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Can Potatoes Be Grown Hydroponically?

It is no longer news that you can use a hydroponic system to grow your plants. People are taking note of these systems and incorporating them into their homes. This is because you can use hydroponic systems to grow a wide array of plants and grow quite fast. Hydroponics can also be used throughout the year, irrespective of the season and weather conditions. Hydroponic systems use less space and still offer you a bountiful yield at harvest. However, many people are wondering if potatoes can be grown hydroponically. If you’re among the curious set, then this article is for you.

This article will provide answers to questions like:

  • Can potatoes be grown hydroponically?
  • What are the advantages of growing potatoes hydroponically?
  • What are the best growing conditions for hydroponically-grown potatoes?

Now that you’re aware of what this article entails, let’s dive right in.


Can Potatoes Be Grown Hydroponically?

One question you’ll find many people asking is the possibility of growing potatoes in a hydroponic growing system. This is because it is a root crop and is quite controversial when growing them in hydroponic systems. To answer the question ‘can we grow potatoes hydroponically?’ the answer is yes! They’re not easy to grow, but it is entirely possible with the right growing conditions. You can grow most root crops hydroponically, and potatoes are not left out of the mix.

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What Are The Advantages of Growing Potatoes Hydroponically? 

The first advantage you should be aware of is that it is much cleaner; this is because of the absence of soil to grow the root crop. Because the potatoes are raised away from the soil, you also get to avoid issues related to pests that can easily damage your root crop if planted in the soil. Another advantage of growing potatoes hydroponically is that it helps prevent problems like salt-build-up due to poor soil drainage and soil fertilization issues.

You can also plant your potatoes when it’s off-season because hydroponic systems create the right growing conditions at all times for your potatoes. This allows you to have fresh, healthy potatoes all year round. Issues like lighting and temperature are efficiently taken care of when you plant your potatoes hydroponically, and you’re assured of a bountiful harvest with hydroponic systems.

What Are The Best Growing Conditions for Hydroponically Grown Potatoes?

Growing root crops hydroponically is tricky; you have to maintain the ideal growing condition at all times. This is to ensure that you can reach the harvest stage you’ve always wanted. When you don’t get the growing conditions right, there are chances of things going wrong with your plants, like their death or a stunt in their growth. Below are the right growing conditions for your hydroponically-grown potatoes.

  1. Temperature: the temperature for hydroponic potatoes should fall between the range of 65°F and 75°F. This is to ensure their optimum growth when grown in hydroponic systems. If your location doesn’t have the right temperature year-round, you might need to invest in a heater or lookout for a hydroponic system that comes with one.
  2. Watering: If you choose to use an ebb and flow system, you need to follow a watering schedule. Set a plan to water your potato plant about six times daily and as long as ten minutes each time. When it gets hotter, you might consider increasing the watering to about eight times.
  3. Light: You need to expose your hydroponically grown potatoes to 6hours of light every day. However, if you want them at their best, you should increase the hours to 10 or 12 hours every day. Watch out for hydroponic systems built with LED growing lights to ensure your potato plant gets enough light to thrive.

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