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Best Sprinkler For Small Rectangular Lawn [2022 Top Picks]

Ever wondered how tedious it was for gardeners and owners of large estates and properties to water their lawns before lawn sprinklers became common? Must have been a lot of work – in fact, several hands would have been needed to get the job done. All that has changed and in this article, we’ll show you the best sprinkler for small rectangular lawn

Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler
3,088 Reviews
Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

The best sprinkler for a small lawn is the Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler. It is affordable, easy to install, comes fitted with 20 spray nozzles, and has a good coverage area.

Comparison Table

1Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn SprinklerMelnor4200 sq. ft.
2GREEN MOUNT Lawn SprinklerGreen Mount1600 sq. ft.
3Orbit 56667N Impact SprinklerOrbit3600 sq. ft.
4Milemont Garden 360 Degree SprinklerMilemont3600 sq. ft.
5Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact SprinklerRain Bird5000 sq. ft.

Buying Guide: How to Pick a Suitable Sprinkler for Your Small Lawn

A handful of factors come into play when choosing a new sprinkler for your lawn. These factors become even more important when you have a small lawn. Let’s find out what they are.

How do you blow leaves off the lawn?

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Size of Your Lawn

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The size of your lawn greatly determines the type of sprinkler that will be suitable. Sprinklers have a coverage area rating. For small lawns, a coverage area rating of about 4200 sq. ft. is adequate.

You’ll find models with coverage area ratings of about 1600 sq. ft. If it’s less than the size of your lawn, then getting two of it will be just fine. Ensure the water hose is properly connected.

In addition to considering the size of your lawn, it’s pertinent to decide whether to water a specific area or everywhere. Specific areas can include flower beds and hedges.

Shape of Your Lawn

A lot of us are guilty of ignoring the shape of our lawn. It’s important to note that the size and shape of a lawn are two different things. A lawn can be small and circular in shape or large and circular in shape.

It can also be small and rectangular/square shaped as the case may be. Knowing the shape of your lawn can help you pick a sprinkler that is suitable for your lawn.

Obstructing Structures

Are there any structures that can interfere with your sprinkler’s activity? If yes, you need to take care of this. We suggest using a small perforated hose to disperse water in such areas.

Type Of Sprinkler

There are different types of sprinklers, each competing against the other to keep your plants looking clean and fresh. They include

  • Traveling Sprinklers. This category of sprinklers moves along a defined route – on a movement cable. They water your lawn as they move from one end to another. Generally, they are suitable for watering large lawns and gardens.
  • Spray Sprinklers. Spray sprinklers are suitable for medium-sized lawns and work best on flat-surfaced and sandy lawns. They are designed to have multiple water spraying nodes.
  • Rotary Sprinklers. Rotor sprinklers produce continuous water streams and have either single or double sprays which rotate. They are suitable for large lawns especially the type found in parks.
  • Drip Sprinklers. They release water in drip forms and are mostly used in areas where the water needs to be directed to a specific area e.g. flower bed.
  • Fixed/Standing Sprinklers. Standing sprinklers are the type mounted on bases like tripods. The tripod has a connecting pipe where the hose that supplies water to the sprinkler is fitted into. It is mostly used to cover large areas and can be moved easily if the length of the hose allows for it.
  • Oscillating Sprinklers. Oscillating sprinklers release water through an individual jet nozzle and is suitable for small and medium-sized lawns. You can easily adjust the spray pattern.
  • Impact Sprinklers. Impact sprinklers fall under the spray sprinkler category although we tend to separate the two as standalone sprinkler types. An impact sprinkler requires high water pressure to move sprinkler arms and reach impressive distances. Adjusting an impact sprinkler is easy. Generally, impact sprinklers are suitable for both small and large-sized lawns and gardens.

Sprinkler Material

Plastic or metal, which one would you go for? The metal one, right? Metal sprinklers tend to last longer but are a tad heavier than their counterparts. The point where the hose connects to the sprinkler should also be metal.

