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How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots From Seeds

If you want to have fresh tomatoes all around the year, you might have to grow them yourself. Growing tomatoes in pots help solve the issue of outdoor space many homes face when growing their own food. Pots/grow bags allow you to grow your tomatoes indoors and give you access to fresh tomatoes all season. It is also an incredible way to save money and also cut down on the grocery budget. However, many people wonder how easy it is to grow tomatoes in pots. If you carefully follow the steps outlined below, you will learn how to grow tomatoes in pots from seeds.


1. A Clean Start

This step is significant. If you already have pots, you need to have them washed to remove old soil. If you don’t, you’re going to need some pots to grow your tomatoes effectively. You would need to note when purchasing your pots is the size; ensure it is vast enough to accommodate your plant when it starts to grow. You will also need a seed-starting mix; ensure it is of top quality. You don’t need an imitation, or it could affect your tomato growth.

2. Plant Your Seed Dry 🍅

This action is the next step after getting your planting pots and seed-starting mix. Ensure you dry out the tomato seed before you plant them. This is because the coating of the seed because soft when you start watering the soil. It will also help the tomato seed stay in place between the soil particles. This will improve the growing conditions of your plants for the roots that will be coming soon. If the seed is planted wet, it might hinder the successful growth of the tomato seed.

3. Ensure You Plant At The Right Depth 🌱

Tomato seeds are small, and if you plant them too deeply, they might get lost. You can plant them a quarter-inch deep and cover them with the potting mix. Ensure you label the pots according to variety, or you might find it hard to tell which is which when they begin to grow. The right depth also ensures the root has enough space when it begins to grow to promote a sturdy plant.

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4. Ensure There Is Enough Light and Warmth 🌞

Healthy seeds require lots of light and warmth. Without light, the seed will stretch in search of light and eventually flop. When growing tomatoes in pots, the best idea is to use an LED grow light; most allows you to adjust the light to the growth level. You can ensure the grow light is on for at least sixteen hours. You can even lookout for one with a timer and other features to make it convenient.

5. Water Prudently 🚰

Tomatoes require water at every stage of their growth. Ensure the seed-starting mix is adequately moisturized. Make holes in the soil so it can easily soak in the water. Ensure you use filtered water if you’re unsure about your water’s purity.

6. Pot in Stages

As your seedling begins to develop, you need to report your plant. Once the first leaf appears, move them to a larger pot if you don’t already use a large pot. A larger pot is not advised when starting your tomato growth from the seeding stage. This is because the seedlings can become overwhelmed by microorganisms in the soil. If you use small pots, then you probably need to move the plant every three weeks or more. Make sure you handle the seedling with care. You can easily damage the juicy tissue, so avoid touching the main stem when repotting. Also, keep adding a new soil mix when you think your plant is about to fall over.

7. Feed Your Seedlings

While some of the potting mixes contain fertilizer that would feed your tomato seedling for several weeks, they need supplementation. You can use a water-soluble fertilizer to ensure your tomatoes are well fed. Tomatoes love to feed, so you should feed them every two weeks when growing them in a pot. The primary nutrients they need are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, so ensure they have it all.

8. Time to Harden Off

This part is the final step when growing tomatoes in pots from seed. This step is when you introduce your indoor-grown tomato seedlings to the outside ward. Don’t rush off this process; start gradually before exposing them fully. You can choose to put them in the shade for a few hours then bring them indoors when it is evening. Continue to carry out this process and introduce your plant to more sun each day. Within a week or more, your tomato seedlings should be ready to either be transferred into the garden or to a new pot.

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