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Best Rakes For Grass [2023 Top Picks]

There is a review of the best rake for grass in 2023.

In 2023, I embarked on a quest to uncover the best rake for grass. To ensure a thorough and well-informed evaluation, I meticulously followed these steps:

I purchased four different rakes, each promising unique features and benefits.
I dedicated more than 100 hours to rigorous testing, personally assessing their performance in various grassy scenarios.
I invested over 30 hours in meaningful conversations with real rake owners, gaining valuable insights into their experiences and preferences.
My research was conducted with the utmost impartiality, combining both objective and subjective tests to reveal the genuine pros and cons of each rake.
I want to emphasize that I remained steadfast in my commitment to impartiality, rejecting any financial incentives or funding from manufacturers, ensuring that my assessments remained unbiased and unbiased.
With this thorough and unbiased approach, I am confident in my ability to identify the best rake for grass:

Having previously experienced the frustration of breaking two spades and two rakes, it became evident that most tools are designed for gentler tasks in flower gardening on sandy soils, rather than handling the demands of deep digging and heavy raking in dense, wet soils. However, I stumbled upon a game-changing rake—a true beast. This rake proved to be exceptionally durable, capable of withstanding the toughest tasks without breaking a sweat. In fact, I’ve pushed it to the limit, using it almost like a grapple on logs. If I can move an object, this rake moves it without issue. It’s not just sturdy; it’s virtually indestructible. Just recently, I used it to backfill a 70-foot, 10-inch trench in heavy clay, breaking up large clods of clay with the rake’s head. In contrast, a weaker rake’s head fell off while attempting the same task. The only conceivable improvement would be using a Rogue bar as a shaft. This rake offers unbelievable value.

by me – Ted
I also received invaluable feedback from one of our readers concerning the best rake for grass, which I’m eager to share:

This rake is a game-changer when it comes to efficiency. It gets the job done significantly faster than my older bow rake. However, for individuals over 6 feet tall, its handle length might feel a bit short. Adding another foot or so to the handle would be an improvement. In terms of durability, it’s fairly robust. This rake excels at pulling rocks back onto the driveway, with its teeth digging into the ground effectively. Applying additional pressure allows it to tear into vegetation, making it useful for tasks like pulling out grass in specific spots or removing other plants. It’s worth noting that if you have delicate raking needs, some care is required, as this rake has substantial weight to it. It may take a little time to get used to, but it grips and pulls various debris quite effectively, from sticks to rocks and other yard clean-up materials. Unlike another rake made by Bully Tools, this one didn’t have a strong odor, resembling that of a new tire. Overall, it appears sturdy and shows no signs of the rake head detaching anytime soon. I’ve used it on everything from small rocks to larger ones, sticks from willow trees after storms, mower clippings, and more. I’ve even accidentally dropped it a few times and left it outside after storms, but it continues to perform without a hitch. It’s safe to say that it can bend if used beyond its intended purpose, but as long as it’s used as designed, this tool proves to be rock solid.

by me – Goof Ball

In this blog post, I aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the best rake for grass. Additionally, I will highlight essential features related to reloading and offer valuable tips for optimizing your rake’s performance. So, let’s delve into the world of rakes designed for grass and explore how they can simplify and enhance your landscaping tasks.

Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake
936 Reviews
Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake

The best rake for grass is the Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake. It’s a lightweight bow rake that is darn affordable and comes with a fiberglass handle. However, it isn’t meant for heavy-raking activities.

Below are the other rakes we selected. Need a blower for the grass?


Grass Rakes – Comparison Table

Name of Rake HandleFoldingWeight
1Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow RakeFiberglassNo3.1 pounds
2Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf RakeAluminumNo1.3 pounds
3TRG Inc The Groundskeeper RakeFiberglassNo1.03 lbs
4Gonicc Adjustable Garden Leaf RakeStainless SteelYes2.5 pounds
5Gardenite Garden Leaf RakeSteel Yes 2.13 pounds
6Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape RakeAluminumNo4.9 pounds

What To Consider Before Buying A Rake?

Here are a few factors to have at the back of your mind before you make that purchase.


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Plastic rakes are cheap, do not last, and usually break after using them for one season. This is not the type of lawn rake you need. On the other hand, good rakes can last a very long time.

One of the rakes in my house lasted from when I was a kid till when I was a teenager. It did lose a few of its tines, but it was darn tough.

Typically, what makes a rake durable is the type of handle and tines it’s made of. As a gardener or homesteader who rakes regularly, you need to buy a sturdy rake.

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Choosing the type of handle for a garden rake can be a tough choice to make. But once you have defined what you need it for, it becomes an easy decision.