On the other hand, plastic sprinklers are susceptible to damage and easy wear. Hence, we advise that you opt for the metal ones.

GPH(Gallon Per Hour) Rate

Having an idea of the amount of water your sprinkler will use in an hour can help you estimate your water needs. This will, in turn, help you to monitor your spending on water bills.

If you’d like treated water, it’s important to ensure the hose that leads to the sprinkler has a considerably good GPH. For most sprinklers, the sweet spot is between 300 GPH and 400 GPH.

Nozzle Needle

Your sprinkler should come with a nozzle needle. A nozzle needle is essential for removing clogs from the sprinkler nodes.

Does the Sprinkler Offer Any Form of Convenience?

Can you remotely turn off the sprinkler? Is there an off and on somewhere switch or will you need a raincoat trying to turn it off? Does it have a rain sensor?

How easy will it be to adjust the sprinkler to reach other areas? These are some of the questions your sprinkler should answer.


Your sprinkler should be stable enough on the ground not to rip over. For tripod and standalone sprinklers, a heavy metal base is important. The metal base will help make it stable on the ground while in operation.


Some Sprinklers come with their own timers. If yours doesn’t come with a timer, try as much as possible to get a sprinkler timer so as to be able to control your water flows. You certainly don’t want to increase your water bills, or do you?

Best Sprinkler For A Small Rectangular Lawn: Reviews

1. Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler
3,088 Reviews
Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

Features: 4200 sq. ft coverage, low cost, width & range control, spray nozzles, strong build quality

The Melnor XT oscillating sprinkler is a good sprinkler suitable for small lawns. It’s capable of watering an area of 4,200 sq. ft. – you don’t always get low-cost cost sprinklers with such capabilities. For Melnor, the brand behind this oscillating sprinkler, the sprinkler has become a best seller. It sports several features, a lot of which are lacking in its counterparts.

These features include a width control, a range control, as well as a flow control mechanism. They help to adjust the sprinkler to reach all the parts of your lawn and keep it wet and moisturized. On the sprinkler, you’ll find Melnor’s TwinTouch controls for setting the flow, range, and width of the unit. In addition, Melnor also fitted this sprinkler with 20 spray nozzles.

The nozzles are able to deliver the water to your lawn as long as the pressure remains constantly high. Easily adjust the water pressure via the pressure valves or use the yellow clips in the middle of the sprinkler. We particularly love the Zoon Control feature which is useful for watering newly seeded lawns.

So if you’re looking for the best sprinkler for your newly seeded lawn, the Melnor XT oscillating sprinkler is worth giving a thought.

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2. GREEN MOUNT Lawn Sprinkler

GREEN MOUNT Lawn Sprinkler
71 Reviews
GREEN MOUNT Lawn Sprinkler

Features: 360 degrees rotation, weighted base, 2-arm metal sprinkler, and heavy-duty impulse sprinkler combo, up to 40 ft. reach.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever killed a bird with two stones. Looks around… No one! With the Green Mount Lawn Sprinkler, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. The two birds, in this case, are “affordability” and “functionality”. It’s surprising to see an inexpensive sprinkler with impressive features.

The Green Mount lawn sprinkler has an auto-rotate feature that enables it to rotate 360 degrees. This ensures that all the areas of your lawn within the reach of the unit are duly watered. It sports a stable base which adds extra weight to the unit. The base is slightly different from what we saw on a GARDENA sprinkler we came across during this review.

Green Mount fitted this affordable sprinkler with one 2-arm metal sprinkler and a heavy-duty impulse sprinkler. The two sprinklers can deliver steady streams of water for up to 24 ft. and up to 40 ft. respectively. This leaves your lawn looking plush and all shades of green. It also leaves your neighbors wondering what magic lotion you’re using on the lawn! Unfortunately, it’s not really suitable for watering a newly seeded lawn.

