. Your choice should be based on the ground you want to rake.

For instance, if you want to rake a rocky area, you should stay away from rakes that don’t have strong tines – and vice versa.

Rakes with stronger tines cover uneven ground and retain their shape after years of usage. Wiping the tines after usage and keeping them away from the elements will also ensure you reap the benefits for a long time.

Head Size

After you’ve considered the tines on the rake you’ve chosen. Next, you need to consider the head size of your rake. Is the head size adjustable? If it’s adjustable, it is much easier to rake tight areas especially if the leaves are falling near your flower beds.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, a yard vacuum can be a lifesaver in a scenario like this.


Rakes often sport handles made of a variety of materials – wood, aluminum, and steel. Now, the handle holds the tines and determines how well you rake. For instance, if the handle is heavy, then the rake will be heavy and vice versa.

When buying the rake, factors like grip, height, and comfort of the handle are also worth considering.

The handle on the rakes in our review are built with sturdy materials that will last for years with the right maintenance culture. They also have good lengths with some featuring extendable handles for more convenience – for tall people.


Like we mentioned above, the weight of your rake can make the task of raking seem like an arduous task. If your rake weighs more than 5lbs, you’re in for a big treat on your forearms and biceps.

Best Rake For Dead Grass Reviewed

Ok. Here’s what we think about the rakes you saw listed on the table above.

#1. Best Rake For Dead GrassGardenite Garden Leaf Rake

Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake
2,108 Reviews
Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake

Features: Adjustable folding head, 15 flat tines, zinc-coated steel handle, weighs 2lbs, and is not meant for heavy-duty work.

When we reviewed the best rakes for grass, we included the Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake because of how easy it was to rake the already cut grass into bags with ease.

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We tried using the rake again for gathering the ever-ready compost raw material together. And the rake worked just fine, save for a few bumps on stones when we were raking the leaves.

So in essence, the Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake is designed for lightweight work such as this. It features an adjustable head that adjusts easily from 7 – 22 inches with ease.

With respect to weight, the rake is lightweight; it weighs just about 2lbs. However, it’s not the lightest rake we’ve seen. When we reviewed rakes for grass, the Groundskeeper Rake weighed only 1lbs.

This Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake isn’t meant for heavy-duty raking so you should be careful what you do with it.

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#2. Arcadius Garden 25 Fixed Tine Rake

Arcadius Garden 25 Fixed Tine Rake
11 Reviews
Arcadius Garden 25 Fixed Tine Rake

Features: 11 flexible steel tines built to last the rakes lifetime, 48-inch long handle, green coating on the handle, lightweight, anti-slip sleeve on handle, etc.

There isn’t much to say about the Arcadius Garden Rake probably because there’s really nothing extra special about it. It is made from durable materials and shares quite some similarity with the Corona RK 62000 Flexible Rake.

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The Arcadius Garden 25 Fixed Tine Rake features a long handle that measures about 48-inches and is made of aluminum. This handle is covered in an anti-slip sleeve to ensure that it’s comfortable for the grip even if your hand is wet.

With respect to weight, the Arcadius Garden Rake isn’t the lightest. It weighs about 2.5lbs – a tad more than the weight of the Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake. The overall build quality of the rake is good and the strong flexible steel tines will definitely last long.

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#3. Professional EZ Travel Folding Rake

Professional EZ Travel Folding Rake
1,176 Reviews
Professional EZ Travel Folding Rake

Features: Foldable head, telescoping handle for longer reach, rubberized grip point on handle, strong spaced tines, made from aluminum alloy material.

The Professional EZ Travel Folding Rake is one folding rake you shouldn’t miss especially if you want to rake tight corners. With its adjustable fan-shaped head, this EZ folding rake might just be the kind of rake you need.

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As we already mentioned, it has a folding head and can adjust from 7.5-inches to 22-inches as you deem fit. In addition to that, the handle of the rake is telescoping. You can extend it from its original length of 37 inches to 68 inches.

With its adjustable head, you can rake tight corners including flower beds with the rake without damaging your plants. As for the extended handle, it makes it possible to access inner places without straining yourself.

The handle is fitted with a rubber grip that makes holding the rake a lot easier especially if your hands are wet. If you intend to do a lot of work using this rake, you should have a rethink.

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#4. AMES 2915100 Adjustable Self-Cleaning Thatch Rake

AMES 2915100 Adjustable Self-Cleaning Thatch Rake
733 Reviews
AMES 2915100 Adjustable Self-Cleaning Thatch Rake

Features: 61-inch hardwood handle with rubber grip point, 15-inch rake head, curved sharp tines, lightweight.

After mowing the lawn and leaving thatch to build upon it, there comes a time when you need to remove the thatch. The AMES 2915100 Adjustable Self-Cleaning Thatch Rake is a specialist in removing thatch from lawns.

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It features pointed curved tines that dig gently into the soil to remove the dead thatch on the top of your lawn. The head of the rake measures 15-inches and is not adjustable so it isn’t fit for raking tight spaces.

Weight-wise, the rake weighs just about 4lbs. The weight comes from the steel and aluminum head as well as the hardwood handle. With regards to the handle, it’s long – measuring about 61-inches with a rubber grip point at the lower end of it.

If you intend to do some hard raking, this should be your go-to rake. You can also opt for the Midwest 10024 Aluminum Landscape Rake which we reviewed below.

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#5. Midwest 10024 Aluminum Landscape Rake

Midwest 10024 Aluminum Landscape Rake
1,095 Reviews
Midwest 10024 Aluminum Landscape Rake

Features: Multiple sizes available, durable aluminum materials, strong tines with side edges good for grading, vinyl sleeve for good grip.

Lastly, here’s the Midwest 10024 Aluminum Landscape Rake, a close relative of the Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake we reviewed in our previous article on good rakes for grass.

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It’s as heavy as the AMES rake above, but it’s also one of the strongest – if not the strongest rake we’ve come across so far. It features strong tines that are part of the rake’s head.

Unlike the tines in the AMES rake, the tines on this one aren’t curved or fitted with pointed tips yet, they still get the job done. The head isn’t adjustable hence, this isn’t fit for raking tight spaces.

Length-wise, we appreciate the length of the handle which, by the way, is made of aluminum. The handle measures about 66 inches and is fitted with vinyl material to ensure a good grip.

In all, if you intend to do a lot of hard raking work, this rake is definitely what you need.

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Whatever the type of raking activity you intend to do, there is always a rake that is suited for your purpose. Our take on these rakes for dead grass is just to serve as a guide. Share your thoughts with us using the comment section.

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