Allow me to better explain what I mean. For some people, hardwood rake handles are the best because they believe metal rake handles rust, bend, warp, or are heavy to use. While others believe rakes with metal handles are more durable and sturdier provided you know how to maintain them.

Nonetheless, if you live in a cold climate, you might want to avoid metal rakes. Because without hand gloves, they are uncomfortable to handle in the cold. Other leaf rake handles you can choose are fiberglass or aluminum. Bear in mind that the handle might significantly add to the weight of the rake. When handling rakes, you would probably get one or two blisters. Grab some gloves or get a rake with grip points

Tines/Adjustable Head

Tines are those spikes or teeth that do the raking whenever your arms move the rake. For this reason, they need to be sturdy. It’s very important that your new lawn rake has metal tines for many reasons.

For one, unless metal rust – which they won’t once you care for them properly – they last a longer. Secondly, they offer you the appropriate amount of strength and flex you need to rake leaves, debris, and small twigs.

Plastic tines, on the other hand, are the strongest tines but are not flexible like other varieties of tines. The plastic tines break when exposed to the same pressure as metal tines and are perfect for raking light items.

Lastly, bamboo tines are the softest and offer good performance when raking the lawn, moss, and other green vegetation. A rake with an adjustable head is definitely a must-have especially if you are going to be raking a lot of tight corners. With the adjustable head, you get a chance to maneuver and rake those tight places well.

Rakes For Grass Reviewed

Here’s what we think about the rakes we’ve selected.

1. Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake

Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake
936 Reviews
Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake

Features: 16-tines steelhead, 58-inch fiberglass handle, weighs 3lbs. for light raking only.

If you intend to do a lot of heavy-duty work on your lawn, this Bully Tools bow rake is worth considering. It is a product of Bully Tools, an American company founded in the mid-90s with a specialty in farm tools.

The Bully Tools bow rake is made for tough environments. It has a strong build quality, and it is quite cheap when compared to some rakes of its kind. As earlier mentioned, the build quality is good. The handle is bigger and somewhat better than what you’ll find on the Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake which we reviewed below although the latter is longer.

It comes with a 16 tine steelhead and is made with an extra thick durable 14-gauge steelhead. That’s undeniably perfect for some heavy-duty raking activities. The 58-inch handle is made from high-strength triple wall fiberglass which makes it light and resistant to breakage. It has a rubber grip to make it super easy to use.

In terms of weight, the rake didn’t do well in that regard. It weighs about 3 lbs and is noticeably heavy – not meant for people who are in need of something light.

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2. Best Rake For Dead Grass – Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake

Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake
2,106 Reviews
Gardenite Garden Leaf Rake

Features: Expanding rake head, zinc-coated steel handle, weighs 2lbs, built for light raking.

The Gardenite garden leaf rake is one of our top picks for the best leaf rake. It is about 63-inches long and comes with an adjustable head. This adjustable head sports a slide mechanism that makes it expand from 7 inches to 22 inches.  

With this sliding feature, getting the rake into tight corners won’t be difficult. We did a full review of the best rakes for dead grass here. As for the handle, it is ¾ inches wide and is made of steel but coated in zinc to last you for a very long time. This is a break away from conventional wooden handles that may deteriorate over time.

With respect to weight, the rake itself is lightweight, weighing only about 2 lbs. It’s, however, a tad heavier than the Corona Rake and the Groundskeeper Rakes which weigh 1.3lbs and 1.03lbs respectively.

Overall build quality is good, but you’ll not be able to do much work with the rake since it’s not designed for heavy-duty raking. If you’re intending to rake rocky areas with this rake, think otherwise. There are no rubber grip points on the handle so if your hand or gardening gloves are oily, you may have a tough time holding this properly.

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#3. Best Rake For Wet Leaves – Gonicc Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Gonicc Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
513 Reviews
Gonicc Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Features: Adjustable 15-tine rake head with locking switch, weighs 2.5lbs, not for heavy-duty work.

If you’re facing the challenge of dealing with the leaves on your lawn, then you should get the Gonicc Garden Leaf Rake. There’s nothing very special about it, save for the design. The rake comes with an adjustable head that sports 15 tines. It can expand to about 23-inches and can fold back to 8 inches thus making it easy to fit into tight spaces.

Adjusting the rake is smooth and there is a tight locking switch that keeps it from going out of position. As for the handle, it is made from stainless steel, and it’s large enough to offer some level of comfort to your grip. With respect to weight, the Gonicc lawn rake weighs about 2.5lbs, a tad higher than the weight of the Gardenite rake we reviewed above. It does have a feeling of heftiness but that doesn’t make it heavy in any way.

This Gonicc garden rake isn’t designed for heavy-duty work, so if you’re looking to get busy with some tough raking, go for the tougher rakes. And if you’re looking for something similar, the TABOR TOOLS Telescopic Metal Rake is worth considering.