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3. Milemont Garden 360 Degree Sprinkler

Milemont Garden 360 Degree Sprinkler
2,140 Reviews
Milemont Garden 360 Degree Sprinkler

Features: 360 degrees rotation, 3 spray arms, 3600 sq. ft coverage area, fast-spinning head, comes with a garden flag, and requires 80 psi water pressure to run efficiently.

Is the Milemont Garden sprinkler affordable? Yes. Is it easy to set up and use? Yes. So what else makes it one of the best sprinklers for a small lawn? The Milemont Garden sprinkler is a low-cost high-quality sprinkler with a unique design. It is programmed to rotate 360 degrees thus ensuring that your lawn is wet all year round.

Milemont designed this sprinkler to have three spray arms that are adjustable. Each of the arms has 4 nozzles from which the water sprinkles onto your lawn. The sprinkler requires about 80 psi of water pressure to be able to push the water onto your lawn up to the maximum coverage area of 3600 sq. ft.

It will interest you to know that the spray nozzles are also removable. This makes it possible to replace it with other spray nozzles that are more powerful than it. We love the two water inlet ports which allow you to connect multiple sprinklers to it. This directly makes the Milemont Sprinkler suitable for use on a large lawn.

The water pressure determines how fast the sprinkler head rotates. This is unlike the Green Mount sprinkler we reviewed above which was slow in turning. Unfortunately, the sprinkler has no switch to stop it from rotating – this is the only flaw it has. As an addition, the sprinkler comes with a garden flag. However, you’d have to buy the flag stand.

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4. Orbit 56667N Impact Sprinkler

Orbit 56667N Impact Sprinkler
4,816 Reviews
Orbit 56667N Impact Sprinkler

Features: tripod-based sprinkler with adjustable height, 360 degrees rotation, 3600 sq. ft coverage area, plastic parts.

If you’re looking for a tripod sprinkler, you should take a look at the Orbit 56667N impact sprinkler. For no additional cost, the sprinkler comes with a tripod base that has a height adjustment level between 16 – 37 inches.

Tripod-based sprinklers are good for watering flowers and plants which are high off the ground. You simply set the height of the tripod to surpass the height of the plant itself. The legs of the tripod are expandable. So you can water a large area of your lawn at the same time. You should be sure your water pressure is high enough although the sprinkler can work with moderately low pressure.

Orbit offers this impact sprinkler in different quantities making it suitable for anyone who has a large lawn. It has a spray area of about 80 feet and adjusts from 0 to 360 degrees. You can adjust the sprinkler to spray only areas within 10 ft. Just use a screw to turn the screw adjustment on the sprinkler head and keep checking until you achieve that distance.

The sprinkler comes with brass fittings and sports a plastic cover. Having plastic parts means it’s susceptible to damage. Honestly, the plastic isn’t hard plastic as you’d see in water bottles.

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5. Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler
4,604 Reviews
Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

Features: 180 degrees and 360 degrees rotation, tough materials, works with low water pressure, great impact spray, strong build quality.

The Rain Bird sprinkler is the last sprinkler we’re reviewing. It’s one of the best-selling brass impact sprinklers on the market and has that traditional impact sprinkler sound. It is made of bronze and stainless steel materials which are far better than zinc and plastic materials. The Rain Bird sprinkler rotates up to 360 degrees. It can, however, form a part-circle,

To achieve a full circle with this sprinkler, you should put the small wire lever on the back in an upright position. Rain Bird offers the sprinkler in three different variants;

  1. 20 – 40’ spray distance
  2. 23 – 50’ spray distance
  3. 20 – 40’ spray distance with hose end on a large spike.

You should expect the sprinkler to consume a great deal of water given the type of spray nozzle it sports. This sprinkler is easy to operate and requires minimal effort to set it up and running. The Rain Bird sprinkler works fine with low water pressure.

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Final Words

Choosing a good sprinkler for your small lawn isn’t as hard as you think. Give your lawn the shiny bath it deserves by purchasing the best sprinklers. And don’t forget to cut your lawn properly.