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Can Tomatoes Grow In Indirect Sunlight?

Plants require light to grow, and that includes tomatoes; it is important that your vegetable plants are properly placed. If you have a garden that’s shaded, you’ve probably been wondering if your tomato plants will grow properly with only indirect sunlight. At the end of this article, you’ll have answers to these prevailing questions:

  1. Light requirement for tomatoes
  2. What happens when tomatoes get too much sun?
  3. Can tomatoes grow in indirect sunlight?


Light Requirement for Tomatoes

The placement of your tomatoes is important, and so is the amount of sunlight your tomatoes are getting. The growth of your tomatoes depends on the amount of sunshine it gets. Tomatoes are required to get at least six hours of sunlight before they can adequately grow and produce fruit. Longer hours might mean a more bountiful harvest, but as usual, too much of it can spell disaster. Too much sun and the plant might become dry and thirsty, which would inevitably slow down the production of tomato fruits.

What Happens When Tomatoes Get Too Much Sun?

Sunlight helps your tomatoes to grow because it is converted into energy by the plant, which is then used to bear fruit. The tomato plants conserve energy and then use the energy to bear more fruits. However, the tomato fruits do not need sunlight to adequately ripen for consumption; the only thing required during this process is ethylene gas and heat. The only time sunlight plays a significant role is during the production of the tomato fruit.

When tomatoes get too much sun, it could lead the soil to lose water much faster, causing the tomato plants to wilt and fruits to stop forming on the tomato plant. It could also cause sunscald on young tomatoes and their fruits as they grow; this could cause the leaves to be stunted or to start turning gray before withering away. Tomato fruits developed from sunscalded plants are usually discolored at some points and rot easily. It is also a source of heat damage on the plant as it could cause blossom drop, which means the tomato plants shed flowers without fruiting at all.

So, Can Tomatoes Grow in Indirect Sunlight

There is a high chance of your tomato plants becoming less product when grown without adequate sunlight; this plant requires full sun and cannot be termed shade-tolerant. Your tomatoes can grow in indirect sunlight, but it depends on the sun’s intensity and how long the tomatoes are exposed to the light. However, full shade is not a good choice for your tomatoes; make sure your tomatoes get the right amount of light when necessary.

Tomatoes can also grow in indirect sunlight when they are provided with an appropriate amount of moisture and nutrients. Bear in mind, though, that production will not be as bountiful when grown in indirect sunlight as it would when grown in direct sunlight. When growing in indirect sunlight, a great option for your tomato plants is to provide them with the right artificial light to help them grow.

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