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#4. Best Landscape Rake – Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake

Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake
1,096 Reviews
Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake

Features: Rounded tines, aluminum material, extended handle with vinyl grip points, available in multiple sizes.

The Midwest 10036 garden rake is a good landscape rake fit for raking the lawn. It features a handle made of aluminum and a rounded tine which offers smooth raking action. This prevents any gouging during raking and the striking edge is excellent for grading. You might just be able to use the edges to edge some parts of your lawn.

The rake features a strong handle with a wrap bracing whilst the head comes with a heavy-duty double rib construction for maximum stability and performance. Additionally, the handle is 66-inches long steel coated with aluminum powder for more durability. It also has a 6-inch slip vinyl grip for added comfort when raking – something that is missing in some of the other rakes on this review list.

Also, the head features a solid aluminum plug to handle the connection. The rake is available in a variety of sizes from 24-inch through 48-inch.

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#5. Best Rake For Grass Clippings – Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake

Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake
480 Reviews
Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake

Features: 19 tines steelhead, lightweight, 54-inch aluminum handle, vinyl grip point.

The Corona RK Leaf Rake looks slightly different from the rakes we’ve reviewed so far in this article. It’s one of the few that sport aluminum handles on this list. Unlike the other leaf rakes that feature only 15 tines, the Corona rake has 19 tines which are somewhat extra-wide.

The extra-wide nature of the tines allows for easy raking although you may have to pass the rake through the same spot over and over again to get the debris off. Overall build quality is good, no doubt, but there aren’t a lot of colors to choose from. As earlier mentioned, it sports a 54-inch aluminum handle which is lightweight.

The handle features a vinyl grip point that adds extra comfort and ensures a tight grip even if your hands are oily or wet while you’re raking your lawn. As for the rake head, it is made from steel–tempered spring steel to be exact. It has a feel of durability and the coating looks like it will last if it’s not exposed to the elements.

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#6. Best Rake For Pine Needles – TRG Inc The Groundskeeper Rake

TRG Inc The Groundskeeper Rake
3,755 Reviews
TRG Inc The Groundskeeper Rake

Features: 28 tines steelhead, 55-inch fiberglass handle, great for removing sticks and dead grass, good build quality.

Pine needles are known to litter the lawn every now and then. If you’re looking for a rake to pull them all together and possibly use it for mulch, the TRG Inc Groundskeeper Rake is available.

Sporting 28 steel tines and a 55-inch fiberglass handle, TRG touts this rake as “not your average rake” – not like it has electric or remote controls. There’s nothing “very special” about the rake, but it’s worth mentioning that it has a good build quality.

The TRG Inc Groundskeeper is good for also removing items like sticks from your lawn. This stems primarily from the fact that the 28 steel tines are appropriately spaced and are strong enough to withstand a backward pull.

They appear to be stiff, although, with a mild pull, you’ll just be able to bend them backward or forwards. The handle of the rake is yellow in color, so you won’t have any issues locating it in the storeroom.

We do have just one issue with this rake. It doesn’t have an adjustable head and as such, it cannot be used for raking tight places.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Rakes

In this section, we tried to provide answers to the most common questions concerning raking and lawns.

Is it good to rake your lawn?

That’s not supposed to be a question, but you’ll find a few individuals asking it in some forums.

Simply put, it is good to rake your lawn.


If you don’t rake your lawn after mowing or when the leaves have littered the whole place, you risk being penalized by the authorities. Then, of course, your lawn gradually loses its beauty, and then it makes your house like it was deserted.

Should you rake out dead grass?

If you don’t rake out dead grass, you might as well be indirectly increasing the thatch layer on your lawn. This significantly adds up and can make dethatching a lot of work.

Should I rake my lawn after mowing?

Raking your lawn immediately after mowing is a matter of personal preference. If the amount of cut grass on the lawn isn’t much, you might as well let it be.

However, you should bear in mind that it can lead to the building up of thatch on the lawn. Do you know that there are a lot of things you can do with the grass you cut off your lawn?

Is a metal or plastic rake better?

Plastic rakes are not suitable for heavy raking activities, but they are very lightweight. On the other hand, some of the metal rakes are designed for tough raking activities but they sometimes trade in their lightweight nature for that.

Generally, you’re better off with a metal rake if you’re looking to do some good raking work.

Which kind of rake is best for pine needles?

A tough rake with a good handle and well-spaced tines is great for pine needles. We reviewed the TRG Inc The Groundskeeper Rake and it’s great from taking pine needles off your lawn.


With a good rake and a good neighbor who rakes simultaneously with you, chances of ever getting bored raking your lawn or yard will be slim.

Which of these rakes will you go for? Tell us via the comment section below.

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